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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x11, The Flash 4x11, Arrow 6x11

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

01/25/2018 11:48 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x11, The Flash 4x11, Arrow 6x11 | Arrowverse
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This week isn't a standout for any of these three shows, but they're alright. Kara and some gals go to space, Ralph struggles with the hero gig, and Cayden James attacks Star City. Here's what happened:

Supergirl 3x11 "Fort Rozz"

So even with Mon-El and Imra and Brainy, apparently Kara still needs help in the fight against Reign, and this week, help comes in the form of some familiar but unexpected people. The DEO has located Kryptonian priestess Jindah at Fort Rozz (the space prison), so a plan is put in place to go there. But since Fort Rozz is in space and the blue star it's near rejects Y-chromosomes, Kara goes to two of her old foes, Livewire and Psi, for assistance. The two villains aren't thrilled to be teaming up with Supergirl (or each other), but with Reign off killing evil-doers, they're not looking to be seen as sinners. So the three of them and Imra jump in a spaceship and fly off to Fort Rozz so they can go chat with Jindah. When they get there, the place is kind of barren, but they keep looking around and eventually are attacked by a woman. The four of them overpower her and this woman ends up warning them about finding Jindah. Just then there's a solar flare, and before losing connection, the boys back at the DEO report the news and warns that Fort Rozz is now floating into the blue star and they'll all die (great timing). The team then splits up. Kara and Livewire go on looking for Jindah while Imra and Psi stay with the ship and try to regain connection to the DEO. In the fight with the woman, Psi 'accidentally' used her powers on Imra, so she's got her power-dampener back on and Imra has the key. 

As for Earth's happening, Alex is babysitting Ruby because Sam is off on L-Corp business. Or so she said. Sam was about to go, but then she hears whispers and next thing we know she's back at her evil fortress where the hooded being is informing Reign that Supergirl is at Fort Rozz but if she finds Jindah, she'll know their plan. So Reign hops in a spaceship too. One thing we do learn in this scene is that Reign knows she's in someone else's body and can feel things from her, so clearly, Sam doesn't know she's being used like this. Alex and Ruby's scenes throughout the episode are nice as they get along well and help each other. Alex gets an unexpected text from Maggie regarding Maggie's passport so Ruby talks her through that, and when Ruby shares that she's being cyberbullied by a classmate, Alex goes and uses her FBI identity to scare the girl into stopping. I still think Ruby is kind of annoying, but whatever. 

Back at Fort Rozz, Livewire and Kara are chatting about Mon-El and Imra as they walk around, only the talk gets cut short as they're attacked by more women. Livewire uses her powers to save herself and finds that Kara has disappeared into fog (indoor fog....just go with it.). Kara later wakes up to find Jindah, who passes along an ominous message of two other foes that will work with Reign. And speaking of Reign, guess who shows up? Reign kills Jindah and Kara learns that Reign's powers don't need the sun. Anyway, because she's Kara and killing is bad, Kara tries to talk to Reign and appeal to her good nature and all that, but to no avail. Fighting ensues just as Livewire arrives. Even Psi (dampener free) shows up as Imra managed to connect to the DEO and they warned her of Reign's presence so she sent Psi to help. Two big things happen in this fight. One, Livewire jumps in front of Kara and takes a killing hit from Reign. And two, Psi uses her powers on Reign and we see that Reign's worst fear is losing Ruby. This brings out Sam for a quick sec before Reign takes over again and peaces out in confusion. Kara then looks to Livewire, but it's too late. She's seconds away from death, but at least she knows she went out a hero. 

At Alex's apartment, Sam arrives to pick up Ruby, and when Alex asks how the business trip was, Sam realizes she never went on one and is missing memories. Cue panic. I'm actually excited to see how this plays out, especially now that we know Sam's body is being used by Reign. 

At the DEO, Psi is taken back into custody, though Kara gets her a room upgrade. Then Kara and Mon-El chat, and for once in his whole life, Mon-El actually manages to hold an intelligent conversation that doesn't come off as silly or cheesy or entitled. Kara is sad about Livewire's death and her failure with Reign, but Mon-El reminds her that she got through to Livewire's heart and Jindah did hint at other Worldkillers, so the whole trip wasn't a huge letdown. And the episode ends with us meeting one of them. We see two young ladies walking down a street when a car comes barrelling in. One of the ladies, Julia, is badly hit, but she stands up and pushes the car off her as if it was nothing.

All in all, an okay episode. I found it kind of slow. I mean, the female team was cool, but it would have been better if Livewire and Psi weren't bickering the whole time or if they complimented each other's fighting style more. I didn't really care for Livewire so her death didn't affect me at all. 

The Flash 4x11 "The Elongated Knight Rises"

As you can tell from the episode title, Ralph plays a large role in tonight's episode. With Barry in prison, our stretchy pal is Central City's newest lead hero, and because Ralph is Ralph, he lets the praise go right to his head. After saving a bunch of hostages and using his body to absorb a bomb, he's gotten incredibly cocky. Iris and the rest of Team Flasg try to warn Ralph, but (surprise!) Ralph doesn't listen. This'll prove dangerous against his next big villain. Remember Trickster from season 1? Well, his son is back. We first see Axel in Iron Heights with Barry, but he gets an illness and is sent to the nurse, only the nurse is actually Axel's mom Zoey, and the two escape. Axel then broadcasts himself across the city, inviting Ralph to a fight, and Ralph accepts because he's invincible, right? Wrong. When he shows up, Ralph manages to absorb a bomb and ninja stars, but then Axel shoots Ralph with some acid that burns through the suit and makes a mess of his knee. He retreats back to STAR Labs where Caitlin treats him, but enough is enough for Ralph.

Over in Iron Heights, Barry is trying to mind his own business, but he's new and pretty scrawny-looking, so he finds himself in a few fights. He can only use his powers some of the time due to cameras and guards being nearby, but luckily he finds an ally in a big dude nicknamed Big Sir who helps Barry because Henry saved his life years ago. Barry also gets a few visits from Iris during this episode, where she reports STAR Labs news and vows they're working on his case, and a visit from Joe, who tells Barry to basically stick it out and keep calm. Barry gets a visit from Ralph too, who sneakily stretches his way into Barry's cell. Axel and Zoey have taken their crazy up a notch and gotten hostages on their weird murder-y broadcasted gameshow and have dared Ralph to save the hostages from an acid bath (to prove their seriousness, they douse a Beebo doll in acid, which is a nice tie to Legends Of Tomorrow). Since he knows he's no longer invincible, Ralph has decided to call it quits on the hero job and has decided to break Barry out so Barry can go save the hostages. Ralph even goes as far to claim he was never very brave, which makes zero sense to me because he was a cop before the evidence-planting, so I'm really just not into Ralph's whiny attitude here. Anyway, Barry refuses to break out and instead gives a cute little speech on power and responsibility, causing Ralph to have a change of heart and go back to being a hero.

Donning the new, way more attractive super suit Cisco made, Ralph heads over to Axel and Zoey's base to find a new set of hostages: Cisco and Killer Frost, who went to save the hostages themselves but were tricked. Ralph arrives just at the right second as he stretches over them right as the acid comes down. Luckily, Harry is behind the scenes doing some sciencey stuff and manages to neutralize the acid at the very last second, so Ralph survives, but he wasn't expecting to. The fact that he was willing to sacrifice himself there without hesitation is commendable. So the three of them take down Axel and his mom, and Ralph returns to the spotlight, earning himself a new hero name: Elongated Man.

The last scene is of Ralph and Cisco at the coffee shop arguing about who's gonna pay when the girl who weirdly talked with Barry before his wedding shows up. She pays for them and babbles about karma and then sits down at her table where she proceeds to fill a notebook with a bunch of weird speed force runes.

Overall a pretty weak episode. If you like Ralph, then perhaps this was more enjoyable, but I don't think anyone really loves Ralph. I've said before that his level of likability goes up and down every other episode, and while seeing him embrace the selfless hero role for a minute was nice, it wasn't very exciting. And all Barry really did was walk around prison, so even that was boring. The best part (and I use that loosely) was actually Axel because he was so quirky and flamboyant and weird. 

Arrow 6x11 "We Fall"

With a title like "We Fall" I was sure this episode would involve more falling (either literal or metaphorical) but no. What this episode did involve was Cayden James up to more destruction. He's been hacking into tech all around to city (cars, elevators, hospital equipment..) to kill people and it's got the city all riled up. Luckily, the two halves of Team Arrow are on the case and have agreed to share information. But when New Team Arrow (their name, not mine) is on a mission, Curtis runs into Vincent who insists he's a double agent working on the inside and that Dinah didn't give him a chance to explain that. To prove he's being honest, he tells Curtis that Cayden's next plan of attack is to block city exits, specifically a tunnel on the outskirts. Curtis verifies this information with Felicity who is tracking Cayden's attacks. Original Team Arrow also gets a visit from the dark side as Cayden James straight up strolls into Oliver's office. But this meeting is actually productive, as we learn that Cayden's doing all of this to get back at Oliver who apparently killed his son accidentally one year ago and if Oliver wants Cayden to stop attacking the city, he has to have the city to send $10 million a day to Cayden. Cue "we don't negotiate with terrorists" line. But in regards to Cayden's son, Oliver is very confused because one year ago he wasn't even in the city, he was out recruiting Dinah (I can't remember what I had for lunch today but Oliver knows exactly where he was a year ago to the day?).

So Cayden is targeting all the city's exits. New Team Arrow, on Vincent's tip, hits up a subway where there are two trains about to crash that they can't reroute, so Dinah screams at one until it slows. At the same time, Felicity finds another tunnel about to be hit, which is a concern for Oliver because William is on a field trip on his way out of the city and his bus is in that tunnel. The bus is stuck in traffic but when explosions start, William jumps into action and helps all his peers out the back, even the bully. Though in the process, he gets trapped behind a fallen sign, and Oliver rescues the Green Arrow. I honestly thought that William finding out that Oliver has been lying would be a bigger deal with a bigger reveal. Instead, Oliver just brings him to the Arrow bunker and leaves him there awkwardly because he doesn't know what to say to him yet. As for New Team Arrow, Curtis ends up revealing that he got the tip from Vincent, which enrages Dinah. Rene thinks they should keep accepting tips from Vincent, but she disagrees and storms out, meaning New Team Arrow is off to a great start (and I am not surprised).

Now the public is even more riled, so Oliver sets up tech-free safe houses for the public and holds a press conference to ensure people that Star City will not back down and everything will be okay. Except then we see Cayden watching this speech, and Cayden is completely comfortable and announces the start of the next phase. The next phase begins with another attack, but Vincent manages to send a morse code message to Curtis using the T-Spheres. Dinah did return to New Team Arrow and the three of them try to make a pros/cons list about Vincent, but she ends up agreeing to keep working with him. They suit up and meet with Team Arrow who also arrived on the scene, so they all have no choice but to fight together. As they fight, Felicity talks to William, showing him the fight footage and explaining that Oliver's job is scary and unpredictable but Oliver is the best at it and he does it to protect the city. I guess her talk helps because later on, all three of them talk and William is perfectly okay with Oliver continuing his double life after he apologized. So, yeah, not nearly as dramatic as I was expecting? Where's your teen angst now, Willy? Then William goes to bed and Oliver heads back to the office to do something he shouldn't: he has Thea wire $10 million to Cayden James. Hmm, this looks a lot like negotiating with terrorists, Oliver. And you're not even telling Felicity or Diggle? When will you learn to trust your team?

Though Dinah was wary of working with Vincent (and she has every right to be), during the fight, he does save Rene's life and out himself as a double agent, so she meets with him afterwards and they seem to be on good terms again. But now I'm even warier. I still don't trust him. Knowing Cayden James' mind, Vincent could be a triple agent for all we know. 

This was a decent episode. Sure, the reveal with William was very anticlimactic, but the new mystery of why Cayden thinks Oliver killed his son is interesting, as was the action and (I can't believe I'm saying this) the divide of the teams. Also, Felicity knows that when she hacked into that firewall a while ago, she accidentally helped Cayden, so they're all a lot more suspicious of his actions. Good.

And that's it for the Arrowverse this week. Nothing too awful, but Arrow takes the win as my favourite of the week as it progressed the overall plot and wasn't boring, with Supergirl in second place. Do you agree with me here?


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