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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 04x04, Beyond Redemption

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/30/2015 5:40 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 04x04, Beyond Redemption | Beyond Redemption
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After resurrecting the fan-favorite Sara Lance last week, Arrow strikes back for another action-packed episode titled "Beyond Redemption". Let’s see what we got! A bunch of criminals are stopped by a SWAT team, before another couple of cops walk in and try to stop these ones, so SWAT leader kills them. Laurel asks Thea to not tell Oliver about Sara, when Diggle arrives, followed by Oliver and Felicity. Mr. Queen announces he’ll be running for mayor, using Blood’s office, but no one is ecstatic about it. He then takes the team to a new fancy lair. They find out about the two dead cops and Oliver goes to see Lance, telling him that he’ll be running for mayor. A text from Laurel gets Lance on his way, giving Oliver a piece of evidence to test. In a flashback, Oliver gives the woman he helped escape survival tips and will need her help later on. Felicity meets with Holt and they try to figure out why she’s getting data from a piece of the ATOM’s suit. However, she doesn’t want to go there and Oliver’s text comes right in time for her to get going. Felicity gets a location from the evidence, so Oliver, Diggle and Thea get to the scene and find some armory, discovering cops are killing other police officers. Laurel takes her father to a tied down Sara and tries to make her remember, but she’s soon grabbed and Lance has to push his resurrected daughter back. The corrupted officers seem to be stealing drugs and selling them back to criminals, so Oliver decides to give them bait, with Thea meeting her old dealer. Oliver tells Lance about them and asks him to hint at a potential location so they’ll get caught, and the detective wants to be there. A flashback finds Oliver telling he killed the woman and his fellow guard was killed, but they want evidence. In real time, the dirty cops take the bait but kick the team’s butts, leaving with the drugs. Lance is taken to the lair and reveals that the armory is from an anti-vigilante team, so he’ll give them access to police data to get them.  The dirty cops discuss Lance being a problem, but their leader’s feeling they’re not criminals, considering him to be a solution. Holt is giving Felicity trouble for knowing the password to the ATOM piece and gives her a lecture about hearing Ray’s last message. Lance meets with Darhk and asks how to bring Sara back to normal, but he’s told the best thing to do is put her down. While looking for the dirty cops’ leader, Oliver finds out Lance met with Darhk, so he’s waiting for him at home and gives him a hard time for working with him. A flashback finds Oliver’s co-guard addressing his inner darkness and claiming he’s the same way and will prove it if the chance is given. Oliver chit-chats with Thea, revealing he doesn’t have to run for mayor if the city is beyond saving. Lance prepares to shoot Sara but Laurel stops him; the dirty cops get him on his way out and put Laurel down in an effort to save him.  They take him to some drug-filled warehouse and prepare to leave with the drugs, when team Arrow comes in meaning business. They’re put down easily, with only their leader managing to escape and threaten Oliver’s life, but Lance thankfully talks her out of it. Oliver is once again waiting for Lance at home, telling him to stick around Darhk as they could use an insider. Another flashback finds Oliver proving his loyalty with the girl being temporarily dead, but once he brings her back, the other soldier finds he’s working with ARGUS. The present finds Oliver walking in Blood’s old office and finding it full of interns, as Thea has kicked off his campaign. As he’s giving his speech, Felicity opens Ray’s message and Lance keeps up his work with Darhk. It all ends with Laurel bringing food to her sister, only to find out she’s free of chains and nowhere to be seen. With Arrow getting serious early this season and episodes even more complex than "Beyond Redemption" on the way, we’ll definitely be tuning in next week for another one! After all, you don’t want to miss John Constantine’s arrival.


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