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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrow: 04x08, Legends Of Yesterday

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

12/04/2015 5:00 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrow: 04x08, Legends Of Yesterday | Legends Of Yesterday
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With Vandal Savage after Hawkgirl and Hawkman, this week's episode of Arrow brings the second half of its The Flash crossover, "Legends Of Yesterday".

It all begins with the origins of Hawkgirl and Hawkman in Egypt, putting up a fight during a Horus tribute to hide their relationship, but Savage watches them at it later. It’s all in Kendra’s memory, but she tells Carter she doesn’t remember yet. Joined by Laurel and Caitlin, they get to a safe house and Barry lets them in on the untouchable energy of the Staff Of Horus. Felicity joins Cisco and Caitlin in making it touchable, Diggle asks ARGUS about Savage, Thea and Laurel check the police records, while Oliver has something else in his mind and leaves, promising Felicity to let her in when it’s clear for him. Cisco talks with Kendra when Carter calls her to open a box with her suit inside to remember her Warrior Priestess days. Oliver pays his ex-girlfriend a visit and she says her son is not his, but he gets a hair of his to test it. Malcolm calls and says he arranged a meeting with Vandal Savage for the two of them and Barry. They go and the villain says he needs to kill the Hawks to stay an immortal, when Oliver sends an Arrow his way and hurts him, but he gets it out.  This big bad wants the Hawks in 24 hours, or he’ll destroy everyone and everything they love in both Star and Central city. Oliver’s not willing to give them away and Malcolm threatens he’ll come for him if anything happens to Thea. Kendra is unwilling to let others die and after a little arguement with Cisco, Carter goes to talk with her, while Barry tells his pal he’s afraid that he almost time-travelled again. Kendra mentions suicide to Carter as a way to not let Savage kill them and remain his immortality, but he wants to fight him and manages to make her enrage her to emerge. Felicity interrupts to say they have news and Laurel’s found a video of a Doctor mentioning that Savage plans to destroy the world and can only be stopped by an object that was there when he got his immortality. Carter can’t think of anything, while Kendra brings the Staff to mind. Barry tests the hair Oliver gave him without knowing anything and is asked not to tell Felicity. However, she comes in as soon as her man leaves and wants to know what Barry’s hiding. Oliver pays a visit to his ex Samantha again and she admits William is his son, revealing the truth about Moira’s involvement.  Oliver desparately wants a part in his son’s life, and she agrees as long as he doesn’t tell anyone. When he gets back to the safe house, Felicity confronts him and he lies, with Barry overhearing that she can’t be with someone that doesn’t trust her. Oliver plans the attack, pickng to distract Savage himself so Barry can get the Staff, with Kendra being their secret weapon and everyone else not following. They pretend to turn the Hawks in, when Flash uncuffs them. Kendra fails to emerge and Carter ends up stabbed, with her being next. The Flash grabs the Staff and Green Arrow helps him, but it’s not working. A huge explosions kills everyone of our beloved characters, but Barry speeds and manages to time-travel back to their first meeting with Vandal Savage. Oliver makes Barry tell him what’s going on and he reveals the turh, saying Ollie was distracted due to his son and arguement with Felicity. Oliver gets Cisco to talk to Kendra, so he interrupts her training with Carter and gets her to see the past.  The priestess wakes up next to the prince and Savage is watching their forbidden love and fighting for the girl, who stabs them both before dying. Rocks fall from the sky with the bad guy making his hate public and Shayara praying that Horus protects them in his wings. In reality, Kendra knows it’ll take some meteor pieces along with the Staff to defeat Savage. Barry gets some from a museum and Oliver tells the whole team to suit up. The battle begins with Kendra emerging and Black Canary, Speedy and Diggle also in the game. The Flash gets the Staff while everyone’s safe this time and they turn Vandal Savage to dust. Not sure he’s gone for good, but Kendra and Carter seem ready to move on together, helping people away from it all. A grumpy Cisco gives her one last gift in case she needs him and they kiss goodbye. Barry talks to Oliver about the case with Felicity and his son, before they hug goodbye to the latter’s resentment. Oliver agrees to not tell anyone about his son and Samantha lets him spend time with him as a friend of hers. Back home, Felicity asks what’s worrying him and he says it doesn’t matter. Malcolm is seen picking up Savage’s dust, repeating the words of his immortality, saying his old friend owes him one.

And with "Legends Of Yesterday" the crossover event between Arrow and The Flash is officially over, giving Legends Of Tomorrow a great head start. Make sure to tune in next week for more of both show.


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