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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'Awkward' Has A Nice Little "Auld Lang Party"

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

10/02/2014 1:34 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'Awkward' Has A Nice Little
Media Courtesy of Really Late Reviews
I love Awkward. Simply because it’s never dull.... well, rarely ever dull. And last night’s episode surely didn’t disappoint. It’s New Year’s Eve, and Jenna plans on having Matty over for a quiet night, as per his request. She’s freaking out, thinking that there may still be something with him, so she goes a little over the top. But hey, she’s a girl, it’s what we do. When Matty shows up, Jake is with him, so Jenna quickly called Tamara, sufficiently making the evening even more awkward, if that’s at all possible. The four of them are pretty bored, so when they hear about a party at Sadie’s, where Jenna and Matty’s moms are, they decide to go, making a pact not to hook up before leaving. Well, only Matty and Jenna make that pact. And they also decide to help cock block one another. A lot of things happen at the party. A LOT. Lissa sees her father licking a stripper’s body. A male stripper’s body. Lissa also tells her family that she and Tyler are a thing. Lissa’s mom is super mad because she’s been eyeing Tyler up and down which is a little creepy. Sadie and Sergio kiss (yay!). Jenna and Matty’s moms become friends. Weird. Jake woos a woman who has a child and Tamara kisses the boy from the wrestling team she’d been eyeing since the ski trip last season. So, do Matty and Jenna kiss at midnight? Well, it seemed a little rocky, but Matty was looking for her and was unable to find her. The next day at school, he tells her that she owes him a goodnight kiss. So there is still a chance for them! Hopefully Matty doesn’t find out about the sophomore boy Jenna kissed at midnight instead of him. She’s good at messing good things up, isn’t she? Until next week!

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