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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 04x21, Monument Point

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

05/19/2016 9:56 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 04x21, Monument Point | Monument Point
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Arrowheads! It's time for another episode of Arrow! Last week ended with a bang as Lyla informed the team of Damian Darhk's sinister plan for Rubicon. Now, let's see how our band of vigilantes tackles this problem.

We open at a Russian missile site as the team in charge is distressed after losing control of their nuclear missiles. Down in the Arrow Cave, the team realizes that they have 21 hours to stop Rubicon before the world's missiles go live. Lyla says that Rubicon was designed to be unhackable but Oliver assures her that Felicity is the best one for the job. Felicity tells the team that her father, Noah Kuttler (aka the Calculator), actually knows more and that, despite their distrust for him, they need him to help.

Felicity goes to work finding both him and Thea, as Oliver talks to Dig about their plan. They realize that if even one nuke hits, Darhk will draw so much power that he'll be unstoppable. Oliver tells Dig that Darhk will be in a Nexus Chamber and hypothesizes that it'll be on a ley line.

This brings us to a flashback from the island, where Oliver and Taiana are in a fire fight with the soldiers. Oliver discovers a possible escape for the two of them, one of Reiter's old planes, and the two head off to search for it. Meanwhile, Malcolm visits Thea to explain why he's working with Darhk. He tells her that the world needs a do-over, and that he's doing this to protect her. Thea calls him crazy and demands that he take her to see Alex.

Back in Star City, Donna confronts Detective Lance about being suspended and lying about knowing Laurel was the Black Canary in his statement. He tells her that the force was only willing to overlook his working with Darhk, if they thought it was to protect Laurel. Donna urges him to do the right the thing.

Elsewhere, Darhk begins his own search for Noah, just as Oliver and Dig follow a lead from Felicity. Once there, they realize that Noah fled before H.I.V.E. could take and kill him. Back under the dome, Lonnie Machin arrives on the scene, looking for Damien Darhk.

Back in the Arrow Cave, Felicity tracks her father which leads her to a file labeled Ravenspur. She looks into that, while Oliver and Dig track a possible lead for the Nexus Chamber location.

In another flashback, Oliver and Taiana learn that Reiter may still be alive. Oliver tells Taiana to get the prisoners home while he heads off to face Reiter.

Meanwhile, Detective Lance prepares to sign his statement. Donna is disappointed that he plans to lie but he shows her that he changed his statement to say that he knew about Laurel, and that she was a hero. She tells him that she's proud of him and that Laurel would be to.

At PalmerTech, Felicity meets with a board member who tells her that he has something important to discuss with her. Donna shows up and Felicity asks her if the word Ravenspur means anything to her.  Donna tells her that it’s the name of a cabin in Cypress Cove that she and Kuttler used to visit.

Oliver and Dig investigate Felicity's lead but come up with nothing. Oliver asks Dig about lying to Lyla. He tells him that lying to your loved ones only leads to bad things. Felicity calls to tell them where to find Kuttler, who is being pursued by H.I.V.E. in Cypress Cove. Oliver and Co. show up to help, and Felicity takes Kuttler back to the Star City. 

Felicity asks Kuttler to help take down Rubicon and he agrees, stating that as long as his daughter lives on Earth, he'll try his best to keep it living. He tells her that in order to do so, however, he'll need her Palmer Tech processor. 

Felicity goes to retrieve it, only to find out that she's been ousted as CEO. She's escorted out of the building and is unable to retrieve the processor. Under the dome, Thea finally sees Alex and explains what’s happening. Unfortunately, Alex is still under the persuasion drug and doesn't seem bothered. Malcolm tells Thea that Lonnie Machin has infiltrated the Arc, stating that if she doesn't help stop him, Lonnie will kill them all. 

Meanwhile, Felicity tells the team that she's been fired and was unable to retrieve the processor. They decide to just steal it instead. Oliver helps Felicity and Kuttler break in and they manage to hack the safe, arguing the entire way. When they can't retrieve the device, Kuttler suggests they clone it and they narrowly escape detection, with Lance driving the getaway car. 

Back in the Arrow Cave, Felicity and Kuttler work on rebuilding the device. In another flashback, Oliver confronts Reiter, whose powers have grown significantly. Oliver attempts to stab him, but Reiter is too strong.

Back in the Arc, Thea prepares to take on Machin, who has two guards locked up. She begs him not to kill all of the innocents under Darhk's control and promises to help him take down Darhk. Before he can respond, Malcolm shoots him and tells Thea that Machin was going to kill them no matter what she said. 

Meanwhile, the team goes to the Star City Data Center to reconfigure Rubicon. As Felicity works on the device, Oliver talks to Kuttler about Felicity, telling him that leading a dual life (as father and hacker) is why he lost his daughter. Kuttler discovers a fail-safe in Rubicon's code and tells Oliver that their location has been transmitted to H.I.V.E. 

Oliver, Dig, and A.R.G.U.S. suit up to take on H.I.V.E., while Felicity and Kuttler continue working on Rubicon. In a flashback, Oliver is on the brink of dying when Taiana shows up to help. Oliver tells her to steal the idol and they flee. 

Back under the Arc, Thea and Malcolm manage to take out all the explosives which angers Machin. He knocks out Alex which makes Thea mad. Very mad. Machin tells her to stop being a pawn and act like a Queen. The two spar for a while but when Machin electrocutes Alex, stating that he's setting Thea free, Thea gets angry enough to take him down. 

Meanwhile, the firefight begins in Star City, as the time before Rubicon activates dwindles. Felicity and Kuttler manage to override Rubicon, but Kuttler gets shot in the process. To add insult to injury, Felicity discovers that they missed one nuke and it's headed straight for Monument Point.

The team gets an alert that City Hall has been evacuated and Oliver realizes that this must be where the Nexus Chamber is located. He and Dig head off to investigate while Felicity continues her efforts to stop the missile, enroute to Monument Point. 

In a final flashback, Taiana is effected by the idols magic and Oliver prepares for the worst. Back in Star City, Felicity is forced to reroute the nuke to a less populated area, killing tens of thousands of people but saving millions. Unfortunately, these deaths still fuel Darhk's powers and Oliver and Dig arrive at City Hall to find him standing in the Nexus Chamber, more powerful than ever.

This episode was a bit all over the place, though not necessarily in a bad way. It was fun to see Felicity work with her father again. He’s one of those characters you hate to love and love to hate! I’m waiting for Dig’s lie to blow up in his face, though. I don’t really get why he couldn’t just tell Lyla that he did it to protect his family. After everything they’ve been through, I feel like she’d understand. Then again, this is Arrow. And if there’s one thing Team Arrow is good at, it’s lying for stupid reasons.

Until next week, what did you think? Tell us in the comments!



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