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Oliver Vows Vengeance On Damien Darhk In New 'Arrow' Extended Trailer

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
01/19/2016 4:23 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Oliver Vows Vengeance On Damien Darhk In New 'Arrow' Extended Trailer | Arrow
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If you have not caug

ht up with Arrow or The Flash yet, you should probably skip to the video. Spoilers ahead!

Last we saw of our leather-clad hero, he had just publicly proposed to the lovely and brainy Felicity Smoak on live television. Of course, our spunky blond, badass computer genius said yes (who wouldn't?) and the two were ensconced in a limo on their way home to pick out wedding invitations and taste test cake.

Or, you know, to let Thea bask in the glory that is the true Olicity pairing.

Unfortunately, as we have seen time and time again, the Arrow fandom cannot have nice things. When you live the life of a superhero, metahuman, or vigilante, Fate never deals you an even deck.

Since Oliver Queen decided to take up the flag of his late mother, Moira Queen, and run for mayor of Star City, he has found a double opponent in Damien Darhk. Not only is Darhk bent on turning Oliver to his side as a public figure, he's also the leader of HIVE and determined to create a new world breaking down the old one.

For Darhk, the old hinders the new, so the old world must perish (preferably through pain and fire) before the new world can be reborn.

The new trailer for the Arrow midseason premiere, "Blood Debts," shows Oliver Queen promising Damien Darhk a slow painful end for what he has done to Felicity.

"Now I know it's not my fault. It's my end it."

John Diggle, Oliver's right-hand man and brother in vigilante arms, promises to help bring Darhk down. He's got Oliver's back no matter what. It is a true testament to what these two have been through over the seasons, even after Oliver all but betrayed his friends to bring down Raz Al Gul.

"Seemingly unconnected events.... Isn't that what anarchy is?"

Meanwhile, it looks like Darhk's wife knows about her husband's plan. She knows that he's promised her a new beginning for their family, but only once this world has ended.

I know parents want to make a better world for their children, but how can a father want to see the world burn?

The end of the trailer sees the spunky ex-hacker's mom, Donna Smoak, reacting to the doctor's news after Felicity gets out of surgery. According to Thea, the prognosis is "not good."

The final shot sees Oliver standing in front of the grave (which we still have yet to see the front of), vowing to kill Damien Darhk.

Don't believe me? Check out the trailer below!

Arrow returns for its midseason premiere this Wednesday, January 20th, at 8 pm (EST).


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