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Awkward: 05x01, Party Amateurs

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

09/02/2015 7:34 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Awkward: 05x01, Party Amateurs | Awkward
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Last night’s season premiere of Awkward kept to its namesake, but it was much more than that, too (drama central)! I personally love Awkward because while most of it is super unrealistic (like, you can show your stomach at school? I couldn’t even wear jeans with holes in them!) but aside from that, the show it relatively light in drama.

Of course, there’s more drama than you could hope for, but the way it’s handled in the show makes it easier to watch than something like Gossip Girl.

Last night was the premiere of Season 5; this season we see the last half of their senior year before the crew goes to college. Jenna and Matty have been off and on, and last we saw, Matty was dating Gabby, but contemplating breaking up with her for Jenna (again). Well, as we saw last season, Gabby and Jake (Matty’s best friend) slept together.

The start of the episode we see Jenna overhear that little tidbit about Gabby and Jake, which was Gabby’s first time, by the way. Jenna is at odds on how to deal with this, especially after the whole Eva situation. Since she’s so unsure, she asks her mom, who tells her to just let it go for now, reminding her again of Eva. So Jenna does, until it comes to bite her in the ass, like it always does on this show.

While Jenna is having this inner debate about whether or not she should tell Matty that Jake slept with another one of his girlfriends (Jenna was the first, if my memory serves me right, which it usually doesn’t, so don’t be surprised if I’m wrong), Tamara is trying to break off her engagement to one of the cuties they met during spring break. She makes him come see her, refusing to break up over the phone, and they hit it off again, and instead, set a date for their wedding rather than cancel it.

This episode was a little awkward for Sadie too, whose mom came back. Sadie’s mom left her a couple seasons ago when Sadie’s dad went to jail and they lost their money. Sadie, who is obviously upset because she was abandoned in a time of need, initially refused her mom’s apologies. Later in the episode of course, in a Sadie-esque manner, “accepted” her mother’s apologies (we all know what Sadie is like when she’s being nice...she’s not.)

The ending of the premiere episode is the only part I haven’t spoiled for you yet, and now I’m going to, SO STOP HERE for fewer spoilers.

Throughout the episode, we see Jake become increasingly angry when he sees Matty with Gabby, because he, aside from sleeping with her, knows that Matty had intended to break up with her. Matty always gets the girls, so Jake is clearly jealous, and because of that, he tells Gabby that, while they were in Mexico for spring break, Matty was planning on dumping her. She reacts, just as most girls would, and immediately confronts Matty about it, ending her rant with “Oh yeah, and I f*cked Jake.”

Matty then knocks Jake out. He looks at Jenna, who’s conveying her knowledge of the situation in the expression on her face, and questions her. After Jenna doesn’t respond, Matty storms off.

MTV sure knows how to make me yearn for the next episode! So stay tuned, next week I’ll tackle what is inevitably going to be a bestie fight (Jake and Matty) and probably some romance between Jenna and Matty. See ya next week!

PS, if anyone watches Faking It, tweet me to tell me how it is! I sort of want to start it, but not if it’s terrible. So, tweet me (@padf00t_lol)! Tell me what you think of Faking It, what you think of my recaps, or what you had for breakfast today. It doesn’t matter, in the words of Shia, JUST. DO. IT.


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