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Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x13, The Flash 4x15, Arrow 6x15

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

03/08/2018 11:23 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x13, The Flash 4x15, Arrow 6x15 | Arrowverse recaps
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Last week's recaps

All three Arrowverse shows had good episodes this week. Ray spent some quality time with the villains on Legends Of Tomorrow, Barry tried every trick in the book to stop a bomb on The Flash, and a familiar face returns to Star City on Arrow. Here's what happened:

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x13 "No Country For Old Dads"

At the end of last week's episode, Ray Palmer was captured by Damien and Nora, unbeknownst to the Legends. This episode wastes no time getting back to that. It takes a while for the Legends to notice Ray's absence, but Gideon eventually shows them a video message from Ray saying that he's with the Dahrks and if they come after him, he'll die. Of course, the Legends are not about to just sit back, so Sara immediately puts the team on that mission. Ava is still on board (wink wink), and Rip and Wally show up and agree to help out too. However, they're all short on leads, and the best option is for Amaya to use Zari's totem to contact the spirit world and hopefully find her own totem (and then Ray, since Damien has both). 

Meanwhile, things aren't going a lot better for Ray. Damien and Nora want him to fix the totems so they can use them. Upon Ray's request for a lab, they go to the Upswipez lab (where Ray worked after the Legends disbanded at the end of S2), but then Ray says that without a knowledge of cold fusion, he can't do it, and cold fusion doesn't actually exist. At this, Damien takes a break from making Dad jokes and fooling around (believe it or not) to inform Ray that a scientist actually did solve cold fusion in the 60's, but Damien assassinated him before he could share it. So Damien and Nora decide to go back in time and stop younger Damien (sporting The Worst Wig In The Arrowverse - sorry, Lian Yu-era Oliver). In order to protect the concepts of time and all that, Nora volunteers herself and decides to bring Ray to help with the scientist. Damien isn't thrilled with the idea, but goes along with it and sends them off. Nora and Ray find the scientist and convince him to come with them (provided he can bring his daughter's doll with him) as they evade younger Damien's hunt, but Nora's time stone breaks, so they have to figure out a new way to survive and get the formula from the scientist. Nora is ready to torture it out of him, but Ray suggests other methods and Nora actually agrees. See, Nora's in a weird place as a villain. She's committed to the evil life and all but doesn't feel like her father respects her and is sort of rebelling against him. It's a weird dynamic, but this is Legends Of Tomorrow, where everything is possible and kind of enjoyable. Ray and Nora agree to get the scientist across the Berlin border in exchange for the formula, so they forge passports and steal a car and hit the road. But then younger Damien hunts them down before they can escape. Though Nora has resigned herself to failure and even death as she's second away from getting shot, she's not thrilled with older Damien shows up just in time to save them all (he was getting impatient with their absence). 

Over on the Waverider, Wally is having trouble jiving with the Legends and is eventually banished from Amaya and Zari's meditation session. After he leaves, the girls make some progress. They manage to enter the spirit realm where they meet with one of Amaya's ancestors who says that since Amaya's totem is in evil's possession, the spirit realm is dark and corrupted and will get worse as the Dahrks free Mallus from his prison. 

Damian, Nora, Ray, and the scientist manage to get away, but as soon as they do, the Dahrks start arguing. Nora feels as if she's a pawn in her father's game and feels that it was irresponsible of him as a parent to send her to Mallus as a child (fair, I guess?) but Damien doesn't think so and ends up blaming Ray for corrupting her on their mission (Hey, Ray is just a nice, charismatic guy. It's not his fault that people feel like they can open up to him!). Nora goes outside for some air but is abducted by younger Damien, who calls his future self and offers a trade: Nora for the scientist. Damien ties up Ray and takes the scientist. Though after he leaves, Ray sees his Atom suit across the room and manages to activate it with his voice, and flies over to where the three Dahrks and the scientist are. Older Damien is caught between keeping Nora from falling off the building with magic and taking down his younger self (he only has two hands, after all) and the scientist has been shot. Nora eventually lets herself fall to save her father but then saves herself by finally activating Amaya's totem. She uses her animal power to take down younger Damien. When Ray arrives, he gets the doll from the dying scientist (who reveals to Ray that the cold fusion formula is inside it) and then causes a small time aberration so the Legends can find him. Wally comes running in to retrieve Ray and steal the fire totem. 

As for the Legends, they're pleased to have Ray back and have an understanding of Damien's plan. They decide to call the Bureau to report this, but as they're video chatting with the Director, he's attacked by Grodd (who, if you'll remember, is working with Damien). His death means that Ava is now the new Bureau Director. She gives Rip back his job and the two of them head back to HQ (Wally stays behind, deciding to join the Legends after Sara assures him he'll fit in well!). As Rip and Ava leave, Rip instructs Gideon to delete a file on Ava, saying that Sara can never know the truth about her. Curiosity is very high for me, as Avalance, as they're called, have a good thing going, so I'm very interested in this truth. As for Ray, he's chatting with Nate when Nate asks if he's got feelings for Nora, and Ray stutters his way through a no. This means yes, and I'm not thrilled because I feel like that's not going to work out well and Ray deserves better (fun fact, though: the actors who play Ray and Nora are married in real life!). Hopefully Ray's feelings go away when he sees Nora again, all possessed by Mallus, as one of the last scenes of the episode is of Nora convulsing and developing dark veins on her face. Yikes. 

Not the best episode of Legends Of Tomorrow ever, unfortunately. I'm sick of Damien, and while his Dad jokes were different, it didn't make him more tolerable. He's a been-there-done-that villain, and Nora isn't interesting enough either. Hopefully the addition of Wally to the team and Ava's new job is enough to make the rest of the season more exciting. With all this being said, it wasn't an awful episode. 

The Flash 4x15 "Enter Flashtime"

Though the threat of DeVoe still looms, this week's episode takes a break from that and instead focuses on the power of speedsters. Jesse stops by for a visit and an uncomfortable conversation with her father about her mother (who's long dead, but for some reason, they're arguing about closed-in feelings as if she died a month ago), but is eager to join Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin/Killer Frost on a mission. Joe and his fellow cops are in a warehouse shootout over an ARGUS truck's contents that is revealed to be a huge bomb. Barry and Jesse run for it, but it's too late. The female behind the bomb presses the detonate button and Barry and Jesse know they have a few seconds to stop the city from exploding. As they run in 'flashtime' (which means they move normally but everyone else is still), they start troubleshooting. Barry orders Jesse to go get Jay Garrick from Earth-3 (y'all will call on him for help with a bomb but not for help defeating body-invading super villains?), and while she does that, Barry brings Cisco into flashtime (similar to how he brought Iris into it during his trial) to try and Vibe the bomb to another Earth. But because they're moving so fast, Cisco is unable to make his portals, so Barry returns him to regular speed. Barry then runs to Harry at the lab and asks his thoughts on the matter, but Harry's best idea is to throw it into the speedforce, and Jay Garrick, upon his arrival, is quick to shut down because it could harm all speedsters on every Earth.

The next series of troubleshooting plans are as follows. They go back to the bomb and then try to get Killer Frost to cool down the bomb, but like with Cisco, she isn't able to. The three of them then try throwing lightning bolts at it to stabilize, but old man Jay can't run fast enough for this long so he has to leave the flashtime. Jesse also suggests going back in time to stop it, but Barry refuses that idea (while I'm very proud of Barry for learning from his mistakes, is going back in time 30 seconds really going to screw up the timeline that much? When Barry went back in time in S1, nothing really changed...). Out of options, Barry decides that Harry's speedforce idea is the only thing to do. He orders Jesse to use the last of her weakening speed to return back to her Earth, but instead, she goes to STAR Labs and says an emotional goodbye to her father, who can't hear her, and then sits next to him. Barry also has a goodbye to say, and he heads back to the lab as well to find Iris. Westallen as a couple continues to be a shining beacon of purity in this show, and the moment these two share together here is no exception. But then Iris gets an idea. She suggests that Barry use the DNA sphere that they sent in to replace him in the speedforce to draw the speedforce power to the bomb. Yes, Iris the journalist suggested this, but we're all just so glad, so don't question it. Of course, it works, and the speedforce doesn't even implode either, so it really is a win for Team Flash. 

Finally, everyone is back to the same time and the three speedsters are rested from their impressive run. Jay heads back to Earth-3 to retire and train a new Flash. Jesse and Harry have a heart-to-heart in which she apologizes for pressuring him, and he uses a new, inverted version of Cecile's thought inhibitor to let Jesse hear his thoughts on her mother. It's a sweet moment, but as I said, the whole topic of her mother was weird. 

The last scene is of Caitlin and Harry getting coffee. As Caitlin tells Harry how she felt and remembered Killer Frost worry about her during her flashtime stint, they're interrupted by the mysterious speedforce girl. The girl blabbers on again, and Harry and Caitlin eventually leave. This girl, whoever she is, has now interacted with Barry, Cisco, Ralph, Caitlin, and Harry. Who will she meet next? (And speaking of Ralph, he was MIA this episode, which I guess is silly but okay considering he probably wouldn't have been able to help with the bomb anyway).

All in all, a decent episode. The scene between Westallen and the scene between Harry and Jesse were sweet, and I liked seeing the team troubleshoot and try new things. I would have liked if it tied to the whole DeVoe plot a little more, but c'est la vie. 

Arrow 6x15 "Doppelganger"

This week, Oliver has two big problems. The first is that Black Siren has decided to become Laurel Lance, and she's going all the way with it. She's even talking to the press, telling them a sob story about being locked up for years. Oliver and Quentin have no choice but to go along with it in front of the cameras, which is obviously a little awkward and gross. The second problem is that there's a rumor that Roy Harper is back, is being held hostage by the police, and is willing to testify against Oliver. For those who don't remember, Roy left at the end of season three, and though he came back in one episode of season four, he's been MIA since. As soon as Thea hears about Roy's reappearance, she steps out of retirement once again and dons the red hood to join Oliver and Diggle on a rescue mission because the police that are holding him work for Diaz. Team Arrow tracked him to a hotel and Thea is briefly reunited with her old lover (I didn't realize I missed Roy this much but I am glad to see him), but Oliver pulls Thea from the room before she can get Roy out due to swarming gunmen. Thea isn't thrilled with this, but Oliver made the right call. Though later, after Thea admits to Oliver just how much she misses Roy, Oliver suggests that when everything blows over, she should leave with Roy and be with him. Could this be the start of Thea's exit from the show?

One great thing about this episode is that NTA are not really involved. Rene isn't there at all, Curtis is in one quick scene, and all of Dinah's scenes are of her as a cop, not as a vigilante. Dinah volunteers to investigate Laurel's reappearance for the SCPD, but with Laurel in the public eye and still being protected by Quentin, don't expect another Canary showdown anytime soon. Laurel aside, since Dinah is a cop and Oliver is up to his eyeballs in shady police officers, he does ask Dinah and Quentin to work together to figure out how deep Diaz's reign goes. Dinah agrees, and I'll admit that I kind of like how Oliver can kind of trust her with this.

Team Arrow's focus is still on saving Roy, and though Diaz tricks Oliver again with a decoy truck, they're hot on the case nevertheless. Roy, in the meantime, has been taken to Diaz where he's threatened and beaten some more. Roy refuses to testify against Oliver (though I'm not sure why Diaz needs him, really. He already knows Oliver's identity, who he's working with, and still has Laurel and the money on his side). But then Diaz mentions Thea, knowing she's the perfect bait for Roy. Luckily, we don't get to see anything further because Team Arrow comes in for a rescue. They were tipped off by Laurel, and though they know not to trust Laurel, Thea is desperate, so Oliver, Diggle, and Thea take it on. They succeed in getting Roy out of there, but other cops show up before Oliver can deal with Diaz, so he retreats. While Laurel's info was solid, we know she gave it to Team Arrow because Diaz told her to. For some reason, Laurel is still willing to work with Diaz and join his insane 'family', but he thinks she has to prove herself, so he uses her to communicate with Oliver. After Roy is saved, Laurel gets a "good work" text from her boss. The bad news is that no one on Team Arrow knows Laurel is still working with Diaz closely and they certainly don't know that Roy's rescue was a pawn in some larger game. 

The last scene is of Roy and Thea having some alone time, but through the window, they're watched by a hooded figure who reveals herself to be from the League Of Assassins.

Maybe it's because Roy is back or maybe it's because NTA's screentime was limited, but this was a pretty good episode. Lightly paralleling Roy's return with Laurel's fake one was interesting, and we got to see Diaz in charge as the villain for once, so that's some solid plot progression. Oliver didn't make any bad calls, and through the guilt he felt for Roy's situation was unnecessary, it's in Oliver's nature to make everything about him. 

All three shows gave good episodes this week, so declaring my favourite is not an easy call. However, this week, I'm giving it to Arrow because it was a solid episode, and even though I don't like the Laurel as Laurel business, it works with Diaz's plot. I was close to saying The Flash was my favourite because that too was enjoyable, but it kind of took away from the DeVoe issue, and having Iris solve the problem out of all the qualified science people was silly. Which show stood out the most to you this week?


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