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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Arrow Tells All About "The Secret Origin Of Felicity Smoak"

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/07/2014 6:16 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Arrow Tells All About
Media Courtesy of CW Network
The Arrow team is back everyone! After finding out Malcolm Merlyn isn't Sara's killer and making a serious enemy in Rah's Al Gul last week, they're striking back with a Felicity-centric episode "The Secret Origin Of Felicity Smoak". It all begins with back-to-back scenes of training, Oliver and Roy at the lair, Laurel at her boxing classes and Thea with her father, Malcolm. Meanwhile, Felicity is having a hard time exercising with a DVD at home, before Ray Palmer pays her a visit for some business idea of his. However, that's not the only visitor she's treated with, as her mom soon arrives at the door and she's not the genius Fel is. The teen, goth self of Felicity soon appears in a flashback, bringing her man to his senses after some massive hack they achieved. Ignoring prison time, he means to delete all the laws regarding students. Oliver is hit by the news that Thea is using Malcolm's money to rent a place and reopen the club, since he's considered to be dead and she's his closest relative. Soon enough, the electricity goes off and an Anonymous-like team called Brother Eye sends a message through the screens, that they're coming to control everything and everyone. After Oliver and Diggle meet with Felicity's mother, the Arrow gang team up at the lair to discuss that Brother Eye team. Laurel gets to be the acting district attorney. Back when Felicity was a goth girl, she argues with her boyfriend about stopping him from breaking the law. Just when they two leave it behind and start kissing, the police arrives and arrests Cooper. While Oliver and the rest try to track Brother Eye, Laurel is being a boss ass bitch giving orders thanks to her new rights. However, her actions only make things worse and the Arrow needs to go in action to save the day. While tracing the virus of the hack, Felicity finds out it's her own 5-year-old creation and she can't destroy it. Explaining the situation of her hacker days in college to the rest of the gang, giving out the names of those with access to the virus. Myron, her old boyfriend's roommate, is the only one possibly able to do all this, but it turns out it's not him and he's spilled the details of the virus to other people. Her boyfriend himself is currently dead, since he committed suicide after taking the blame for everything regarding the virus back in the day and saving Felicity from prison. Over at Queen Consolidated, Ray finds Fel crying and talks a bit with her, but mommy Smoak soon jumps in the picture. An intimate family moment finds Felicity yelling at her, but she's soon brought back to her place. As trying to make things up between them, her mom reveals she got an email with a free ticket to Starling city, so we find out someone means for her to be there. The next minute, both mother and daughter get tied down and abducted. It's a work of Brother Eye of course, who surprisingly turns out to be Felicity's dead boyfriend. It turns out that son of a - is very much alive and wants Felicity to help him hack into systems so that he can get the money transferred to the mayor  from the city's bank, threatening to kill her mother if she doesn't. Therefore, she goes against her will and does what she has to do. The Arrow is aware something's wrong and with Fel managing to give away her location, the team arrives to once again save the day. Another flashback shows how Felicity managed to stop being all goth and be her new self that we see to this day. Laurel shares her sister's passing with her box tutor just to get it out and start some serious training. Thea suggests Oliver to move in with her and he's eventually convinced, but Malcolm's watching from the window and he doesn't seem very happy about it. While Felicity calls sick to spend the rest of the day with her mother, Roy has some weird dreams about our beloved Sara's murder. And that's it for this week! Well the most of it at least, but you really have to watch that finale to be prepared for next week's episode of Arrow!

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