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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x09, The Flash 4x09, Legends 3x09, Arrow 6x09

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

12/07/2017 10:41 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x09, The Flash 4x09, Legends 3x09, Arrow 6x09 | Arrowverse
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Last week's recaps

It's midseason finale week for the Arrowverse, meaning all the four shows really jump back into the thick of the plot and step up their games. Almost every episode this week was solid. Here's what happened:

Supergirl 3x09 "Reign"

I guess having Kara fight an evil Nazi version of herself last week was just practice for what's to come: Reign, who has all the Kryptonian power Kara has. However, Kara only fights her at the end of the episode. Before that, we got a Christmas party and some classic Kara angst to get through.

If you'll recall, two episodes ago, Samantha found out she's Kryptonian and that she's destined to become a worldkiller called Reign. The being that told her this information in her fortress awoke more powers in her and this episode finds Sam abnormally tired as she's clearly dealing with a lot. But what's really concerning is that she doesn't seem to remember this encounter with the being. She doesn't remember leaving Ruby for a day and she doesn't know why she's so tired. So close to Christmas, this annoys Ruby, forcing Sam to deal with that too, on top of everything. However, Sam and Ruby both find time to attend Kara's Christmas party. At this party, Kara, Lena, and Sam take a second to appreciate their friendship while Winn and J'onn introduce new things to Myr'nn, and Alex gossips about Supergirl with Ruby. James is also there, and the girls tease Lena about the chemistry between them, but she denies it. Not at the party is Mon-El and his wife Imra. Kara invited them, but things are awkward with them, and they have a ship to fix anyway. Besides, Kara runs into Mon-El enough at the DEO and at that alien bar, and each time, they're friendly and it's kind of sweet, but also sad because Kara is clearly hurting, and she can't even be mad at Imra, because Imra is really nice and offers to help out with DEO cases as well. One thing we learn about Mon-El in this episode that I'm sure will play a larger part later on is that in the future, Mon-El started the Legion Of Superheroes because he's so inspired by Kara.

On the supernatural side of things, mysterious Kryptonian crop circles are appearing around the city. Kara consults her hologram mother, but apparently the symbols aren't even in the Book Of Rao. Good thing Kara gets a call from that cult leader Thomas Coville, who's still in prison. Kara meets with him and he somehow knows more about Kryptonian lore than Alura, so he warns Kara of the worldkiller. But these crop circles are affecting more than just Kara. Lena is involved as she's sure Morgan Edge is behind it, and when she and James go confront him, he cleverly denies it and changes the conversation. Though shortly after, Lena and James are attacked in an alley, and James uses a Guardian shield he keeps with him to knock out the gunman. They identify him as an employee of Edge, but that's not enough proof to frame Edge. This is the second time James has saved Lena from a gun (the first being at her press conference a while back) and later the two find themselves alone and pouring a drink, and that obviously leads to them kissing (which I totally called back in 3x02). 

The episode ends with Kara and Reign finally meeting, though Reign has a mask on, so she's not recognizable as Sam. The two have a rather epic fight that tears up a lot of road, and Kara gets a real beating. She even starts bleeding (though I'm not 100% sure how because Reign did not have any visible kryptonite). The fight ends with Reign dropping a weakened and helpless Kara off a building, and she falls to the ground unconscious. People gather around, but none are as concerned as Alex, who looks completely panicked. 

This episode wasn't half bad. The ending was good as it hooked us in for its return, and the last bit with Reign was really cool. I can't wait to see Kara and the others at the DEO face her again in the second part of the season. Showing Kara getting beat so badly really demonstrates how powerful Reign is. And then we get the added drama of having her be Sam. This will test the friendship for sure! 

Reign and Supergirl fight in 3x09

The Flash 4x09 "Don't Run"

Though Christmas is around the corner, things aren't slowing down (ha!) for the Flash and co. At the start of the episode we find Barry and Iris opening wedding gifts, though the last one they open is a set of two knives from an unknown sender and one knife is missing. But whatever, because Barry is married and happy and all is okay for a solid minute...until they go outside and Barry is abducted by the Thinker, who cruises around Central City in his flying chair (as ya do!). Unfortunately, Barry isn't the only member of Team Flash to be taken against their will. After Caitlin is excluded from a joke at the lab, she retreats to CC Jitters where that evil lady Amunet arrives and takes her back to her lair. So that leaves Iris, Harry, Cisco, Joe, and Ralph (he's back!) to find them, but tension is high and they're not very functional due to Cisco being snappy with Ralph and Iris struggling to lead both searches. Harry has to be the one to tell Iris that as the leader, she has to focus on finding one, not both. Though I think that's very unfair to ask of her, Iris does rise to the occasion and tells the gang to focus on finding Caitlin as she's more in need.

She's kind of right. Barry is taken to DeVoe's high-tech lab where he's put in a special cell that he can't speed out of. DeVoe leaves for a moment to answer the doorbell (it's Joe and Harry, looking for Barry, but they obviously don't find him) and when he returns, he finds the cell empty, so he opens it. However, Barry was just vibrating so fast he looked invisible and he takes his chance to attack DeVoe. DeVoe then teleports them outside and high in the air and they both end up falling into the water, but Barry is saved by the floatation device in his suit. He runs back to STAR Labs, and they get ready for the annual West Christmas party.

As for Caitlin, Amunet really just needs her medical skills. Amunet has a meta in her captivity named Dominic with metal shrapnel in his neck that needs to be removed.  Caitlin has no choice but to agree to perform the risky surgery, but before she does, she chats with Dominic, who's meta powers are telepathy (mind reading) and they quickly decide that they're allies who need to escape ASAP. So right after Caitlin removes the metal from his neck, she secretly releases a toxic medical gas into the air, and since she and Dominic have masks on, they're the only ones not to pass out. They make a run for it, but Amunet catches up to them. Luckily, since Iris decided to focus on finding Caitlin, Cisco and Ralph vibe over just in time to save her and Dominic. So now everyone is safe and Dominic even gets an invite to the Christmas party.

A few minutes into the Christmas party, though, Barry gets an alert on his phone that there was a break in at his and Iris' house, so he runs over. When he arrives, he gets a call from Dominic but it's not the same Dominic Caitlin helped. This Dominic is DeVoe! Let me explain. After Cisco and Ralph saved Caitlin and Dominic, they parted ways and as he walked, Dominic was attacked and captured by Amunet again. Only this time, she sold him to Marlize and DeVoe. Since DeVoe's body was failing so much, he and Marlize decided to transfer his brilliant thought power to a younger body, and Dominic was their vessel of choice. As for DeVoe's old body? It's lying in Barry and Iris' house, all bloody from the knife stuck in it....the knife that was missing from the set they got for their wedding. Before Barry can even get a second to process this, the CCPD shows up and breaks down the door. As they do, Barry starts to speed up, clearly going to flee, but then he sees a picture of him and Iris and decides not to run, so stays and lets himself get arrested for murder. 

This is definitely a wild twist and I can't believe we have to wait a month to know what'll happen next. With the Thinker always one step ahead, how will Barry be able to avoid prison? And why didn't he run? Seeing the picture of Iris triggered this decision, but I'm having trouble believing Iris would want him to stay and get arrested for an awful crime he didn't commit. Anyway, I do like how Caitlin and Barry's abductions tied together in the end. There weren't as many laughs this episode, but the plot was strong. A good episode, overall. 

Cisco and Ralph save Caitlin and Dominic in 4x09 of The Flash

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x09 "Beebo The God Of War"

I'll start this recap by explaining what a Beebo is. Beebo is this blue furry alien children's toy that talks when it's hugged. If a Furby and a Tickle Me Elmo had a child, it'd be a Beebo. Now, how does Beebo tie to the Legends and become a God Of War? Well, in the early 80's a young Martin Stein is at a toy store buying a Hanukkah gift for five-year-old Lily. Once he gets his hands on a Beebo, he's somehow teleported to the age of Vikings, and they decide to make this talking Beebo toy their new God. Of course, having Marty and the Beebo in this era is a huge issue, which is where the Legends come in. They're alerted to a level 12 anachronism, and when they go check it out, they're surprised to find the younger version of their now-dead teammate (I'm still heartbroken, how are you?). Tagging along on this mission is Leo Snart (who has decided to play ship therapist, and I love it) and Ava Sharpe, who called to offer condolences then agreed to provide back up. Dressed in Viking garb, the Legends mingle with other Vikings as they attempt to find and steal back the Beebo so they can restore the timeline. But they're the Legends, and plans don't often go smoothly. Their attempts to steal the Beebo fail and a little battle between the Legends and the Vikings begins. In the mess of the fight, Mick burns and destroys the Beebo with his gun, and the Legends are ready to accept this as a success, but then a new God shows up: Damien Darhk, under the name Odin, and his daughter. The Legends retreat back to the Waverider because they need a new plan and to get their heads in the game.

Stein's death has clearly affected all of them all, and Sara worries about the team's ability to get the job done. Jax is especially a concern, even more so now that Marty is present. Jax wants to warn Marty of his future, but the rest of the team advises against it as doing so could cause rifts in time. Sara forbids him to do it, but Zari tells Jax to find a loophole. So when Jax drops Marty back in time, he gives him a letter and tells him not to open it until November 28th, 2017. As long as the letter isn't read before that date, time won't change except for that day. But when Jax rejoins the Legends and Stein isn't there, he knows something went wrong. He goes back to visit Marty (and even brings little Lily a Beebo) and Marty says that he burned the letter because he knows that by the time he gets to 2017, he'll have lived a full life and he doesn't want to stop Jax from doing the same. It's tough to hear, but coming from Marty it has to be said. So Jax returns to the Waverider and reconsiders his life.

Back to the Vikings and Darhk, Sara decides that her team isn't fit mentally for the fight and wants to take it on alone, but her team refuses, and together they come up with a new plan. Sara, Zari, and Nate will go face Darhk while Ray shrinks down to fly around in a new Beebo to convince the Vikings that their old God has returned to tell them to go back to Greenland. As this happens, Mick and Leo, who, throughout the episode were at odds because Leo kept trying to change and help Mick because he lost his best friend Mickey on his Earth, tag team on Damien's daughter, overpowering her with their guns. As the Darhks are about to teleport away, Sara reaches out to stop them, but when she touches them she's instead transported to some empty alternate dimension where she hears the voice of Mallus telling her personally to prepare for his coming (remember that Rip warned them of Mallus a few episodes ago). Just then Sharpe shows up and pulls Sara back to their dimension, and though the Darhks got away, the timeline was restored, so they go back to their ship. 

Sharpe returns back to the Bureau and as everyone decompresses from the mission, Jax takes the opportunity to tell Sara that he wants off the ship. With Stein gone, he needs a new adventure. He hugs Sara and asks her not to tell the others, but she gathers the anyway and they throw him a quick surprise going away party/Christmas party. As they dine, Jax gives a quick speech saying that he'll always love them but he has to leave. Then Sara walks him off the Waverider, hugs him again, and that's the last of Jax. The last part of the episode is the person lurking in the shadows as Sara boards the ship again. That person is professional demon hunter John Constantine!

This episode had a lot of good things (Sharpe helping the team, a nice Snart back on the ship, Marty...) so it was a solid episode overall. The set up for Mallus was cool enough before Constantine appeared, but his arrival will make the extra long hiatus that much harder! However, I am so sad to see Jax go. I was not expecting to say goodbye to him at all, so I was very shocked. He was planning to stay with the Legends if he could separate from Stein, so to see him walk away like this was heartbreaking. Jax and Sara's relationship was so great, and he was a wonderful member of the team. I think it may be the end of Jax on the show, but fingers crossed it's not. Hopefully the Waverider doesn't break down because the Legends lost a friend and their only mechanic.  

All hail Beebo the God on Legends Of Tomorrow 3x09

Arrow 6x09 "Irreconcilable Differences"

Though Oliver and Felicity got hitched last week at the end of the crossover, they do throw themselves a formal wedding reception, and in typical TV style, it gets cut short by an emergency - Quentin gets a call from Oliver's lawyer because apparently someone on Team Arrow has been talking to the FBI and Oliver could be in big trouble. Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle gather in the bunker to discuss who it could be, but they're not sure and not quite ready to point fingers at the newbies (Rene, Curtis, and Dinah) just yet. Luckily Felicity has been tracking their phones ("Not spying!") and she manages to pull up security cam footage of Dinah as she secretly meets with Vincent, her old partner. 

And while Team Arrow is facing this, more trouble is brewing as Black Siren attacks Thea and Quentin. She knocks Thea out and gives her a phone before kidnapping Quentin. Thea brings it to Oliver and as she hands it over, it rings. Cayden James is on the other end and he offers Oliver a trade: Quentin in exchange for a nano-aluminum amplifier. Though a nano-aluminum could, when paired with the other bomb materials James had a few episodes ago, could blow up the whole city, Oliver agrees to the trade and they gather Curtis and Rene (not Dinah!) to help them steal the device from ARGUS. The mission goes very well and the team returns to the bunker. Dinah shows up shortly after and is curious as to why she wasn't called for the mission. Oliver admits he knows about her meetings with Vincent and since she hasn't been honest about that, he believes her to be the FBI snitch too. Dinah looks to John for some support in this uncalled for accusation, but John sides with Oliver, so she gets pissed (and rightfully so!). She's about to leave when Rene speaks up: he was the snitch. Rene then explains that the FBI lady approached him saying that she already knew Oliver was the Green Arrow and that he was Wild Dog, and if he didn't confirm it, she'd make it so he couldn't see his daughter again. Feeling like he had his hands tied, Rene confessed. Oliver kicks him out, but Thea later convinces Oliver to give Rene another chance since Oliver does express some compassion for Rene's paternal situation. On that note, I hardly think it's fair for Oliver to be so angry about lying when he's back as the Green Arrow and lying to William again. So when Cayden James sets a meeting spot for them to make the trade, Oliver asks John to gather the team. "The whole team."

But the damage is done. Curtis, Rene, and Dinah are not thrilled with being spied on, and when they're back in the field, Oliver has Curtis and Rene as backup, which they're not thrilled about either. Instead of waiting for Oliver's signal, Rene convinces Curtis to go with him to find Quentin on their own. Because they do, they miss the signal and are seen and the only reason Quentin is still alive is because Black Siren has a moment of heart and allows him to escape because she misses her dead father. Back at the bunker, the team debriefs and Oliver immediately questions Rene and Curtis on why they disobeyed orders. Rene takes responsibility, but since he was already on thin ice, Oliver can't overlook the defiance. Oliver kicks him off the team again. Then Dinah, still sore about being accused before, quits on the spot. And though he waited a day to do it, Curtis also quits, saying that the spying was a breach of trust. So now Team Arrow is back to OTA, which is very concerning considering that Oliver shouldn't be wearing the hood and Diggle is still having nerve issues. And it gets even more concerning when we see Cayden James, Black Siren, and a few others, including Vincent and Anatole, gather to celebrate Team Arrow's brokenness. I've been wondering who the Big Bad of the season is, and I guess it's everyone together. Uh-oh!

Not a great episode overall, as there was too much uncomfortableness and not enough action. While I can't say that Curtis, Rene, or Dinah were favourites of mine, having them all leave at once will surely hurt Team Arrow, and I am not ready to see that. Too much can and will go wrong. 

Rene, Curtis, and Dinah chat about being spied on in Arrow 6x09

Arrow's episode was the weakest of the week, but the other three were strong. My favourite, I'd say, would have to be The Flash as the episode was strong and the twist at the end had me wanting more immediately. Waiting for these shows to come back will be hard. In case you're unaware, Supergirl returns January 15, The Flash returns January 16th, and Arrow returns January 18th. Legends Of Tomorrow unfortunately won't be back until sometime in February, but new DC show Black Lightning will be taking its timeslot after The Flash starting on the 16th. Black Lightning is not an Arrowverse show as of now, so I won't be doing recaps for it here.


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