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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x10, The Flash 4x10, Arrow 6x10

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

01/18/2018 11:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x10, The Flash 4x10, Arrow 6x10 | Arrowverse
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Last episode's recaps

We're back! After the winter break, the Arrowverse is back this week, and thus these recaps too! In case you missed the news, Black Lightning is taking over Legends Of Tomorrow's timeslot on Tuesdays (Black Lightning is not part of the Arrowverse so I'm not doing its recaps) and Legends will then take Supergirl's Monday timeslot starting February 12th until its season is done, and then Supergirl's last few episodes will air, going into June. So if you're ever wondering why a show is missing from these recaps, it's because it didn't air and no longer will these recaps have all four Arrowverse shows for the remainder of the season.

Back into the action, Supergirl is recovering from her fight with Reign, Barry faces jail time, and Team Arrow struggles as a trio again. None of these episodes were remarkably noteworthy, but they were decent. Here's what happened. 

Supergirl 3x10 "Legion Of Superheroes" 

After getting a whooping from Reign and being dropped off a building, Kara is down for the count...physically. Mentally, she's alive and ready. In her subconscious which looks a lot like a grey version of her apartment, Kara is visited by a blue man known as Brainiac-5, sent by Mon-El and Imra to communicate with Kara, who is in a healing tube. Brainy, as he's called, says she needs to rest and then wake up. And how is Sam doing post-fight? Just fine! She and Ruby are playing with Nerf guns! But then she sees a newspaper with Reign and Supergirl on the cover and she seems a bit shaken. Is she remembering this fight or does she still have no idea she's Reign? Either way, we cut to Reign in her evil cave where that holographic hooded figure instructs her to take the plan to the next level, which is to punish all sinners. 

Over at CatCo, James and Lena are a little awkward because they kissed and don't know how to deal with it or tell Kara (because it's her business?) but the awkwardness is not the priority when Reign comes crashing into the building with some criminal and broadcasts a warning out to the city that she's coming around to deal with evil-doers. This announcement causes the DEO to really start getting a plan into action. Without Kara, Alex and J'onn look to Mon-El and Imra for insight from the future but they have little to offer (because in the future there's some big event that wipes out a lot of culture and Mon-El had to reteach everyone things...just go with it). The team decides to use the little bit of Kryptonite from Coville's (that cult guy) device to make new weapons to take Reign down. Later, Mon-El and Imra reveal that there's another reason why they can't be more useful in the fight - in their DNA is a bunch of info on some planet-destroying creatures and if they die in the fight, the info won't make it to the future where it's needed. I feel like these two still have a lot more small and convenient reveals to make.

Back in Kara's subconscious, she feels that she's ready to wake up, but she can't open the door to her apartment. She uses her strength and laser eyes, but it just makes a mess of the place and Brainy just stands by watching, as even he doesn't know what to do. And since Kara is therefore still unconscious in real life, the team has to get creative and cover for her. James knows what's really up with Kara, but Lena doesn't, and when he tells her Kara is sick, Lena decides to go over with soup. Luckily, James called Winn who convinced J'onn to pretend to be Kara, prompting a hilarious scene in which J'onn as Kara discusses kissing James with Lena. As awkward as it may have been for him, he does manage to give Lena some good advice and get away with the deception. Then J'onn races back to the DEO so he and Alex can go fight Reign, though it does not go well. The Kryptonite weapons fail, Alex breaks her tibia, and Reign escapes. They decide the best way to get her is to inject Kryptonite right into her neck but only Kara can manage that, and Kara is still locked in her subconscious. She's trying to figure out why and in the process finds a picture of Streaky, a stray cat she found when she first got to Earth and had to control her powers enough to pet, making her feel human for the first time. It's this and a comment from Brainy about Kara being Alex's favourite person that helps Kara realise that she can't wake up by being Supergirl, she must be Kara. So she puts on her glasses and unlocks the door with a key, waking up just in time.

Reign's next target is a prison, where she meets with Coville, who agrees to serve her. Coming in to stop Reign is the Legion Of Superheroes! Yes, though they were hesitant, Imra convinces Mon-El that it's the right thing to do so they suit up, put on their Legion rings, and go fight Reign. They're holding their own, but Kara soon comes flying in and manages to inject the vial of Kryptonite, ending the fight. But, for some reason, they don't take the weakened Reign into DEO custody, so she's free to return to her evil cave where the hooded figure says she and Coville need to gather up Reign's friends (y'know, because we need more of her to deal with). 

All in all, a solid episode. I liked Kara's subconscious activities because they helped reinstil the importance of humanity. We started the season with "Kara is dead and human emotions suck" so it's good to see that hopefully ending for good. Especially since Kara and Mon-El still can work together well, even with Imra there. Besides, Kara has Brainy now. He apparently is Supergirl's love interest in the comics, so we'll have to wait and see if that happens on the show too. I hope the Legion sticks around for a bit as they proved useful and the DEO will need all the help they can get (especially with Alex in a cast!). As for Lena and James, they ended the episode by kissing some more, and I'm okay with that. I think Kara is okay with it, and they do have some chemistry. Not the best episode ever, but solid.


The Flash 4x10 "The Trail Of The Flash"

When we last saw Barry, he was being arrested for murdering DeVoe. And while we know he's innocent, things aren't looking too good for Barry, even with Cecile as his lawyer. The prosecutor is good at his job, but it's an easy case, unfortunately. The body and murder weapon were in Barry's apartment, covered in his DNA, and he was at the scene of the crime. They get Captain Singh on the stand, but even he's forced to admit that Barry hasn't been a star employee in the past few years.

And while Barry's on trial, the rest of Team Flash have to figure out what to do. Cisco, Harry, and Caitlin take over hero duty (if only there was another Flash similar in almost every way...a Kid Flash, perhaps...) while Joe and Ralph work on helping Barry's trail. The villain of the week isn't as much a villain as a man who doesn't know he's got contagious radiation poisoning, so it takes them a while to track him down. And Joe hopes to make use of Ralph's shadier side by going to DeVoe's house to get some pictures of Marlize kissing DeVoe in his new body. They manage to get the developed to Cecile in court just as Marlize is sobbing for her dead husband on the stand. She's convincing and manages to quickly lie about her involvement with Dominic, saying that she and Clifford met him at an ALS meeting months ago and upon seeing their chemistry, DeVoe suggested they use him to fulfil her needs that he can't. 

In the hallway after she exits the courtroom, Marlize talks with Iris, but we don't really learn anything more about why Barry is being put in this situation. But she does ask Iris what she's willing to do for her husband, which Iris takes to understand as "go ahead and reveal Barry's identity." Though Barry told Cecile and Iris during trial breaks that he did not want to reveal his identity or take a plea bargain as both would involve lying on the stand, Iris barges into the courtroom and declares loudly "Barry Allen is--". She's cut off by Barry speeding over to her and managing to use his speed to talk to Iris right there in front of everyone without everyone seeing (so convenient that every new trick Barry tries works to perfection!). He begs her not to reveal his secret to just let things happen naturally instead of making things more complicated for everyone at STAR Labs. She agrees, though only he also rejects her offer to run away with her (hey, remember right before Barry was arrested and he decided that he wouldn't run because Iris wouldn't want him to? Okay.). All in all, it's a sweet moment between them, a moment of peace and love amidst the dismal trial. So Barry speeds back to his seat and Iris finishes her sentence with "--innocent!" Okay.

Since the Marlize/Dominic pictures failed, Joe is desperate to do more. He takes Ralph back to the DeVoe house and asks him to use his stretch power to open the door and then leave so Joe can go plant some evidence. Yep, Officer Joe West is really ready to commit a crime to save Barry, the same crime that Ralph committed so long ago. Luckily Ralph has seen the light and though he does unlock the door, he also tells Joe that this may seem like the answer right now, but in the future, when things get worse, he'll regret it. This really is a moment for the two of them. Joe is desperate and loyal and I respect that, but he has a baby on the way! He can't sink to these levels just because DeVoe framed Barry. And is Ralph finally growing up and having a mature conversation and owning his mistakes? Wow. So Joe closes the door and leaves without planting evidence. 

Just as the trail wraps up, Barry gets an urgent text from STAR Labs. He's not required to be present for closing remarks so he's allowed to leave (P.S. he's on bail and Cisco hacked the ankle monitor). He dons the red suit and hurries over to where Cisco and Harry and Killer Frost have located the radioactive man, who is about to burst and destroy the city. Though it's a risk to get too close, Barry runs around him to create a vortex and Cisco vibes the radioactive blast to Earth-15 because Harry said it's an empty Earth. They save the day, and it's a touching way for Barry to spend his last moments of freedom. Yep, he is ruled super guilty and sentenced to life in prison. There's a wonderful parallel scene in which the judge is ripping on Barry for being crass and foolish while Captain Singh via a press conference praises the Flash for his constant heroics and dedication. And then Barry is in Iron Heights, in a small dark cell. He could just phase out, but he's accepted his fate. And guess what's written on the wall of his new home? "Henry Allen was here". 

Not as exciting an episode, overall, but not too bad. Unfortunately, Barry had nothing going for him in the trial, so we had very little hope. It was neat to see the lengths Iris and Joe were willing to go and see the others seamlessly take over hero duties, but this episode wasn't anything spectacular. Just another move in DeVoe's weird game of chess.


Arrow 6x10 "Divided"

Team Arrow is going through some stuff, and it could not be happening at a worse time. Curtis, Rene, and Dinah are still off Team Arrow, leaving Felicity, Diggle (who still has nerve issues), and Oliver (who's still lying to his son about being the Green Arrow again). Despite this, Curtis does agree to help Felicity with a microchip that could heal Diggle's nerves. Diggle needs to get back in the game like yesterday because as we learned last episode and as Oliver and co are about to learn, Cayden James has more allies than anyone knew. Oliver finds this out when he's hunting Cayden and thinks he's managed to corner him only to have Anatoly and that Dragon dude and Vincent and the others show up. But the only reason Oliver even managed to find Cayden is because of a tip from Jerry Bertinelli (yes, he's Huntress Helen Bertinelli's cousin). Jerry is caught in the mix as he has ports Cayden wants, so Jerry turned to the Green Arrow for protection and help. On top of all that, Felicity discovers that the Arrow bunker has been bugged and they're compromised, so they have to take extra precautions when discussing things. 

Throughout this episode and not really relating to the Team Arrow's drama, Thea and Lance have a few interactions regarding Black Siren. Since she let Lance escape before, he thinks she may not be all bad and could be worth working on. Thea disagrees at first but then considers her own father and how Malcolm Merlyn seemed awful but then wasn't all bad either. The two of them agree to see what they can do to help Earth-2 Laurel. The end. I guess if it means these two will get more scenes, I'm here for it.

So though going on missions alone sucks and Oliver knows it, he is very resistant to bring back Curtis, Rene, and Dinah because he maintains that he can't trust them. But Team Arrow does agree that they deserve to know about Cayden's larger team, especially Dinah, who should know about Vincent. So Diggle and Felicity meet with the three to share the news, but even that's not good enough, as Curtis, Rene, and Dinah are then mad that they waited twenty-four hours to do so (y'all aren't entitled to info when you quit!). Dinah doesn't believe the news about Vincent at first but she confronts him, and he doesn't deny it. She tries to arrest him, but he gets out of the cuffs and knocks her out. So much for our hopes of a double agent! When Dinah wakes up, she goes to find Rene and Curtis, who are working on hacking the FBI so they can see what info the FBI actually has on them. They find an audio file and suspect Cayden James of leaking it to the FBI since he bugged the Arrow bunker, but don't know why Rene was the target. But these three do agree that they're going to form their own team and take Cayden down, as they do still have a duty to the city and aren't going to wait for Oliver. That's nice and all, but they're kidding themselves if they think they can take down Cayden James and co on their own.

In a warehouse that Oliver and Diggle set with bombs, Cayden James and his gang arrive so they can fight Jerry for the port. Oliver eventually gets in the fight but is again outnumbered when the whole evil team shows up. Jerry then turns on him and is about to shoot, but Oliver uses the bombs as a distraction to flee. Jerry tries to just hand over the ports then, but it's too late and Cayden James does not mess around. He has Jerry killed. This mission was a close one, and Oliver knows it, so he decides to try and make peace with Curtis, Rene, and Dinah. The two sides meet and Oliver apologizes for having them tracked and asks them to come back to a clean slate, but they refuse. So Oliver wishes them luck and they part ways (though before they do, Curtis gives Diggle a new and improved chip that should work) and the newly formed team heads to their new HQ, the old Helix building that Curtis reformed. Felicity and Diggle try out the new chip and it works great, so at least Oliver has him. I mean, and if these two mini teams are working toward the same goal, I have a feeling they'll be meeting in the field, so we'll see how this goes. 

So basically this whole episode lead to nothing except Oliver realizing how screwed he is. Not a great episode in any way, but not awful, because at least it had some cool fight scenes and it was cool to see OTA for a bit. 

Like I said, not amazing episodes. Arrow was boring and The Flash was anticlimactic, so I guess I'd say Supergirl was my favourite of the week, and that's fair. Brainiac-5 was a cool addition and seeing Melissa Benoist play J'onn pretending to be Kara was funny. Which show impressed you the most this week?


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