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Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x15

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

03/20/2018 12:36 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x15 | Arrowverse recaps
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Last week's recaps

Once again, Legends rides solo as The Flash and Arrow are on hiatus. But we get a good episode, so we'll take it! Here's what happened:

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x15 "Necromancing The Stone"

Though it's been a few episodes since we last saw John Constantine, Sara has a nightmare, and Ava, who's in bed next to her(!), informs Sara that she was saying John's name. Sara is cavalier about it, but she admits that she and Constantine hooked up three weeks earlier, and Ava is a little surprised but doesn't make a big deal of it. Sara (with a headache) and the Legends are then called to action, as more anachronisms are popping up. Sara assigns them all tasks but doesn't take one on herself because her unusual headache gets worse. She tries to call Constantine (he doesn't have a phone), but she suddenly sees herself as the Black Canary, and this throwback version of herself convinces her to wield the death totem. It's a very bad idea and I'm sure everyone watching was yelling "NO!" at the TV like I was, but Sara ends up doing it, and (surprise, surprise) gets possessed by Mallus. Her eyes turn black, her hair turns silver, and her face turns pale, and evil Sara is out for blood.

Her first hit is on Ray. He was busy in the lab, but Amaya and Zari find him unconscious and bloody. They take him to the med bay and Mick and Amaya go searching for the attacker, but they find evil Sara, who starts attacking them too. Wally has to run in and save them all. Now they've all gathered in the med bay to care for Ray and Amaya (who got hurt), and before they can leave, Sara overrides the ship to lock them in. Wally manages to phase through the lock to open the door, and then volunteers to go capture Sara, but he fails. See, through Mallus, Sara is able to appear as other people, and Wally sees Jesse. The two have an awkward conversation about their breakup and Wally's self-esteem, but then Sara appears again and beats him up. 

Before Wally attempted to stop Sara, Ava called in, and when she saw that Sara was not herself, she appeared to the rest of the Legends, who told her to find Constantine. Ava brings Gary and they find him in New York. Constantine is surprised to hear that Sara's got the death totem, but considering the totem's history (the Zambesian tribe that protected it sided with Mallus long ago) he understands the severity of the situation. Since he and Ava both have 'connections' with Sara, they perform a ritual to enter Mallus' realm, but Mallus blocks them. In this whole interaction, Ava is very jealous of whatever relationship Sara and John had, and her sassiness and facial expressions in this scene are top-notch. After that, the three of them struggle to figure out how to help Sara. It's Gary who ends up figuring it out since the Legends' issue is similar to a D&D campaign he played in: in order for Constantine to find and face the death totem, they need to use another totem. 

Next to attempt a rescue mission is Nate and Zari. Nate goes to retrieve Wally, and Zari tries to boot up the jumpship so they can escape, but only Nate succeeds. Zari, on the other hand, is faced with an apparition of her little brother. As she talks to him, she cries as she feels she let down her brother, and then just as she starts working on the ship, Zari is attacked by Sara. Nate goes back to the med bay, and Amaya offers up a new plan: to use the Earth totem to fight Sara. Nate volunteers for this task and goes out to find it on the ship, but on the way, he meets an apparition too. It's of his grandfather, who starts berating Nate for disappointing the family and not saving him last season. And as per the pattern, Nate gets beat up too. Luckily, Constantine, Ava, and Gary show up at the last second to stop her from killing him. Suddenly Sara's voice changes into Astra's (a girl from Constantine's past) and she says that Mallus will let her out of hell in return for Sara's life. Constantine pretends to agree so to take her hand but then tries to exorcise Sara out. Mallus takes over again and is about to choke Constantine out, but then lets him leave and walks away. 

As for regular Sara, we do see glimpses of her in Mallus' realm. She's very confused as to what's going on and why she can hear her team begging her to no attack them. But then Nora shows up. Nora informs Sara that they're alike (oooh, classic villain line. Nice creativity, Nora) and that Sara was born to wield the death totem. Sara's past as an assassin proves this, and Sara sees a vision of her past self killing a father in cold blood. Nora tries to convince Sara that they can work with Mallus to live their true selves, and it's kind of a convincing argument considering that Sara's had issues accepting herself and her past before. Luckily, at this moment, Mick is there to face evil Sara. Amaya convinced him to wear the fire totem (makes sense, being Heat Wave and all) and fortunately, it accepts him, so he's able to throw a fireball at Sara to knock her out. Ava takes this chance to get through to Sara herself. She begs her girlfriend to wake up and come back. In Mallus' realm, Nora then tries to use Ava against Sara, saying that while Sara may accept her past, Ava won't. But as we've seen for three seasons, Sara is pure at heart, and she rejects Nora and Mallus' offer. This rejection, coupled with Ava's desperate pleas, work enough to bring Sara back. 

After they all regroup, Sara makes her rounds. She apologizes to her team for beating them up and for using their innermost fears against them. She chats with Constantine about her relationship with Ava and about being damage people. And lastly she talks with Ava, but this chat isn't as relaxing as the others. Nora's words and her own longstanding self-doubt must have really gotten to her, because she breaks up with Ava, saying that Ava deserves better. It's a really heartbreaking scene, and we're forced to watch Ava just walk away. Is there hope for Avalance in the future? I hope so.

Overall, this episode was pretty solid. Good action, some nice humor between Ava and Constantine, and some heart-tugging emotion. My biggest beef with it had really nothing to do with the episode itself, but with Sara's storyline here. Nora says that Sara was born to wield the death totem, but that's where I disagree. While I think it's good that Sara's past as an assassin isn't seen as cool and carefree anymore, I'm really not believing that Sara always had darkness inside her in the same way Mick had a predisposition to fire. The only reason Sara became who she is was to survive. For most of her life, she was a normal girl up until when Oliver's boat sank, at which point she was forced to do things to survive. Anyway, clearly Sara's past and her ties to Mallus aren't over yet, so we'll see how it goes and how Sara takes it all.

P.S. Today it was announced that if Legends Of Tomorrow is to get a season four (which it likely will), then Constantine would be a series regular!


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