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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Arrow' Rolls As A "Broken Arrow" This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/18/2015 7:43 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Arrow' Rolls As A
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After a small break, Arrow returns this week to treat us with the aftershocks of that shocking cliffhanger of the previous episode. Let’s see what went down!

With news of Roy’s arrest as the Arrow on TV, a couple of security guards at a bank get murdered by a metahuman’s burning vision. As Roy arrives at the police department, Oliver tells Lance he’s not going to let him take the fall for him, but Laurel interrupts as the D.A.’s representative and demands that his release. At the same time, Roy is worried for Felicity being at work under these circumastances, but tries to change the weird situation of his ILU bomb that went unanswered. Oliver is seen talking with Roy, trying to get him out of that situation, but the Arsenal finally feels salvation for killing that cop back in the day. In the very first flashback, Oliver and the Yamashiro’s are hiding from Waller, but Mr. Queen decides to take action and go after her.

Back to the present, Malcolm has a chat with Oliver and tries to talk him into taking Ra’s place, but the vigilante is too busy planning to take Roy out of jail. He meets with Thea, Felicity and John at the club, planning to set their pal free and seeing the metahuman’s actions on the news, and before they call the S.T.A.R. labs to see if any guy with special powers left Central city, Lance jumps in with a team to search the basement - their lair. However, all they find is Roy’s fingerprints and they all walk away free. Oliver wants to rush and save the city, but they stop him, as he’s being watched. He wants to call the Flash, but Felicity says he’s got too much on his plate and someone else could help. So they turn to Ray who’s more than willing to help.

Another flashback finds Oliver entering A.R.G.U.S., only to find Waller  was prisoned by the government who want to unleash the weapons they got on China. Amanda sends him on his way with hope of seeing him again in the future. In the present day, prisoners are giving Roy a hard time in jail and a touching visit from Thea doesn’t really help. Ray’s getting ready for action and once they’ve got the metahuman identified, he goes after him despite Oliver’s second thoughts. Mr. Palmer ends up with his ass kicked and hardly manages to fly away alive, with Oliver giving him a lecture about trusting himself more than his suit. One more flashback finds Oliver and the Yamashiro’s realising that leaving Hong Kong is kind of impossible, so they decide to steal some vaccine so as to not be affected by the virus.

On the way back to his cell, Roy is attacked by a gang of prisoners, but still manages to put them on the ground. Lance is seen searching Oliver’s place and is advised against going after him, when Thea tells him to go and he tries to play with her mind using Roy. With Ray and Felicity working on a solution to the problem with meta, Thea arrives to inform everyone about what happened to their pal in jail, which only infuriates Oliver and sends him straight to take his friend out. Thankfully, Felicity manages to stop him on his way out and change his mind with some intimate words. Flashback time again, with Ollie and the Yamashiro’s getting in the army’s base and leaving with the vaccine. The reality returns with Lance further trying to convince Roy to stop defending Oliver, but that’s quite far from happening.

Felicity pays a visit to Starling’s power grid, but soon meets with the metahuman and is in some serious danger. Ray goes out there to save her and Oliver has total control of the suit, so they finally have a chance. However, the Arrow can’t do much once control is lot and begs Palmer to try and fight back. Thankfully, he eventually gets the metahuman on the ground and saves the day. In prison, Roy is worried for his life once again and his insticts are proved right, when a cop stabs him and leaves him on the ground. Oliver goes back home and finds Thea with Lance, with the latter informing him of Roy’s passing. Back at the lair, he feels super guilty for what happened, but the same doesn’t apply for John and Felicity, who are rather calm.

Out of nowhere, Roy walks into the room alive and well. It turns out they had it all planned and an A.R.G.U.S. guy made his body seem dead, so that they could get him out and prove Oliver innocent. Roy of course has to go and start a new life, so there’s some serious sad goodbye’s taking place. Once the Arsenal is gone, Felicity’s love for Oliver is pretty obvious, which makes Ray kind of jealous. The last flashback finds Oliver willing to let the Yamashiro’s and their friend take the vaccine, so that he can stop the virus from being released. However, Tatsu doesn’t feel that’s the right thing to do and decides they’ll help him. The present finds Ray locking the metahuman in a cell at S.T.A.R. labs, but he and Cisco soon find out he wasn’t in Central when things went wrong with the accelerator, so he must have been a metahuman before that.

Just when you thing there’s no more action to put in one episode, Ra’s Al Ghul pays a visit to Thea. Even though she tries to defend herself, he puts his sword through her chest and leaves her bleeding on the floor. 

Now as we process this, all that can come out of one’s mouth is something like WOAH. “Broken Arrow” is definitely an episode you shouldn’t miss and trust me, you’ll be coming back for even more Arrow next week.

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