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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers

Arrow "Betrayal" Episode Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/08/2013 9:31 pm
PopWrapped | Spoilers

Vanessa Ho
Staff Writer

When Arrow Executive Producer, Andrew Kreisberg tweeted these three words about this week’s episode:  ”Best. Cliffhanger. Ever.” He wasn’t kidding. But before we get to any of that, let us setup what leads to this.

Remember spoilers ahead!

Cyrus Vanch

Cyrus Vanch (guest star David Anders aka Dr. Frankenstein from Once Upon a Time and Uncle John Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries) has been released from Iron Heights Prison and ready to be the leader of Starling City’s underworld after the fall of the Chinese Triad and Frank Bertinelli.

Apparently, Vanch is a very dangerous and sadistic man. He has been connected to human trafficking, drug running and at least 52 different homicides. Laurel (Katie Cassidy) discovers that there is nothing she can do unless she has evidence and access to a private police force. To the Arrow Phone does Laurel go.

Laurel Lance, Detective Quentin Lance and Arrow

Laurel does indeed go to Arrow (Stephen Amell) for help in getting evidence against Vanch. When Arrow does get some, he meets Laurel on a rooftop but unfortunately the police are there to ambush Arrow. If you remember, Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) put a bug on the phone so he could overhear any conversation that Laurel and Arrow have with each other.

Arrow escapes and Laurel is livid with her father for putting her life in danger. Unfortunately, someone else on the police force knows of Laurel’s connection to Arrow and informs Vanch, who wants to take on the vigilante.

After a confrontation at her apartment, Laurel does her best to fight off Vanch’s men (here we see shades of her future as Black Canary) but alas she gets kidnapped.

Lance finds out and uses the Arrow Phone (which he took back from Laurel) and the two call a temporary truce to rescue the woman they both love.

After Laurel is brought to safety and not forgiving her father yet for betraying her trust, she and Arrow meet outside the police station. Arrow cuts off ties with Laurel because he didn’t realize the risk their association posed. Laurel seemed quite upset about this.

Island Flashback

Oliver arrives at a clearing and sees a downed cargo plane with its contents and debris littering the field. Inside the plane, an unknown assailant (Manu Bennett) ambushes Oliver, who tells him that Yao Fei sent him to his plane.

The stranger tells Oliver that there is an airfield nearby that is key to leaving the island and how he and Yao Fei have been observing it and they were supposed to leave together until they got separated. The stranger needs Oliver’s help to take the airfield. To know that Oliver is up to the task, they engage in a sword fight but Oliver is losing badly while the stranger gives him advice on how to fight until he knock him out.

Oliver wakes up from his fight with the stranger and finds himself tied to a chair. This stranger is going to kill Oliver for fear of him giving up his location but Oliver painfully escapes his ropes thus impressing this stranger who introduces himself as Slade Wilson. In the comics, Slade Wilson is known as Deathstroke.

While discussing taking on the airfield and how they need each other, Slade wants to train Oliver to fight and when Oliver goes to choose a weapon, he discovers the Deathstroke mask. Slade denies that he was the one that tortured Oliver back in episode 5 “Damaged.” Slade tells Oliver that Deathstroke is his partner, part of Australian Intelligence, sent to rescue Yao Fei.

Diggle plays

Driving Miss Daisy

with Moira Queen

Oliver doesn’t believe his mother could be behind anything to do with the List and doesn’t find it suspicious that she burned the other List but Diggle (David Ramsay) is.

To get to truth as to what Moira (Susannah Thompson) knows about the List, Diggle fills in for her regular driver, who conveniently needs time off. His first attempt at spying on her doesn’t go so well as he first follows her to a friend’s swanky birthday party.

His next attempt at espionage is much more successful when he drives Moira to her appointment with her accountant. In truth, Moira is meeting with Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), Tommy’s (Colin Donnell) dad. Moira tells Malcolm that she has taken care of the problem that he wanted her to take care of in episode 10 “Trust but Verify” and that what her friend wanted to do wasn’t part of the Undertaking. Just before Moira leaves, Malcolm asks her to clear out the warehouse that contains the remains of the Queen’s Gambit. Malcolm tells Moira that it serves no purpose in other people finding out that the yacht was sabotaged. All the while, Diggle has recorded the conversation in a nearby storage closet.

Diggle brings this recording to Oliver, while hard to hear everything clearly, Oliver does hear about his mother involvement with the yacht being sabotaged and the Undertaking. Which leads us to…

That Cliffhanger

Well it is all about Oliver trying to find out more about this Undertaking that his mother was talking about to Malcolm. So as Arrow, he has a pointed conversation with his mother at her Queen Consolidated office and utters Arrow’s catchphrase “Moira Queen, you have failed this city.” And end scene.

For a more detailed review of Arrow Episode 13 “Betrayal”, click here. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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