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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x05, The Flash 4x05, Legends 3x05, Arrow 6x05

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

11/09/2017 11:33 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x05, The Flash 4x05, Legends 3x05, Arrow 6x05 | Arrowverse
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Last week's recaps

Week five, here we go! This week, admittedly, brought some disappointments. Two shows lacked a little, but the other two were solid. You'll have to read on to find out which ones. Here's what happened:

Supergirl 3x05 "Damage"

Hey, remember that guy, Morgan Edge, from 3x01? Well, he's back, and that's obviously not great considering the last time we saw him, Supergirl had left him atop a cargo boat because he's into some shady stuff. This time, he's still out to get Lena in this very Lena-centric episode. Edge takes to the news to break a story involving sick children that apparently have lead poisoning from the device Lena created last season to banish the Daxemites. And since innocent children are involved, the public, of course, goes nuts, demanding Lena's head. So she temporarily steps down from Cat Co and L-Corp, but during her press conference, shots are fired by a mother of a sick child. One of these shots hits James, but he's fine. After this, Lena is a mess. She was sure the device wouldn't harm humans, but with everyone against her, she loses all faith and surrenders herself to her family name, even though Kara and Samantha are trying to support her and help her.

The other half of the episode focuses on some other damage: Alex and Maggie. As we've seen so far this season, Maggie is adamant about never having kids, but Alex wants them badly, so this episode picks up after they've been fighting for a while. They're both tired and sad, but neither is about to change their mind, so they face the facts. They have to break up. And as sad as this is (and it's really sad!) this is unfortunately a realistic situation, and I guess that if they have to break up, this is a decent reason. No one is at fault, they just aren't going to ever work it out. Not even a few scenes later when Maggie is in the middle of packing up her things and then turns on a fun dance song, making both of them laugh and start dancing, which leads to kissing and then sex. This is how breakups go, right?

So with Lena out for the count and ready to embrace her Luther name, Kara and Sam do some digging. They start tracing the families of the sick kids and following leads, and that takes them to a public pool. Kara tests the water and sends it to Winn, who reports that the water is definitely contaminated with something that mimics lead. In the pool's supply closet, the girls find several large containers of chemicals, with a company name being Acre Lee, owned by our good pal Edge. Upon hearing this news, Lena finds him and threatens him and is about to even shoot him (no, Lena, honey, we're trying to prove you're not a Luthor, remember?), but she's knocked out and wakes up in a plane. It's controlled remotely by Edge, so no one else is on the plane, but there is a bunch of chemicals that will contaminate the whole city when Edge makes the plane crashes. Only before he can get there, Supergirl swoops in and in an impressive feat, manages to break the plane in half and save Lena and the city. Unfortunately, Edge makes it so he isn't behind Lena's near-death experience, and remains calm and shady, even when confronted by Supergirl. He doesn't matter now, though. What matters is clearing Lena's name, which they do, and she's back at work and has even made friends with James after he took the bullet for her.

Back to Sanvers, they talk some more, and Alex maintains that being a mom is something she's always wanted, so Maggie finishes her packing and they say their goodbyes. Though they try to highlight the positive sides of their relationship as they part, it doesn't make this any less sad. Alex is, of course, a mess, and calls Kara, who decides that the two of them need to take a trip home, so look forward to that next week.

The last scene is of Sam putting Ruby to bed before noticing a hole in her shirt. She also finds one in her jacket, along with a bullet. It's then that she remembers being shot during the press conference, and though this bullet pierced her clothes, her stomach shows no marks. Guess she's not so ordinary. We do learn she's adopted this episode, so she is a mystery for sure.

All in all, a good episode. It was directed by Kevin Smith, so it had that going for it. The Sanvers breakup was sad, but it's been a long time coming, and I'm looking forward to seeing Alex move forward. We also got to see more of Edge in action, making him an interesting opponent for both Kara and Supergirl. I also liked the focus being on Lena, though I wish she didn't so easily fold and revert back to her self-deprecating Luthor ways. Lena is strong, and I want to see more of that.

The Flash 4x05 "Girls Night Out"

Oh, those bachelor/bachelorette party episodes. Has there, in the history of TV, ever been one where the parties go well and everything is normal? I'm thinking not, and this episode of The Flash is no exception. The girls (Iris, Caitlin, Felicity, and Cecile) plan for a nice, classy dinner, while the boys (Barry, Joe, Harry, and Cisco) plan to stay home, drink bourbon, smoke cigars, and have a real man's night. So, of course, both plans have to get super messed up. 

The boys are interrupted by new team member Ralph, who invited himself along, and then dragged them all to a strip joint. And to make matters worse, Cisco gives Barry a little concoction that manages to get him drunk so our speedster is weepy and giggly and out for the count all night (drunk Barry is very, very amusing, I will admit!). Not that it matters, because at the strip club, they all have to put their phones in a basket, so when the girls call later, they're unreachable. At the strip club, two issues arise. The first is that one of the strippers is Joanie, Cecile's daughter (awkward!), who afterwards tells Joe that she's doing research for a book, but hasn't told her mother yet. This all prompts Joe to have a mini internal crisis about whether he's ready to be a new father again. The other issue is that Ralph manages to start a fight, and they all get involved and sent to jail for Harry to bail out. Though while they were in the slammer, a sobering Barry eases Joe's worries by saying that Joe has Cecile and all the kids to help with the baby, so he has nothing to be worried about. 

As for the girls' night, dinner starts off okay, until their table is approached by a creepy man. If you'll remember, it's the guy from the bar Caitlin worked at in the season premiere, and probably the one who wrote the creepy message on her door last episode. This dude not-so-politely tells her to come with him, and when he refuses, he pops out an eye and from the socket comes this creepy snake thing. The girls all freak out and in their attempt at fighting back, Caitlin turns into Killer Frost. When they all escape, Killer Frost explains to them that she and Caitlin may share a body, but when one is in control, the other is essentially asleep. Apparently, the antidote that Cisco made for Caitlin last season didn't work, so Caitlin was forced to turn to Amunet Black, the boss of weird snake-eye. She's a meta of sorts who can control metal, and she promised Caitlin technology that would help her control Killer Frost, if she used her powers to injure some people. Amunet's latest victim, we see, is a young male meta she has chained up. His tears are some type of love drug, so she takes pleasure in attacking him so he'd cry a little. Though Caitlin was planning to skip town to avoid any issues with Amunet, Iris decides that Caitlin is her friend and there's good inside Killer Frost, so the ladies track Amunet and plan to take her down. Killer Frost reverted back to Caitlin, and she decides to sit the mission out, but just as Iris, Cecile, and Felicity are about to be shot, Killer Frost turns up and saves them. They manage to overthrow Amunet and free the crying meta, who runs off (right into the path of the Thinker, as we see afterwards). 

The episode ends with the girls and the guys all meeting at STAR Labs, tired from their eventful nights. Iris does ask Caitlin to be her maid of honor, though, which is sweet. All in all, a mediocre episode. I mean, I liked the girls bonding (especially between Iris and Caitlin, because, as Caitlin pointed out, they aren't really that close) and drunk Barry was funny, but it was just kind of tiring to see yet another special night be ruined. Iris made some dumb calls thinking she could take on metas, and while I liked Ralph last week, I found him quite annoying this week. I hope that this event with Killer Frost leads to Caitlin finally finding resolution soon, because I do feel bad for her.

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x05 "Return Of The Mack"

Why, yes, the episode is named after the song by Mark Morrison, which is heard a few times in the episode, and yes, I did listen to it on repeat while writing this recap. In this episode, the Legends are approached by their old leader Rip Hunter, who has turned away from the Bureau for a bit to chase after a villain named Mallus, and to do that, he's following a vampire trail. Yes, the pale, blood-sucking ones. The Legends agree to work with Rip and they decide to use Nate as bait for the vampire. He's soon captured by Stein's ancestor, who plays a part in some weird cult-y thing in which the blood moon aids in bringing a man back to life. Nate calls Sara for a rescue, and the team figures out that he's at the headquarters of this group. So they go break him out, and all goes well, until Zari meets a woman named Madame Eleanor who can apparently talk to the dead, and in a weird possessed séance thing, she speaks to Zari as her dead brother, revealing that Zari ran away when ARGUS arrived, leaving her brother to die. As Zari struggles with her guilt, the team scrambles to leave. But before they do, they piece together more of the mystery. The man that the group wanted to bring back to life: Damian Dahrk. 

We've had to deal with Dahrk in a season of Arrow and last season on Legends Of Tomorrow, so I think everyone watching agrees with Sara who immediately wants to kill him. Rip, however, disagrees, wanting to use him to get to Mallus. And though Sara is the captain and he does say he'll follow her plan, Rip overrides the ship, trapping them inside and rendering them unable to stop him as he goes to deal with the newly-risen Dahrk himself. But Zari managed to get off before he locked them in. She goes to find Madame Eleanor, wanting to talk to her brother again, and when this witchy lady asks for a memento of the brother to use, Zari gives her the totem. Big mistake, as this lady immediately uses its power to try to summon Mallus. But Dahrk has risen and though Rip called in his Bureau pals, they're no match. The Legends only barely make it on the scene in time to save Rip from death, grab Zari and her totem, and fly to safety. And Sara is super pissed at Rip. He tries to explain himself, but she has no time for him after he betrayed them again. She called in the Bureau and in return for handing Rip over, Agent Sharpe agrees to give them freedom. Before he's pulled away, though, Rip warns Sara of Mallus and an upcoming war. Thanks for the tip, bro, but everyone hates you right now. You went behind your organization, betrayed your old team after they agreed to help you, and you don't even seem sorry. I am disappointed, to say the least. Especially after we saw you gel so well with the Legends again. I miss season one, dangit. 

Anyway, the episode's side plot involved Jax and Stein. Stein finds out about Jax's plan to separate Firestorm, and though he's upset at first, he comes to see that it needs to be done for both their sakes and agrees to help.

If this recap seems a mess it's because I feel the episode was. I really didn't love this one. The vampire thing was weird, and I really didn't get the whole blood moon cult thing and Madame Eleanor's magic thing. It was just all over the place and I really don't want to see them again, though I know we'll probably have to, now that Dahrk is back. Ugh. Legends Of Tomorrow hasn't disappointed me like this in a while. They can't all be winners (though the song "Return Of The Mack" sure is!).

Arrow 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns"

Yes, our one-eyed frenemy Slade Wilson is back! He enlists Oliver in helping him find his son, and by Oliver, I mean the Mayor, not the Green Arrow. Oliver is understandably hesitant to jump back into business with Slade, but Felicity reminds him that he kind of owes Slade and that it's to help Slade's son. Where is young Joe Wilson? He joined the Austrailian Secret Intelligence like his father and is now in a prison. So Oliver agrees to help and they fly off to the prison, where they meet some friend of Slade's, who's in on the plan but doesn't really help. So Oliver goes to the prison to retrieve Joe as a fake humanitarian mission, and he's informed that Joe is actually dead. Only that's a lie, as Slade and Oliver find out when they go back to the prison. Joe has actually been kidnapped by a group called the Jackals, and this information brings out the beast in Slade. He goes full-on Deathstroke, and even drugs Oliver so he can go at it alone.

Things aren't going great for Team Arrow, either. One by one, they're being interviewed by the FBI lady investigating Oliver, so they have to be extra cautious. And then while out on a mission, Dinah uses her canary cry to break the visor of Star City's vigilante (that they're calling Vigilante) to reveal that it's her ex partner and boyfriend Vincent, who was presumed dead for four years, so that throws her for a real loop, and understandably so. But no one else on the team is really that surprised that someone who is supposed to be dead actually isn't. I mean, the Lance sisters each died like four times, right? So Dinah must go it alone too, deciding to take down Vincent and his stash of bullets. It's actually Diggle who helps her out again by reminding her that maybe he's not a complete monster. When she meets him again, he tells her that when he didn't die in the explosion, he took his new lease on life to become someone other than a cop (hmm, that's a very Oliver mentality). Dinah ends up letting him go free, and he thanks her by leaving her a little symbol of their old life (a matchbox with a paper flower in it).

Back in...some other part of the world (I forget where they flew to, okay?) Deathstroke breaks into the Jackals HQ and fights his way to their leader, and in the time it takes him to do that, Oliver wakes up and catches up to him. They're both present when they meet the Jackal leader and are both very surprised when it ends up being Joe. And he's super evil. 

That's basically it. This episode also features the return of Arrow's famous flashbacks, only this time they're of Slade and Joe camping when Joe was about William's age (he's a young adult now, maybe late 20's). So while that's that different, I guess, they're still rather unnecessary. That being said, this was a solid episode. Love him or hate him, Slade Wilson is a cool character, so I'm okay with having him involved for a little while. I guess he and Oliver could bond about having sons and being dads? As for Dinah's ex man, he doesn't seem totally evil, so...can he join Team Arrow? Or is that rushing things? 

This week's best episode: Supergirl. Kara snapped a plane in half and saved the city. Though I think that scene may be overshadowed a little by drunk Barry Allen, who I hope we meet again. Legends really failed to impress me this week, and though Arrow's episode wasn't bad, I think Supergirl's was slightly better. Do you agree? 


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