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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 04x05, Haunted

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/10/2015 12:52 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 04x05, Haunted | Haunted
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With Oliver officially running for mayor and Sara running wild on her own, Arrow strikes back this week with "Haunted" to show how things rolled and introduce a special guest. A female employee is attacked by a couple of criminals, when Sara appears to put them both down. She’s after her as well, but the police’s arrival forces her to leave. Thea introduces Oliver to his new political stratigist Alex, who’s worried about the Laurel/Sara scandal and wants him to distance himself from Laurel. In a flashback, Oliver is accused of being a spy, but his boss is already busy with one he considers to be a spy, John Constantine. Detective Lance talks with the employee that was attacked earlier and confronts Laurel about her sister running loose. Felicity asks Curtis’ help to decode Ray’s message, while Lance visits Darhk and is asked to put a device in one of the city’s servers. Oliver trains with Thea and they talk about Laurel, when Felicity calls to send them after a blonde woman that’s causing trouble. Sara is at it and Laurel tries to stop her, but Oliver and Thea’s arrival puts her on her way. Oliver confronts Laurel about reviving Sara and she explains her sister is not herself. In another flashback, Oliver is asked to bring back what Constantine was looking for, when the demon slayer uncuffs himself and gets hold of a gun, taking Oliver as his guide. In the present, Lance tells Oliver about Sara and then addresses the device Darhk gave him, which turns out to be a virus. Oliver wants Diggle to accompany him, but John wants to know how he came to work with Darhk and HIVE first. Oliver and Felicity talk about the situation with Sara, before realizing that both her victims looked like Thea, so Oliver calls to warn her but she doesn’t pick up. Sara jumps into her place and tries to kill her, but Thea manages to escape. At the hospital, she explains that she’s only better ‘cause she killed two people at Nanda Parbat. Laurel comes in and argues with Oliver about the Lazarus Pit, claiming he's not as good a friend as she is. One more flashback finds Constantine telling Oliver about his team being up to some dirty shit, before casting a spell and unveiling a door on the ground. Lance and Diggle install Darhk’s virus which is deleting people’s files. Thea tells Laurel that Sara’s bloodlust will only end if she kills her. Diggle sees his brother’s name in the ones being deleted, but the alarm brings guards in, so Lance hits him and pretends to have caught a hacker so they can walk out. Sara gets in Thea’s room and tries to kill her again, but a noise brings Oliver and Laurel in and she runs away. The team gathers and decide they’ll be using Thea as bait. Yet another flashback finds Constantine cuffing Oliver at the entrance of the underground room so he can take an item, but Oliver walks in to save his life from a trap. Back to real time, Lance reports to Darhk and asks for Diggle’s brother, being told he was a criminal they couldn’t coexist with.  Sara takes the Thea bait and is kicking everyone’s butts, when Laurel points a gun at her; Oliver puts her down with tranquilizer, implying they can get her soul back, and calling John Constantine for help. The hellblazer arrives and is too cocky for anyone to like, but he’s supposed to restore Sara’s soul to her body. Laurel and Oliver will be the ones to save her, but Constantine reveals they’ll have to fight for her. The ritual takes them to a spiritual place and Laurel runs to her sister’s cry, only to get in the same room. John lets magic lead the way so they won’t stay there for eternity and they find Sara in a pit, where Oliver kills two League members before another walks in. The demon slayer says he’ll deal with him while they take out Sara, which they only manage to achieve after the enemy is magically put down.  They’re all brought back to reality along with Sara and Oliver mentions Damien Darhk to John, being told to leave city while he can, before Constantine’s out and Thea makes sure all is well with her brother. In a final flashback, Constantine owes Oliver one and uses the mystical object he found to transfer one of his tattoos on Oliver’s body. He tells Oliver to leave with him, but he’s on a mission and asks to be punched in the face so that he has an alibi. In the present, Oliver gives his stratigist a hard time for asking to distance himself from Laurel when she walks in and the two are left alone. She thanks him and he wants to try to be a good friend to her, so they hug. Lance visits Diggle, gives him some criminal records of his brother. At Palmer Tech, Curtis has decoded Ray’s message for Felicity, with him telling he’s alive and well. That’s all for now mates! John Constantine was a total badass and "Haunted" might just be the best episode of Arrow’s fourth season so far. If anything, we definitely want more of him (#SaveConstantine, #BringBackConstantine) and will be tuning in next week for more Arrow as well.


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