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Awkward: 05x02, Short Circuit Party

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

09/10/2015 8:56 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Awkward: 05x02, Short Circuit Party | Short Circuit Party
Media Courtesy of MTV

Well, the second week of Awkward has come and gone, and the show is the same slice of drama, but it’s always done so well that I’m not even mad about it. Monday’s episode, "Short Circuit Party", was centered around some huge fight between Jake and Matty while they were out at the beach partying.

The episode begins with the clean up of the aftermath of the senior prank, so Jenna and company are left cleaning up the suds in the hallway. Of course, Jake and Matty are relatively close to one another, despite the impending fight and Jake sleeping with another of Matty’s girlfriends. Jenna, being Jenna, wants everyone to get along, and taking to the name of the show, goes about it in a clumsy, awkward way. Sure Jenna, just throw water on the circuit board and fry it. You don’t need to go to school.

Okay, okay, so she didn't just throw water haphazardly onto the circuit board. She started a water fight, which escalated to Jake throwing a whole bucket of water on her and ended in Jenna's failing attempt to throw her bucket of water on Jake as it, instead, landed on the circuit board.

The whole of the school seemed pleased after Val told them all school was cancelled because of Jenna. This time, though, it made Jenna temporarily popular; the kids in the courtyard were cheering her name. So what better to do than announce a last second party at the beach in honor of no school? Well, nothing. So the school heads to the beach while Jenna and Tamara try to get booze for the shindig.

But the whole of cleaning of the school and it getting cancelled for the day was unbeknownst to Sadie, who had spent the morning with her mother. Although she called only to get out of cleaning up the senior prank, Sadie’s mom took her to breakfast to start their day. Sadie, who clearly hasn’t forgiven her mother yet, spends most of breakfast making jabs at her mother for all the mistakes she’s made over the years. Sadie asks if she can have bacon, knowing her mother didn’t let her eat it when she was a kid, but her mother shrugged her shoulders and let her daughter do what she wanted.

After breakfast, Sadie and her mother, Darlene, went to a car dealership. While the salesman is going through his pitch about the cars features, Sadie cuts him off and flat out tells her mother that she can’t buy her love. After a little heart to heart -- and a new car -- it seems like Sadie and her mother are on their way to mending their relationship. Although, I have a weird feeling that Darlene will up and leave again. Or maybe I expect the worst out of shows so nothing upsets me anymore.

After Sadie gets her new car, she heads back to school, not knowing that there’s a party at the beach. She returns home and finds a note from her mom saying simply, “I love you.”

While Jenna and Tamara are out trying to get booze, the party is already kicking at the beach. Everyone is drinking and having a good time until Jake asks if he can talk to Matty to try to apologize for what happened, as it’s clearly been tearing him up the whole episode. Matty, rather than accepting what Jake has to say (although, drunk at a party is a TERRIBLE time to bring anything of this sort up) acts like an asshole and shows everyone the god complex he’s got. He tells Jake that Jake will never get as many girls as he does, but Jake’s welcome to keep up with the sloppy seconds. It appears everyone else thought he was being an asshat too, because next week, he’s not so popular anymore.

So, Jenna and Tamara are trying to get booze for their party and they can’t get a break anywhere. After Val appearing at Jenna’s home and drinking all the alcohol, making fools out of themselves and getting escorted out by security after trying to use a fake ID, propositioning a man for what may or may not have been sexual favors instead of purchasing alcohol, Jenna’s mom shows up at the liquor store and buys it for them.

Jenna and Tamara finally have the alcohol and show up to the party just to see everyone leaving. Jenna finds a super drunk Matty, so she takes him home. Matty, in his drunken state, says something about Jenna and that Marine she broke up with, although he doesn’t know they’ve broken up. She also neglects to tell him so, but I’m sure she will when he’s not so inebriated.

That’s pretty much it for what happened this week, but next week looks really good! Jenna is finally popular, so no more temporary status after that last minute party. She is full blown popular. The twins took a selfie with her and some uber hot guy said hello to her. So next week is sure to be full of drama. We know Matty wants her back (did you see him take his shirt off to try to be better than the Marine dude? He’s peanut butter and jealous!) and some other guy is talking to her? Not to mention, Matty has lost his popular status, so what’s to become of them? We’ll see next week!


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