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Awkward: 05x04, Now You See Me, Now I Don't

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

09/23/2015 3:16 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Awkward: 05x04, Now You See Me, Now I Don't | Awkward
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Yearbooks came out on this week's Awkward, and with yearbooks comes superlatives. Superlatives like “Most Basic” and “Best Bulge” were handed out, while Matty and Jake got “Most Likely to be Bro Mos Forever.” Jenna, on the other hand, got “Most Depressing.”

Of course, this just starts a bad day for Jenna, who, along with the other senior girls, have to go to the Senior Mother/Daughter Banquet. The banquet is where the girls will be played, on stage in front of everyone, by their mother.

While all the girls are freaking out, Sadie doesn’t think her mom is capable. And believe me, she totally wasn’t until Ally stepped in to help her. We sort of get to see a jealous side of Ally now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we did. Lacey, her best friend, is pregnant, and Sadie’s mother just comes back into her life and (clearly) doesn’t know her well enough to take the stage in imitation of Sadie.

And while Sadie is dealing with that disaster, Jenna gets upset because Matty wrote a short note in her yearbook. “Jenna, you’re a cool chick.”

I mean, I would probably be irritated at that too, but Jenna overreacts. It’s just what she does. Right after she read the note from Matty, her mother came into the room in preparation for the banquet, and had a “cast” on, but Jenna already being mad, got worse and yelled at her mom. She mentioned the note her mother wrote her in the sophomore year, and a couple other hurtful things that really upset Lacey.

So then we see the banquet. Lissa’s mom does a pretty good job of exemplifying her daughter’s eccentricity and Sadie’s mother flat out nails her performance. She’s mean, hateful, and wears that snarl on her face like she invented it. Jenna is last, of course. Lacey is awkward on stage, without anything to say besides “I’m Jenna Hamilton.” Jenna realizes that she had been pretty mean to her mother, so she gets on stage with her mother to make fun of herself. She does a pretty decent job too, talking about how even though she was known as ‘Suicide Girl’ she got to date the hottest guy in school, Matty.

Did I mention Matty was there? Unbeknownst to Jenna, he and Kyle crashed the banquet. Kyle seemed to have some weird sort of fetish for older women dressed as younger women, and even though Matty questioned it, he still tagged along.

After the banquet, Jenna confronted Matty about the platonic note he wrote in her yearbook, and he admitted to her that she’s his best friend. She finally realized that even though no one else knew who she was, Matty did, and that’s all that mattered to her.

So where was Tamara during this whole thing? Well, she was going to break off her engagement, but rather than break it off, she succumbed to an official proposal from him. He brought his grandmother’s ring and proposed to her. Tamara said yes, although she told Jenna that she intends to break up with him; she only wanted to wear the ring for the night.

Personally though, I don’t think that she’s actually going to break it off, not yet at least. Since Tamara’s relationship is focused elsewhere, we’re able to focus more on Matty and Jenna and their impending relationship.

I can’t wait for next week when we see more about this potential new (or old?) relationship. Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya next week!


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