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Post Death Soundtrack Offers Us The Unlearning Curve

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

05/21/2016 12:22 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Post Death Soundtrack Offers Us The Unlearning Curve | Post Death Soundtrack
Media Courtesy of MusicTimes

After a three year long hiatus, the ever changing and socially aware Post Death Soundtrack return with their creative juggernaut of an album titled The Unlearning Curve. This unique album delves into some deep emotional territory, not faint for the heart, or meant for the shallow and safe minded listener.

The lead single titled “You Can’t Go Back” is both ominous and haunting. The mission statement of the song is one that, like a great piece of spiritual scripture or poetry, takes some deep thought and personal musings to truly sink your teeth into properly. With a very cinematic feel, this track feels like it belongs in a Hollywood movie, perhaps in the upcoming Fight Club sequel. Dark, devious, but not without its own sense of hope woven within.

“Little Alice” is simply maniacal. This song immediately starts out with a dark tone that reflects the bands musical inspirations such as Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, and Skinny Puppy. The vocal line is unforgiving and hostile, but also strangely fun as well. With a lead raspy voice met with Marilyn Manson-esque backup vocals, “Little Alice” is going to no doubt force some people out of their comfort zone. Near the end of the song, the journey truly unfolds into a grunge heavy magical moment of heavy drone guitars.

The unofficial ballad of the album is a true musical gem titled “Dance With The Devil”. This song embraces the power found within a more vulnerable space, and every word is met with the feeling of importance and weight, as if the song itself somehow captured the essence of emotional gravity.

A personal favorite track on The Unlearning Curve, “Transform In White Light” is a spiritual message that resonates the way a great TOOL song does. The songs pace is both slow and methodical, while the vocals are layered in such a way that it feels ethereal in their nature. With lyrics that read “No one knows what we are, lay your weapons down. Just let your colors run, transform in white light”, it is difficult not to feel the power of the message given here.

The Unlearning Curve is an unexpected album in a time where we could all benefit from a more aware message. Every song stands on its own, each one has its very own signature and sound, and trying to fit this band into a specific genre box might be the most difficult challenge of all. If you are looking for something new, something inspired, and something dark with some light in the distance, then look no further than what Post Death Soundtrack has brought you with The Unlearning Curve.

Post Death Soundtrack can be found on Facebook, Soundclound, and Instagram.


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