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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

An "Uprising" Takes Place On 'Arrow'

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/22/2015 12:01 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
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Hey Arrow fans, your favorite time of the week has come again! With Oliver Queen alive and well, Laurel Lance joining the team as the Canary and Ray Palmer preparing to wear his superhero suit, "Uprising" takes us from there and delivers some great action for our entertainment. So, let's break it all down. Oliver is seen leaving Tatsu's safe home, even though she thinks he needs more time to heal. Over at the Glades, the police has been removed from the town and Brick has taken over, with the Arsenal and the Canary trying to keep things safe. While at it, Sin sees them and thinks Sara is back for good. During a very busy day for the gang, detective Lance offers to help, as long as it's off the books. Thea and Malcolm are training once again, with the latter trying to make his daughter understand that she has to kill her enemies in a battle, before they do. A flashback takes us to the time Merlyn was hit by the news of his wife's murder. In real time, Detective Lance gives Roy the police's files on Brick and as they look into them, they find out he's the one who killed Malcolm's wife. What's more, he's been spying on them through the computer and is now perfectly aware of the situation. As it turns out, Tatsu has been following Oliver on his way to struggling and helps him overcome his struggle. He's quick to ask for help to defeat Ra's al Ghul, but she hints that only Maseo could possibly stand a chance. Merlyn prepares to go kill Brick, despite Thea's effort to change his mind. Another flashback finds him at his wife's funeral, getting information about who's considered responsible for the murder. Team Arrow has finally managed to locate Brick and his minions, who have taken over the Glades police department. While fighting the criminals there, Brick makes things kind of difficult for them, but Malcolm jumps in the action to save them. Right after, he suggests they team-up with him to get the bad guy down, leaving them all negative to think about it. Roy has a talk about Malcolm with Thea and the latter reveals he saved her life during the Slade Wilson days. With Felicity strongly against joining forces with Merlyn, the team eventually ends up rejecting his offer. One more flashback shows how he killed the guy he thought had killed his wife. Back to reality, Oliver is finally on a proper kind of vehicle to Starling. As Tatsu and him say goodbye, she reveals that he'll have to give up on the most precious thing in his life to defeat Ra's al Ghul - Felicity anyone? Thea interrupts her father before he leaves to kill Brick, reaching for the humanity left in him. Anytime is flashback time, with another one coming to show us Merlyn's way out of town and into the League of Assasins. Asking help from both Laurel's box teacher and Sin, the Canary and the Arsenal massively take on Brick and his gang with a crowd from the Glades fighting on their side. With Laurel's tutor gets to the ground and as Brick tries to get away, Malcolm interrupts his sweet escape. With a green arrow landing in the battlefield, Oliver jumps right back into the action and tries to prevent Merlyn from killing again, for Thea's sake. So, the Arrow gives a great comeback speech and the police arrive to take care of the situation. Meanwhile, Sin has a chat with detective Lance and tell him the Canary is definitely not Sara. As Malcolm tell Thea about not killing because of her, Oliver returns home claiming he's been in jail for a while. To his sister's surprise, he doesn't make a scene over her father's presence. The two of them talk a bit about Ra's al Ghul coming for Ollie's head, so it's all official that Merlyn will be training him for their next face-off. The last of flashbacks shows Malcolm's way into the League of Assasins. Enough with the past though, as Oliver makes his return to Team Arrow's lair. He does piss Felicity off with the whole training with Merlyn thing and it is pretty serious, with their romance thrown to all the wrong places. In Stephen Amell own words, "And Oliver thought a sword through the stomach hurt...".
Arrow Tumblr
Arrow Tumblr
What an episode that one was! Best one in a while indeed, and it's not like the previous ones have been bad. From the intense action to the actual drama, "Uprising" was truly brilliant. Make sure you watch it and tune in next week for another episode of Arrow.

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