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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Arrow Takes Us To "Corto Maltese" This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/24/2014 3:59 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Arrow Takes Us To
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This week's episode of Arrow, "Corto Maltese," picks up where the previous one left off. Therefore, it's mostly about Thea. This one tells a few different stories though: Thea and her father, the current state with Thea, some trouble over at Corto Maltese, Laurel fighting her demons and Felicity in her new workplace. It all kicks off with a flashback to six months ago, about how Thea reached to her real father, Malcolm Merlyn. It's not that she's ever been sweet with him, but after her mother died, her brother lied to her and her boyfriend didn't show up for their sweet escape, she needed someone to teach her how to not feel pain. Back to real time, the Arrow team is still looking for Sara's murderer, but Thea once again becomes the main topic. Ms. Smokes found out she's not in Italy as she said, but in Corto Maltese, so Oliver is willing to go get her. John Diggle lightens the atmosphere saying the Queen family might have a thing for islands, but soon enough his wife Lyla convinces him to go with Oliver and check on one of her fellow A.R.G.U.S. agent. As far as Laurel is concerned, work brings her in touch with a box teacher. She's mad and he can tell, so she's handed a flier about the classes to learn how to fight. Has the time really come for her to take part in the action? All the way to Corto Maltese, Oliver meets his sister at a cafeteria and the vibes of their talking are definitely good - the two miss and love each other. However, Ollie is hit by the news that Thea is not willing to go back to Starling City ever again. Another series of flashbacks find father and daughter in early stages of teaching, with Malcom giving Thea a hard time to teach her one important principle: "Pain is inevitable and suffering is optional". She really went through hell to overcome pain and she couldn't handle it at first. However, she had to learn the hard way and start fighting back during a tough training session. In other Corto Maltese news, Diggle meets with his wife's co-agent and finds out there's an A.R.G.U.S. database in danger of being hacked, with leaks about agents' weak spots - family and so on. He soon discovers the agent is a fraud and he's the one looking to leack the hack of the database. When selling the information, Oliver, Roy and Diggle are there to stop it all but things go wrong with more armed people arriving. So the badass fighting begins and they win, saving the day as always. After letting the poor guy live, John is hit by hints that Amanda Waller, her wife's boss, is a horrible person to work for. Laurel looks for compasion at an AA meeting, revealling she's angry but not sharing the reason with everyone else. She lets her mind roll when a girl shares that her man got drunk and hit her once again, but while she looks to help, she finds out that the guy has a troubled past with the police. She takes justice in her own hands and finds an out for her anger, by hitting him with a bat. Bad luck for her, as she ends up in the hospital with her ass kicked and her father worrying. After Oliver failed to convince Thea to get back home with him, Roy makes another effort. Even though that doesn't end up well either, we realise Thea still cares for him. Ollie tries to twist it all around by telling her the whole truth, but only ends up with some touching words about their family and how their parents sacrificed their lives for them, revealling Robert Queen killed himself for him to survive. The troubled young Queen/Merlyn lady is convinced by her discussion with Oliver and tells Malcolm she wants to go home with him, winning her father in a sword battle to get her way. As the three gentlemen wait at the airport for their flight, she shows up against all odds and an accidental spill of hot coffee on her hand gives a hint that she's different. Don't forget that they're not aware she was with Malcolm all that time. On a side note, living in a mansion but working at a cafeteria should seem suspicious to them, shouldn't it? Meanwhile at Queen Cosolidated, Felicity is caught in surprise when she's treated with an assistant of her own and a big office. She manages to revive some corrupted data about weapons for her boss, while running errands for her three partners and Laurel. The finale hitns that Ray Palmer is really interested in her, but we can tell he's hiding something. Back to Starling city for good, Laurel tries to convince Oliver that she needs to be trained and join the action. It seems to be the only thing that sets her inner fire to the rain and even though Ollie refuses to help her, she gets back to the box teacher for a beginning. Diggle gets back home and there's a sweet family reunion taking place, only something seems off with Amanda Waller and he knows. Down at the lair, Oliver congratulates Roy for his field work but their little talk is interrupted by an uninvited guest - you'll have to watch "Corto Maltese" to find out who that is. And that's it for this week!

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