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Awkward: 05x03, Jenna In Wonderland

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

09/16/2015 9:31 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Awkward: 05x03, Jenna In Wonderland | Awkward
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Awkward stepped out of its comfort zone in Monday's episode as we got to see Jenna step outside hers and become popular for a night.

In a strange twist, Matty became unpopular while Jenna's popularity rose. After Matty’s little stunt on last week’s episode, involving him yelling “I’m Matty f*cking McKibbon!” nearly everyone at school thinks he’s an asshole. The entirety of the episode, he was shunned by what used to be his friends, and was only accepted by other unpopular kids, Kyle (whom you might remember as the kid who dresses in all black) and Leroy.

Kyle and Leroy take Matty around school, showing him the ropes of living as an unpopular kid. They show him where to get food (because the lunch ladies don’t feed you as much), where to use the bathroom (because normal ones are simply off limits to the unpopular kids), and advise him to keep extra clothes in his locker. Matty, of course, thinks all of these tips are rather silly, although he didn’t have a need for that extra outfit. Yet.

While Matty is busy becoming unpopular, Jenna is climbing that ladder. The Julies (the most basic of bitches) ask her to go out on a triple date (with college guys) and tell her to work on her selfie face.

On second thought, I think I like the show with non-popular-Jenna because I couldn’t handle the Julies on a weekly basis.

Jenna goes out with the Julies on their triple date, but she clearly doesn't have a good time. The college boys seem to have an IQ that would put them in preschool, rather than higher education, and they couldn’t talk about anything aside from stroking one another’s ego. Jenna, who has a brain and likes to use it (unlike the Julies or their dates), got bored pretty quickly and refused the Julies’ recommendations for her to give some sort of sexual favor to the college boy who couldn’t even remember her name.

Jenna left them and went to get pizza with Tamara, inviting Matty as well, but Matty was out with Kyle and Leroy, his new friends.

While Jenna and Matty were losing and gaining popularity points, Lissa’s dad and his boyfriend have moved into the house with her and her mother. Lissa’s mom has been pretty uptight lately, as if that were any different from normal, and Sadie makes the suggestion of Lissa’s mom needing to get laid to loosen her up.

Lissa decides to bring her mom to Lacey’s (Jenna’s mom) and Ally’s (Jenna’s mom’s friend) sex toy party. Ally picks up on how uptight Lissa’s mom is, so she sneaks a vibrator in her purse, which helps to loosen her up. On their way out, she still called the group filthy whores, but at least she’s a little more relaxed. Maybe she’ll get a little cooler, but I doubt it.

Well, that's it for this week guys! See you next week for the inevitable makings of the soon to be couple: Jenna and Matty!


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