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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Arrow Warns To "Draw Back Your Bow" This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/20/2014 6:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Arrow Warns To
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Another week brings another episode of Arrow, giving us a closer look into the adventures of Oliver Queen and the rest of the gang. This week's episode, "Draw Back Your Bow", picks up from where we were left last week. With Cupid introduced to us as she set Isaac Stanzler free, we get to see how she first saw the Arrow in action during the Mirakuru days and probably got inspired. Detective Lance and Oliver find the prisoner's dead body dressed in the same vigilante suit the latter is wearing. They can tell it's a message to the Arrow, but all they have on whoever did that is an actual spade-shaped arrow. The first flashback takes us to Hong Kong, where the woman of the house is giving Oliver a hard time to do his laundry and the man has to go out, after Amanda Waller called. Over at Queen Consolidated, Felicity walks into Ray Palmer's office, only to find him training shirtless à la Oliver. Right before you know it, he invites her at some business dinner and even has a couture dress bought for her! Back at the lair, Ollie has a talk with Diggle about this new archer and they soon find out there's a hidden text inside that arrow of theirs. Apparently, it's an address where they find the apartment of a stalker kind of fan, whose arrows are not shaped to look like spades, but hearts. She's an obsessed lady who's got the wrong idea of the Arrow and calls to reveal she's up for some killing to get him after her. Roy is seen back at the lair, devastated after finding out that he's killed a police officer under the influence of Mirakuru. Oliver tries to give him comfort but it doens't seem to work, before Felicity interrupts to give her two cents on the obsessed Arrow fan's latest victim. She's got some work to find him out and everything, but Oliver isn't happy to find out she's got dinner plans with Ray that night. Another flashback finds the lady of the hosue devastated after Maseo didn't get back home in time. He said one hour and it's been nine, so yeah, something went wrong and Oliver joins her to go down there and see what that was. Thea is busy getting the club ready for the re-opening and holds auditions for the DJ's spot, with a ferocious one making an appearance. Down at the lair, Felicity tracks the stalker lady and finds out who she is, with a greenhouse being the most possible location for her latest victim. Roy goes for the trapped man, while Oliver goes for her. However, the Arsenal falls in her hands and even though the Arrow finds him, she's there with her prisoner too. Since Oliver doesn't want to play her game, she manages to kill her trapped man, but the former saves the day before it's too late. Back to base, Roy's mad that she managed to get him down. However, there's more important stuff to look into. Diggle finds out she's been stalking others too and has been under psychiatric assistance. Felicity's not there to make further research and Ollie's distaste about it is once again showing. Soon after he leaves, John visits Ms. Smoak at Queen Consolidated Palmer Industries to tell her about Oliver's issues with her spending so much time with Palmer. Oliver on the other hand pays the stalker's doctor a visit to get an insight of her, but he ends up told that he needs therapy himself. Yet one more flashback finds Maseo's wife and Oliver down the docks and as he attempts speaking to the bad guys controlling the place about Maseo, he doesn't really get his way. Ray is stunned by Felicity in her expensive dress and makes sure to gift her a diamond necklace to combine it all with. And she said there is no she and him! Stalker Carrie meets with her tech guy who has managed to locate the Arrow's lair and she kills him soon after, so that she doesn't have to return the favor. Things get heated at the lair when Oliver is informed and wants Felicity back there to work, right before John gives him a lecture about how he's bothered by her flirt with Ray Palmer. The next in the series of flashbacks finds Oliver having a hard time with some tough guys, but thankfully for him Maseo's wife jumps out with a sword and kicks their asses. The last one of them alive reveals that three men of A.R.G.U.S., most possibly her husband included, were killed hours ago. Palmer and Smoak's dinner with the boring old couple is interrupted by a text from John, calling Felicity for help. The club doesn't go well with the DJ messing things up, but the ferocious one from earlier comes in to save the day. Unfortunately, the stalker lady is there too. Over at Felicity's dinner, she takes a moment to praise Ray Palmer like no other, so that he gets a deal with the rich man at the other side of the table. Felicity managed to do what she needed to and find out what Stalker Carrie has on her mind, finding out she's at the club. John leaves the lair to go upstairs and have an eye on her, but we see her having drinks served by Thea at the bar. Oliver soon calls her and sets up a meeting on an empty street, where he later remembers was the spot he had saved her once. After he tries to put some sense in her mind first, they soon end up fighting and she chains him on the trails of a running train. After managing to escape, he grabs her and only saves her life once again. Thankfully, it's all over and she's send to the suicide squad instead of prison. Discussing the news at the lair, Diggle suggests that Oliver tells Felicity how he feels, after inviting him to dinner at his house. The final of flashbacks find Oliver and Maseo's wife back home, with her wondering how to tell her son his father is dead. However, soon as they get in, they see he's very much alive and she won't have to. Now at the club, that DJ who saved Thea from disaster earlier seems to not want money for his work, but steals a kiss from her instead. Ray thanks Felicity for getting him the deal and he goes all in for a kiss, but why does poor Oliver have to arrive just in time to see that?! Both him and Roy need a break, so they go over at John and Lyla's for dinner, before we get further hints that Palmer is not the man he claims to be and has his secrets. Before it all ends, we're introduced to a new villain which you definitely don't want to miss! Make sure you watch this week's episode of Arrow and tune in on December 3 for the following one.

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