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"At Last, Warlow Has Come Along" On This Week's True Blood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/08/2013 2:57 pm


Dani Strehle

Staff Writer


Happy Sunday, Trubies! Are you ready for another dose of rapidly-growing fairy kids, murderous werewolves, subterfuge, and Vampire-Gods? I sure hope so, because here we go!

The episode opens with Sookie and her studly new fairy-friend Ben trying to resuscitate Jason. Sookie enters the kitchen to call 911 leaving Jason with Ben. Ben is waiting over Jason’s bedside listening in on Sookie’s conversation with the dispatcher and HOLY FUCK THOSE ARE FANGS! Ben is a vampire?!?! Ahhh, gotta love True Blood where absolutely nothing is as it seems. Maybe he wants to “do bad things” with Sookie. I mean, doesn’t everybody?

Niall has now cornered Nora and is forcing her to give him intel on Warlow. She tells him that only Warlow, as Lillith’s progeny, can kill her. After exclaiming, “holy fuck you smell amazing,” Niall blasts Nora with some fairy light and she falls straight into the laps of the Louisiana Vampire Task Force (LAVTF).

Niall goes back to Sookie’s house where Jason has made a miraculous recovery – perhaps because of his unwilling ingestion of vampire blood? When asked if he “got her [Nora]” Niall tells Ben he would have if Ben stuck around. Niall announces that, “it is Sookie who carries the fae, and it is her we need to protect; not her human brother.” Ben goes to leave out of deference to Niall and Sookie busies herself by making sure he has sleeping arrangements. The love-story-potential between Ben and Sookie is certainly blooming nicely!

The scene cuts to half-dressed werewolves and bloody corpses. Rikki informs Alcide that “the girl with the crazy hair” got away. Then Martha runs out of the house and exclaims that, “they took Emma.” When Alcide asks who took her, Martha says that it was Sam as she could smell him in the house. Rikki sums it up with, “shit, you should have killed Merlotte when you had the chance.” She really isn’t much for the sugar-coating. Sam, Emma, and Nicole run to a field where Lafayette is waiting with the getaway car.

The scene cuts to Ginger on the phone with Governor Burrell right before he breaks into her house with the LAVTF at his back. Eric and his gang have fled and Tara has hidden the Governor’s daughter which displeases Eric immensely. He forces Tara to tell him where she hid Willa and gives instructions to rendezvous at the same place and time tomorrow.

We flash over to Terry watching the news, which we all know is never a good idea. Andy’s month old teenagers tell Terry that they can hear what he’s thinking and that they know he’s sad about Patrick. He confirms that and tries to paint a pretty picture for the girls. They are not fooled and they mock him with the fact that he murdered his friend (a fact that they plucked from his brain with their fairy-powers). Terry calls Arlene who takes a stab at silencing the girls. Terry struggles with his demons for a bit while Arlene tries to bring him back from his dark place.

We then see Andy trying to get the girls to bed and him having a semi-tender moment with them. Is it just me or does Andy become more likeable with every episode?

After the lights go down we hear the girls talking and saying: “it’s happening again.” When the lights go back on, the quadruplets are full-fledged teenagers and liking what they find, “Holy fuck, look at my boobs!” One twin exclaims: “I don’t wanna stay in bed. We might be thirty by the time we wake up!” So after raiding Arlene’s closet and looking appropriately trashy, the girls sneak out to sow their wild oats. As they leave the house, we see Bill and Jessica staking out the Bellefleur house and salivating over the possibilities that the fairy blood holds.

Well hello there, abs! The next scene is a close-up of Jason doing chin ups on a door frame. Sookie goes to the couch to clean up and finds blood on the floor. She does a little fairy mojo and discovers that the blood is vampire. Since she knows Jason isn’t a vampire, she deduces that the blood belongs to Ben.

Bill and Jessica pull up in a parking lot behind the sheriff’s car that the four girls stole. The girls try and get some beer from a complete pervert (who also appeared in the pilot episode) before Jessica glamours the cashier into giving them the beer and forgetting that he saw any of them. After informing the girls that she’s a vampire, she persuades them into coming back to the Compton plantation where I’m sure no good will come to anyone.

The scene cuts to Jason and Ben scantily clad in a bathroom giving each other sexy shaves. Vampire blood-induced wet dream, obviously; but, regardless, it’s kind of hot.  

We quickly go back to Bill and a quadruplet. Is that 3 or 4? I can never remember. Bill shows her a “little toy vampires use” that helps them out when they’re sick of the physical act of feeding. He asks if he can try it on her and she agrees. She catches on pretty quickly that all may not be well. Bill’s creep factor is off the charts recently, and this scene is no exception. He sends the girl back to the party and brings the blood that he just extracted (and exploited) from her to Hido Takahashi, the professor widely believed to have created True Blood. Bill tells Mr. Takahashi that he needs a huge favor. He gives his prisoner the fairy blood and tells him that the substance could very well save his kind and that he wants him to synthesize it just like he did human blood.

We then see Eric and Willa sitting on a merry-go-round. Willa tells Eric that her father’s experiments make her sick and that she is on the vampires’ side. Eric asks if she really wants to help him and she says “I do.”

Willa and Eric land in a field with a hole in the ground where she tells him that she’s a virgin…”pretty much.” That takes me back to Stacey Dash’s technical virginity in Clueless. Eric then says: “So much courage, so little experience” before gracefully joining her in the hole. She tells him that she is excited and scared and Eric tells her that “death is not the end.” She asks him if it’s going to hurt to which he replies: “not the way I do it,” before sinking his fangs into her neck.

Eric takes in a good drink before placing her head back on the ground. He looks into her eyes and tells her: “everything your father put in you, his cowardice, his small mindedness, his hate: all of it will seep out; and into this vessel I will see a millennium of wisdom, honor, and life.”

We cut to Nicole, Sam, Emma, and Lafayette checking Nicole’s wounds on the side of the road. Nicole realizes that all of her friends are dead. Nicole tries to walk away and Sam tells her that werewolves are the best trackers around and she won’t make it two miles before they rip her apart. Lafayette tries to talk Sam out of helping Nicole and Sam tells him to leave. Nicole asks how they’re going to run without a car and Sam shows her by shifting into a horse. Who needs a car, anyway? Nicole sums it up pretty well with a “shiiittt.”

The scene flashes to Sookie knocking on Ben’s door. He comes out shirtless and hot and let’s Sookie apologize. Sookie offers to cook him a meal as a thank you for helping Jason. Ben accepts with “it’s a date” to which Sookie replies: “I didn’t say that, now did I?” She walks away and her charming Southern smile disappears and she just looks resolved and badass. This, incidentally, is exactly how I like my Sookie.  

We cut to Andy freaking out and trying to get his deputy to put out an ABP for the girls with the best description of all-time: “four Caucasian females between four and seven feet tall, between 60 and 260 pounds and between the ages of ten and, I dunno, fifty.”

We then see Jason heading into the kitchen with Niall. Niall asks Jason is something is on his mind. Jason asks him; “you’re a fairy, but you’re kind of a straight type of fairy, right? I mean you have to be to have fairy kids.” Niall asks him what he’s getting at, and Jason asks him: “have you ever had a dream that…ain’t so straight?” Niall takes a look at Jason’s dream and comments that Ben is a handsome fella. Jason says he couldn’t help it and that it reminds him of when he’s had vampire blood. He asks Niall if fairy blood has the same effect and Niall says he’s never heard of it if they do. But then Niall questions himself and declares his fleeting thought impossible. Jason begs him to tell him and Niall says: “suppose at one point a vampire was able to turn a fae into their kind.” Jason simply states: “a fairy vampire?” Niall is exploring the possibility and decides that Ben must be a hybrid and declares that Ben is a vampire that walks in the daylight. We all pretty much know at this point that shit has really hit the fan.

Jason and Niall are hiding in some bushes spying on Ben when we see the sexy Halfling strip down and get into the shower. They break in with a rifle and Niall fires up some fairy magic to attack him. Ben shoots Niall with his own bit of fairy magic and Ben glamours Jason into forgetting Ben and everything that had happened. Jason says: “what about grandpa?” Ben tells him that if he would like to say goodbye he’d better do it now. Jason says a surprisingly heart-felt and touching goodbye with subtle tears streaming down his face before turning around and leaving. Ben takes Niall into the tub and begins to eat. Except…he spits the blood out. That’s an interesting twist. Maybe Ben isn’t into cannibalism.

We next see Sookie moving around the kitchen preparing for her night with Ben. The camera zooms in on a bottle on the table that we find out is colloidal silver. Sookie appears to be taking a cue from Arsenic and Old Lace by turning to poison for her weapon of choice.

We then see Alcide and Rikky opening a garbage can that contains some of the Nicole’s things. Alcide gives his orders and the pack scatters to different locations to try and track Sam, Emma, and Nicole down as well as covering their tracks back at the compound. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve kind of hated Alcide this season thus far. He’s turned into a bit of a…well… a power-hungry asshole, to put it mildly. I’d rather him go back to just being hot and a little scary.

We shoot to Bill and the Mr. Takahashi talking about the fairy blood. The Mr. Takahashi says that there are things in the fairy blood that do not appear in human blood. He can’t even figure out how to name it. Bill says that this is why his kind so desperately needs it. The Mr. Takahashi tells Billith that the blood is too unstable to replicate and that as soon as the blood leaves the host, it turns into human blood. Billith tells him that he’s got donors upstairs and will be back with more blood.

Eric has acquired Willa’s first meal for her. Oh, you didn’t get that earlier? Yea, he wasn’t killing her. He was turning her. Willa asks what is next and Eric tells her to go home and show her father what she’s become. Willa does not appreciate being a ploy in Eric’s plot for revenge, but he sets her straight. He informs her that for his more than one thousand years as a vampire, she is only the second one he’s ever created. He tells her that he did not make this decision lightly and that once his mission is complete they can begin their lives as maker and progeny.

Pam and Tara are fighting in the street that ends in Tara storming off and Pam getting shot with the silver bullets filled with UV rays. We then see the Governor and Sarah Newlin (YES!! That crazy bitch is back!) kissing (ick) before they’re interrupted by his colleagues saying that they had news about his daughter. The man tells the Governor: “we had to invite her in.” He tells them to let Willa in and is stunned by what he finds. She tells him that despite her “undead” nature she is still the same person. She tells him to stop persecuting “us” which the Governor was not thrilled with. She implores him to shut down his terrible experiments and vilification of vampires. Sarah tells him not to listen because it’s the devil talking. The Governor tells her to shut up because no matter what, Willa is still his daughter. He then goes to caress Willa’s face with a bloody hand and she tries to attack him as she is still unable to control her feeding impulses. Sarah then shoots her with a UV bullet and tells the Governor that it doesn’t matter if Willa’s his daughter; she has to go the camp.

Sookie is lacing Ben’s meal with silver when it shoots to him feeding some of his blood to a withered Niall that he has stuffed into his trunk. Niall exclaims: “Warlow,” and “Ben” picks him up and throws him to the bridge. Niall asks if they are kindred and “Ben” tells him yes. “Ben” tells him that the darkness within him battles with the light every single day. Niall discovers that “Ben” killed his parents but spared him. “Ben” then picks Niall up and chucks him to a portal and that is pretty much that.

We see Sam and Nicole in a hotel room. Sam starts hitting a pint of liquor that he shares with Nicole. Nicole is sitting on the bed replaying the deaths of her friends. Sam, the perpetual nice guy, goes over to comfort her. And now they’re making out. End scene.

“Ben” shows up late with flowers and wine and tries to make it up to Sookie. Sookie gives “Ben” the silver-laced meal and watches him consume it. Sookie fesses to Ben that her ex was a vampire. She told him that they broke up because Bill was a liar and dishonest and then tells Ben that she doesn’t want to feel that way again. She tells him that she has to ask him a question before they go any further. She asks him what it is about her that he wants. He turns on the charm and gives her the perfect answer.  

We then go the girls telling Jessica that they are going to leave. Jessica grabs one of their wrists and tells her that she smells like honey before digging into her amidst major screaming. The scene shoots to Jason and Andy finding the abandoned cop car in the gas station and asking the clerk about the girls. Jason roughs him up a little bit but didn’t get any information. Andy asks Jason if vampires can sniff out fairies. Jason tells him that fairies are like catnip to vampires and Andy jumps in the car and races off.

We then hear Jessica screaming and see Bill running up to see what’s going on. Jessica is surrounded by seemingly dead fairy teenagers. She tells Bill that she was so sure it was going to be him but it was her. She begs him to please tell her they’re not dead.

We head back over to see what’s going on with Sookie and “Ben” and see Sookie turning on some Etta James- a perfect date song. The pair shares a hot kiss that escalates quickly with “Ben” unzipping her white lace dress. Sookie puts her hand over “Ben’s” back and tells him that he can get off of her now. We see her hand light up and “Ben” asks what she said. To which Sookie replies: “Get the fuck off me or die, Warlow.”

Annnd that is where episode four ends. This season is off to a great start. Sookie has her “take-no-bullshit-or-prisoners” outlook back and the intrigue is back to being sexy and compelling. The new characters mesh well with the seasoned vets and the vets are showing us aspects of themselves that we’ve yet to see in the prior five seasons. There is plenty of hot ass running about for people from all walks of life and sexual orientation to mutually enjoy. THIS is the True Blood we all know and love!

I wonder what we can expect for next week. It seems like the most pressing questions right now are as follows:

Does Sookie really stand a chance against Warlow? Obviously our heroin can’t be killed off, but how does a barely-fae match up against a fae/vampire hybrid?

Are the four fairy girls alive or dead?

Um…where is Niall?

Will Billith punish Jessica for her careless imbibing?

Did Willa Burrell get sent to “camp?”

Did Nicole and Sam bump uglies?

And when will Alcide stop being a fromundastain and go back to being hot and just a little scary?

That’s it for this week, fellow Trubies! I hope you enjoyed last night’s episode as much as I did!


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