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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x12, The Flash 4x14, Arrow 6x14

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

03/01/2018 10:46 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x12, The Flash 4x14, Arrow 6x14 | Arrowverse recaps
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Last episode recaps / (Legends)

The Flash and Arrow are back from their little hiatus, but none of the three shows have standout episodes this week. Here's what happened:

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x12 "The Curse Of The Earth Totem"

The Legends are now on the hunt for the totems since Constantine mentioned their power against demons. Zari and Amaya both have one, and Amaya's granddaughters do as well, but they need to find the others, which they didn't even know existed. But between Ray and Nate, they manage to track them down. One (the Earth totem) is in the possession of a pirate named Captain Blackbeard, and Damian Dahrk has the other (the Fire totem). So the Legends decide to head to pirate times and retrieve that one, but Sara chooses to bail and go on a date with Ava (which is great and all, but Sara, come on, you're the captain and you know your team is prone to screwing up. You're just gonna leave them?). The Legends dress up as pirates and head to a saloon where Mick decides to make Amaya out to be a deadly and fearsome pirate after she confesses to him that she doesn't know how to help her granddaughters and be with Nate without ruining the timeline. Rumors of Captain Jiwe spread fast and attract the attention of Captain Blackbeard. However, before the Legends can get the totem from him, in comes Damian and his daughter, and they use magic to control Amaya, Mick, and Blackbeard, and steal Amaya's totem. Nate and Ray manage to escape back to the Waverider and Zari, but since they parked in the Bermuda Triangle, the ship is acting up. They decide to fly away, leaving behind Amaya and Mick, in order to survive. 

Meanwhile, Sara and Ava are having a great date. They're swapping childhood stories and getting along very well, but they're both interrupted. Sara first, by Gideon leaving a voicemail reporting the team's activities, and Ava later, when Gary comes rushing in. Ava pretends to go to the bathroom, but chats with Gary quietly, and reports that a speedster stole his time courier and that a long brown coat was taken from Bureau storage. We of course know this has to do with Rip and Wally's interactions. Rip approached Wally, asking him to help save the world, but Wally declines, so Rip suggests they go get a drink. That leads to the two of them getting drunk (Cisco had given Wally rocket fuel that gets a speedster drunk) and singing karaoke ("Careless Whisper") and later, Wally agreed to steal Gary's time courier (and pants him) and retrieve the coat. Ava knows this means Rip's up to no good, but by the time she returns to the table, Sara is gone as she saw the Waverider crash down from the sky. When Ava and Gary board the Waverider later to share the news of Rip's activity, Ava is mad at Sara for leaving the date, and Nate uses this to his advantage as he steals Ava's time courier so he and Ray can go back to 1717 and save Amaya and Mick. 

By some miracle (and fighting), Amaya and Mick manage to get free from their near-death and manage to free Black Beard as well. The three of them return to the saloon and gather up some pirates to help them find the Earth totem. However, Damien isn't their only foe tonight. Blackbeard admits that he gave the Earth totem to his female companion but the totem took over and he had to kill her. Damien has dug up the corpse and she has turned into some Poison Ivy-esque zombie. Amaya tries to talk down the woman, but Damien kills her before Amaya can get the totem. Just as Damien's daughter is about to kill Amaya too, Nate and Ray show up and Ray doesn't hesitate to shoot. (When Nate and Ray arrive, Blackbeard and the other pirates see the portal and board the Waverider, interrupting a makeout session between Sara and Ava, who have apologized for their inability to have a normal date or relationship. The pirates try to fight the ladies, but they're more than capable of fighting back). Amaya grabs the Earth totem and the Legends flee as Damien tends to his daughter. But it's not over for Ray. He feels guilty for shooting Nora since he knew her when she was young (and here I was, a fool, thinking Eleanor and Nora were two different daughters) so he goes back in time again where Damien is cradling Nora through her last moments and offers to bring her back to life with an antidote if Damien hands over Amaya's totem. Damien instantly does, but a second after Nora is healed, she immediately turns on Ray and uses her magic against him. Damn you and your big heart, Ray. Look what you've done. Back on the Waverider, Amaya sends Blackbeard off to 1717 before going to make out with Nate. 

And that's the episode. Not the best Legends episode ever, but not an awful one either. I love Sara and Ava so as much as Sara shouldn't have ditched her team for a date, it was a nice change of pace, and I did like how Rip and Wally's adventures tied into the Legends'. Also, Mick was being useful, which is always good, as well as a nice reference to season two when he and Amaya had a little flirtationship. 

The Flash 4x14 "Subject 9"

DeVoe, now in Becky's body, is still out there and is still targeting the Bus Metas. Barry is out of jail and he can focus solely on that because CCPD doesn't want him working anymore. Over at STAR Labs, Team Flash is employing the buddy system to protect their own Bus Meta, so Barry takes over as he and Ralph look into the bus in hopes of finding the other four. They end up getting their hands on the bus' lost and found box and in it, they find a demo CD with the name Izzy Bowin on it. Izzy is an upcoming country/rock musician with a gift for playing the fiddle. Barry and Ralph go find her, but she's understandably not too receptive to two random dudes stuttering about impending danger. She uses her power (controlling sound waves) to get away from them. When they find her again DeVoe is there too so Izzy knows Barry and Ralph weren't lying, and she uses her powers on DeVoe. To Barry's surprise, her powers work so well on him, so they all go back to STAR Labs where he reveals his identity and asks to train her against DeVoe. She's not willing to put aside her music career for this, but Ralph talks her into it. There are sparks between her and Ralph, which is kind of cute.

Meanwhile, over at the DeVoe lab, tension is high between the couple. DeVoe is getting desperate to find a new body as Becky's is slowly dying, and Marlize is at a loss as to how to help. This is on top of the other fun marital issues like drugging your spouse, not being comfortable with your spouse's murderous rampage, and the thrill of having your spouse change bodies like every other week.

And speaking of fun marital problems, Cecile isn't able to get any sleep due to being able to constantly read Joe's thoughts as he dreams. And because sleeping in another room is completely unreasonable, Harry volunteers to help her by building a helmet of sorts that'll stop the noise. But the helmet he makes is too bulky and dysfunctional, and when Cecile points this out to him, Harry gets angry and starts throwing things. Cecile uses her powers to figure out that Harry's reaction isn't uncommon and he later admits that he doesn't like failing. I mean, while it's nice to see Harry interacting with an adult and not just Cisco, their dynamic is a little weird. They really don't gel and Harry's sudden anger was uncalled for and random.

With Izzy tentatively on board with Team Flash, Barry starts the training process. Armed with a fiddle, Izzy uses her powers to channel sound through the instrument and aim it, but her aim isn't great, and after hours, Barry gets impatient. Barry's a real downer this episode, and I don't blame him, but it's not fun to watch. Barry steps in to the training to try and really challenge Izzy, but she ends up getting hurt, and this forces Iris to give Barry a pep-talk about control and patience. But it's too late; Izzy quits and leaves, as not even her budding relationship with Ralph can make her stay. She also misses out on Harry presenting his newest device to the team: a cerebral inhibitor. If this name sounds familiar, it's what Savitar told Barry and Iris the team built for their fight against DeVoe. The device is the new version of what Harry made for Cecile, and he then realized it'd help control DeVoe's power if they could get it on his body. Barry is enthusiastic and he and Ralph suit up to face DeVoe, who has already found Izzy again. The three of them try and get the inhibitor on DeVoe, who is channeling all the dead metas' powers, and though they do succeed in attaching it, it's not successful as DeVoe manages to use Kilgore's power to beat it. And like the ruthless villain he is, he kills Izzy right there and all Ralph and Barry can do is watch as he absorbs her power and takes over her body too.

And as sad as that was, the last few scenes of the episode are oddly optimistic. Cecile chats with Harry more and urges him to reach out to Jesse again, as a lot of his stress and anger stems from her absence. Cisco finds out that DeVoe's lair may be in a pocket dimension (I can't explain it, just go with it). Ralph is mopey about Izzy's death (like, crying and listening to her music in a dark room. Get over it, buddy. You knew her for a day.) but Barry cheers him up a little and Ralph even invites Barry to join his PI firm since he's jobless. The end!

All in all, a decent episode. It had a few laughs and it advanced the plot and no one was intolerable. Izzy was just alright, but seeing Ralph take to her was nice. 

Arrow 6x14 "Collision Course"

So Cayden James is dead, Star City is still out 70 mil, and Oliver has zero leads or answers, much to the city's dismay. Luckily, Felicity manages to hack into the bank's system and pull up footage of Laurel withdrawing all the money, and it becomes a race between OTA and NTA to find her. Little do they know that Quentin has her healing out in some hidden cabin, desperate for her to be his daughter again, effectively making everyone watching this episode scream something along the lines of "DUDE, SHE'S NOT YOUR DAUGHTER!!!" Anyway, NTA has another reason for finding Laurel, and it is so Dinah can kill her for revenge. They go back to where she last was seen and Curtis uses some tech to pull up a hologram of her in the past and see her getting dragged away. Later, when OTA hits up the same spot and Felicity uses her tech, they find a footprint belonging to Dinah. This is somehow enough proof for OTA to believe NTA has Laurel, so they barge into their base and start demanding they hand Laurel over. In all fairness, this was probably not the best move for OTA, and so it's understandable when NTA gets defensive and angry. Rene, the most hot-headed of them all, even starts to instigate a fight between the two sides, but it's later revealed that he just wanted to get close enough to Oliver to plant a bug on him.

Only too bad for them, all they manage to hear is OTA venting. Until, that is, Thea follows Quentin to his cabin and sees Laurel there. The three of them debate what to do, but Laurel eventually insists they call Oliver. When Thea does, Laurel makes Oliver an offer: if he gets her out of the country and away from Dinah, she'll hand over the money. Oliver isn't thrilled with this, but he agrees. He has Thea text him the address, so NTA listening doesn't hear, but Curtis is able to track the bug, so they make their way over too. On the drive, though, Diggle notices their vehicle following them (y'all aren't even subtle about following them, are ya?), and Felicity realizes they're being bugged. She finds the bug and Diggle tosses it and makes a quick turn to lose them. OTA arrives at Quentin's cabin, and Felicity gets to work on making fake IDs. Yes, IDs, plural, because Quentin has decided he wants to join Laurel on the run. He thinks that if she has a father figure with her, she won't turn to violence and crime and he'll get his daughter back. Oliver tries to talk him out of this, but it's no use. As for NTA, they have to turn to another method of tracking: using Diggle's arm implant, and it's not a painless process. Honestly, the fact that they'd do this at the risk of paralyzing John again just proves how immature and unprofessional NTA is. Once Felicity figures out what's happening with John's arm, all OTA can do is prepare. 

Sure enough, NTA arrives just as OTA is trying to usher Laurel and Quentin out and away. And no longer can the two sides avoid it (especially not with Rene running his mouth and acting out aggressively): it's time to fight. And you'd think that three on two (Felicity can't fight) wouldn't be fair, but it's really two on two since Dinah's busy trying to kill Laurel. Though Rene and Curtis aren't awful fighters, they don't compare to Oliver and Diggle. Rene takes quite a beating (and then proceeds to whine about it, like he was attacked unprovoked). Dinah manages to get to Laurel eventually and even has her in a choke, but it's Curtis who stops her from killing. Suddenly the voice of reason, he tells her that killing isn't the answer and if she does, they won't find the money. She relents and Laurel manages to escape. As for NTA and OTA plus Quentin and Thea, they also retreat to fix themselves up and face the consequences of their collective failures. Rene is hospitalized, Quentin's hopes of having a daughter back are dashed, and Oliver has to tell the city that the 70 million dollars is probably gone for good. After Felicity fixes Diggle's implant, the two of them go to the hospital to check in on Rene, but Curtis and Dinah have no time for their politeness and consider that fight to be the end of all casual courtesies between the two sides. Again, I don't know why NTA is blaming OTA for the fight or the butt-kicking when they were the ones who started it and tracked the team twice (especially after they were pissed at Felicity for tracking them all those episodes ago). I and the rest of the fandom are beyond done with NTA. I didn't like them when they were on Team Arrow and I definitely don't like them now. They're boring, they're annoying, they're a waste of time. I really hope Arrow ends this madness soon. 

The two scenes to end the episode are interesting ones. The first is of a DA and a police officer conspiring to take down Oliver. They're working with Diaz. This will be trouble for Oliver. The other is of Laurel finding a truck driver and making up a lie about being kidnapped two years ago. She says her name is Laurel Lance (make up your mind, girl. Do you want to be Laurel or not?). 

And that's it. While I didn't mind the Laurel stuff this episode, I am fed up with this NTA vs OTA garbage, and it really ruined the episode for me. Overall, it wasn't an awful Arrow episode, but it was by no means a standout. 

Legends Of Tomorrow wins the week for me. It wasn't even a remarkable Legends episode, but Arrow disappointed me, and The Flash wasn't anything special. Do you agree with this? Let me know!


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