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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Arrow' Takes Us To "Midnight City" This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/11/2015 11:08 pm
PopWrapped | Television
'Arrow' Takes Us To
Media Courtesy of ohnotheydidnt
Arrow returned to our screens last week and let everyone know Oliver Queen was not “Left Behind”. A lot of action took place without him though and we really have to take it from there, don’t we? So let’s see what we got this week in “Midnight City”. It all begins with a chat between Felicity and Oliver about not facing Ra’s al Ghul, with the two kissing and the latter ending up dead. Well, of course it’s one of poor Ollie’s nightmares, as he’s still recovering. As Laurel is after criminals as the Black Canary, she gets herself into a pretty bad situation and almost gets killed. Thankfully, the Arsenal is there to save the day and treats her wounds back at the lair. Just like Oliver did before, Roy and Diggle advice her to quit whatever she’s doing before it’s too late, but she doesn’t seem willing at all. Ray Palmer is preparing to fight crime and despite his intention to help the police by wearing his suit, Felicity appears unwilling to help yet again. At the same time, Thea makes her way through the Glades, before her DJ-kisser appears for some words with her. Soon after, Malcolm Merlyn comes in the picture to remind her of packing to leave – something she hasn’t really been doing. Despite his warnings of danger, she won’t leave without finding out about her brother’s well-being and whereabouts.Now for the first time, Roy gets a clue on his ex-girlfriend’s relationship with her father, as he’s watching their little conversation. In the meantime, Detective Lance asks Laurel about Sara, as he’s been informed that the Canary is back in Starling. As Ray Palmer olunteers to pay the police’s expenses, so as to catch Brick and his minions, the entire gang jumps in and they abduct some guys from the government. Even though the criminals are ordered to kill the rest in the room, almost everyone manage to survive the attack. At a different place, Oliver and Tatsu discuss about the new man Maseo has become, that Sarab guy, who can’t be convinced to stay away from the League of Assassins. The first flashback takes us to a 5-year-old story in Hong Kong, in which Maseo considered giving the Alpha (dangerous weapon previously obtained for A.R.G.U.S.) to the bad guys, in order to get Tatsu back alive. Detective Lance talks with Felicity about the absence of the Arrow, while he also informs her about the Canary’s comeback. Laurel kicks ass during an interrogation and discovers Brick’s whereabouts. All at the same time, Roy pays Malcolm a visit in Thea’s apartment and wants him to leave his daughter alone, warning him that she will eventually find out what he got her to do to Sara. Felicity is seen treating Ray’s wounds and the two have a moment, as he reveals crime-fighting is no longer for revenge, but for her very own protection instead. Roy and Laurel prepare to visit Brick and save the abducted men, with John in Felicity’s role. However, the leader of the gang gets them both down and an arrow that gets to his chest only leads him to kill one of the officials. The Mayor of Starling later gets a call by Brick, who wants a meeting to make all the drama stop and get back the abducted ones. Meanwhile, Malcolm speaks to Thea about Ra’s al Ghul wanting him dead, without telling the entire truth of course. Felicity pays Laurel a visit and the latter reveals she’s not tough enough to be the Canary anyway. However, we get a hint that fighting crime is definitely not over for Fel and the duo’s action-packed days are far from over. Brick meets with the Mayor and reveals he wants the police to leave the Glades, so as not to get the government officials dead. Detective Lance calls Felicity and asks for the Arrow, but she’s all for sending the Canary instead. With Tatsu trying to get Maseo to stay, members of the League arrive and when they discover the lady, the former couple gets every single one down. In another flashback, Maseo is handing a fake Alpha to the bad guys. Soon enough, they do find out but the man’s got his wife and they make their sweet escape, along with Oliver. Roy and Diggle are seen drinking to Oliver, before Felicity interrupts to bring the team back at full force. After informing them about the Mayor wanting to get to terms with Brick, Laurel calls her father as Sara and finds out one of the Aldermen has a pacemaker, which has a GPS. Straight on, Felicity interrupts one of Ray’s meetings to ask for his helicopter, something she easily achieves. Diggle flies the Arsenal and the Canary to the scene, with the two of them kicking some criminal butts and helping the government guys escape. Laurel is obviously not trained enough for such hardcore action, but when Brick interrupts her sweet escape, she still manages to give him some and make it out alive. Maseo hides the bodies of those League members who earlier attacked them. Despite Oliver and Tatsu’s efforts to make him stay, he cuts his throat a bit to claim Ollie managed to escape from him and leaves. On his way, he brings to mind the reunion of his family back in Hong Kong and how he was willing to risk everything for them. Laurel meets her dad as the Canary and no matter how much he wants to spend time with his daughter again, it’s far from possible. However, he informs her that the police will be out of the Glades on the Mayor’s command, as Brick threatened to kill all council men in the city. Thea also has some family moment with her dad, still not prepared to leave and ready to fight Ra’s al Ghul with Malcolm, if it comes to that. The thing is, she has no idea what kind of battle that one would be. Felicity returns Palmer the keys to his helicopter, along with the element he needs to finalize his crime-fighting suit. She’s totally going to help him after all, as he has more chances of living with her on his side. Thea once again meets with her DJ boy and everything looks nice, but he ends up being a spy for Ra’s al Ghul and informs the League through Maseo that Merlyn will not be leaving Starling. So what could possibly follow? From Oliver’s return and Sara’s future as the Canary to Brick’s doings and an attack from the League, everything is possible and we definitely have a lot yet to see. Make sure you don’t miss Arrow next week for even more action.

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