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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 05x08, Invasion!

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

12/05/2016 7:16 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 05x08, Invasion! | Invasion
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome to Part 3, Kara-Arrow-Legend-Speedsters (henceforth referred to as K.A.L.S.)! Time for the third leg of what has seriously turned into, to quote our beloved Felicity, the “best team-up EVER”! I never thought I’d be this excited about an alien invasion! Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind, with Barry finally revealing Flashpoint to everyone and half the team going crazy for a hot second! Not to mention, that whole alien abduction thing that happened in the end! Confused? Read this recap! Don’t worry! We’ll wait... (Jeopardy theme song plays in the distance) Okay, let’s dive back into the madness, shall we?


We open in an alternate reality/hallucination where Oliver never became the Green Arrow, Laurel never died, and both Queen parents are alive. Oliver is gearing up to marry Laurel, and everything seems perfect and happy. (Side note: I didn’t realize how much I missed Laurel until now!) But, as we know, in reality, Oliver, Sara, Ray, Thea, and Digg have been abducted. Meanwhile, Team Arrow wonders how Oliver and Co. are faring with the alien invasion and the Dominator fun.

Felicity and Cisco show up to ask for help finding the rest of the team. Cisco prepares to vibe, and Rene is super snotty about his meta-human status. Cisco vibes Oliver’s old bow and tracks the team to the Dominator spaceship. Curtis and Felicity try to track the ship’s location using a piece of the ship Cisco stole from the crash site in Central City.

Invasion CW

Meanwhile, in La-La land, Thea gives Oliver the Hōzen, and they bond with his parents over his impending wedding. Sara arrives and greets Laurel but, like Oliver, senses that something is off. Out on the streets with his father, Oliver notices a building labeled “Smoak Industries” and gets a weird vibe from it. When they’re almost mugged, Oliver is “uncharacteristically” heroic, but, before he can fight the mugger, the Green Arrow (or in this instance The Hood) steps in to save them.

Back at the house, when his father calls him a hero, Oliver gets flashes of his true reality and memories of the shipwreck. Spooked, he takes off to investigate. Down in alien invasion station -- or, you know, the bunker (the real one) -- Curtis uses a translator to try to crack the Dominator tech. Unfortunately, the human tech overloads the alien tech. Felicity suggests that they retrieve a regulator from a company called Vanhorn Industries, but apparently it’s been stolen by a woman named Laura Washington to give herself superpowers.

Felicity calls in the rest of the super friends from Central City to help retrieve the regulator. (Which makes me wonder what they were doing. Just chilling at S.T.A.R. Labs like there wasn’t an alien invasion?) Meanwhile, Oliver visits Quentin at SCPD to gather information on the Hood. While there, he gets flashes of Arrow Cave and heads there to check it out. At Laurel and Oliver’s rehearsal dinner, Sara runs into Ray, and they both sense that they know each other but can’t quite remember how. Oliver arrives at the Arrow Cave and instinctively knows how to get in, much to Felicity and Diggle’s (who is the Hood) surprise.

Freaked out by the amount of information Oliver seems to know about his life and their operation, Dig sends Oliver on his way and tells him to enjoy the fact that he has everything. But, at this point, Oliver is convinced that this world is wrong, though he’s not sure yet whether or not he should give it up. Back in the real Star City, the Team Arrow recruits fangirl over the Flash and Supergirl ... well, except Rene. He tells Barry and Kara that superpowers are evil and that he doesn’t trust either of them.

Invasion CW

In fake Star City, Thea begins to notice that their world isn’t real, while Oliver clings to the false reality, begging Laurel to marry him immediately. She refuses, and Dig shows up, having come to the same conclusion as Oliver. They both realize that the Smoak Industries building, which is still giving them weird vibes, must be their way out of the hallucination. Dig draws a picture of the Dominators, and they start to put the pieces together.

But the Dominators aren’t giving up without a fight. Slade shows up and a fight begins. Before things get too messy, Sara steps in and saves the day, completely surprised by her League of Assassins skill set. Dig and Oliver explain the situation to her, and her memories start to come back. She realizes that Thea and Ray are also with them, and they head to Oliver’s wedding to get them and get the hell out.

Elsewhere, Rene faces Dr. Laura Washington, and it turns into a losing battle. Barry and Kara adorably tag-team to save him, and Rene has a change of heart, stating that, if superpowers exist, he’s glad that people like them are there to help. They retrieve the regulator and head back to the bunker.

At the wedding, Sara snags Ray (who finally remembers that he isn’t engaged to Felicity) while Oliver tries to get Thea. But, although Thea knows that this world isn’t real, she doesn’t want to lose her family again. Oliver tries to convince her to come with them but eventually decides to let her stay and be happy. Outside, the Dominators prove that nothing about this invasion will be easy and sends a plethora of past foes, including Malcolm Merlin and Damian Darhk, to stop the team from leaving.

Invasion CW

Thea changes her mind and comes to help them in the fight. Now with their memories and badass fighting skills back, the team ends the fight in a matter of minutes (although Dig is wounded). Oliver and Sara say goodbye to Laurel and head for Smoak Industries. The rest of the team heads through a portal while Oliver lingers, seeing memories of all his past losses, all of whom remind him that he’s a hero. I’m not crying! You are ... jerk! Now on the ship, the team is shocked to find out where they are.

Back in the bunker, Rory manages to translate the now-accessible Dominator language, and they realize that the Dominators have taken this invasion to outerspace. Oliver and Co. try to find a way off the ship but come face to face with an army of Dominators. The team commandeers a Dominator ship and attempts to fly it away, which proves fairly difficult considering the drop ship’s lack of controls. Thankfully, Felicity contacts Nate and Amaya aboard the Waverider, and they arrive just in time to rescue them from the fleet of Dominator ships pursuing them. Aboard the ship, Ray tells the team that he thinks the Dominators were using them to gather intel. Gideon translates a message from the Dominators -- “We are nearing completion of the weapons” -- and informs the team that the Dominator ship is headed for Earth. Looks like this invasion is about to get even messier.

Holy bow and arrows, that was great episode! That definitely carried enough weight to encompass the pressure of both a four-way crossover and Arrow’s 100th episode! I was glad that a lot of the focus stayed on Star City and was even more pleased that the new recruits were included! Although I’m very curious to know where Evelyn was ... In any case, the shared hallucination carried just the right amount of feels to make me nostalgic for seasons past and hungry for more! Shoutout to hologram Tommy and hologram Roy for making me cry!

Crossover-wise, things with this invasion just keep heating up, and I can’t wait until tomorrow to see the epic conclusion (and more of Nate because I’ve missed his face). Suit up, K.A.L.S! We’re headed for a showdown.

Watch tomorrow’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to see how Team Super Friends puts an end to this invasion madness, and don’t forget to tweet us your responses!

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