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Bang, Bang, Bang On The Door Of Pretty Little Liars' "Love ShAck Baby"

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01/15/2014 8:01 am
PopWrapped | Television
Bang, Bang, Bang On The Door Of Pretty Little Liars'

Catherine Meushaw

Staff Writer

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, Ali was pulled out of her grave, Ezra is A, Mr. Hastings wants to close Radley and wants Spencer to stay away from the DiLaurentis’, Caleb broke up with Hanna, Ezra gave Aria a key to his cabin, and Hanna showed the rest of the group the diary she got from A’s lair. Check out the full recap, here. If you haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, there are spoilers, so fair warning. Now, on to the episode. The episode picks up where the last one left off, the Liars are still in the Mausoleum looking through Ali’s diary. Aria is wearing a jacket that she possibly stole from the Easter Bunny. Ali’s diary is not going to be any easy read, she wrote stories about everyone but changed the names and some of the details. So each of the Liars have to comb through it for their stories and try to figure out what’s real and what Ali made up. The group gets on Hanna for not showing them earlier and Hanna’s only defense is that they’re personal, full of things they may not want others to know. Emily decides to go first, probably in an effort to put Ali behind her. If I were Emily, I’d be terrified… Well no, if I were Emily, I’d be strong enough to deal with that. If I were in Emily’s shoes, I would be in no rush to read what Ali wrote. Emily fell asleep reading the journal and wakes up to see Ali standing at the foot of her bed. Ali came in through the window and I can’t believe that after this long, Emily and the gang leave anything unlocked, let alone open. Ali is there telling Emily that she missed her and that she wants to explain everything. Emily reminds Ali of what she did and all Emily has to say in defense is that she risked everything. When Emily asks Ali who’s after her, she answers, “I don’t know.” Ali also tells Emily that she wants to be who Emily always saw her as and then points out that Emily still wears the bracelet Ali gave her. Emily’s alarm goes off and she wakes up wondering, like the viewers are, if that was a dream or real. Emily gets out of bed and heads over to her jewelry box, where the bracelet is. So far, it’s looking like Ali was actually at Emily’s house, even though it seems kind of risky. At the Marin house, Ashley is pleasantly surprised to see Hanna up and ready for school. Ashley was expecting to have to drag Hanna out of bed and to school because of what happened with Caleb. Ashley goes on to be the best mom in Rosewood and tells Hanna that what she and Caleb had was real, no matter what she may think. At Toby’s, Spencer arrives with coffee and finds out that her dad cancelled his meeting with Toby. Spencer thinks it’s a little strange but then tells him that it was probably a good thing because Mr. Hastings probably has ulterior motives. Toby tries to explain that he needs closure so Spencer agrees to talk to her dad about it. I really wish this storyline would go away. At school, the Liars are discussing the diary in the quad and Ezra is being super creepy and watching them. For some reason, nobody notices him standing there watching four teenage girls with a creepy look on his face, but then again, it is Rosewood. The Liars decide to use a post it note system to figure out whose stories are whose. When they try to figure out who gets it next, Aria goes to take it but Hanna jumps and gives it to Spencer. Hanna tells the group about her and Caleb breaking up and everyone wants to talk to her about it, but she brushes them off, saying she’s fine. Spencer and Aria have a short talk about Ezra with Aria not telling Spencer about her and Ezra sort of getting back together. The girls figure out that there’s a bed and breakfast, called the Busy Bee Inn, that Ali could be staying in, so they plan to check it out that night. At the Brew, Emily is working and finds a note in her purse. The note says, “I want to come home, meet me in our spot” and it’s in Ali’s handwriting, so Emily cuts out of work early. Aria pays Ezra a visit in his classroom, interrupting something that he’s doing on his computer that requires headphones. Aria tells him that she can’t meet because she’s going somewhere with Spencer, Emily, and Hanna to give Hanna a girls night. When Ezra asks where they’re going, she doesn’t tell him, which is one of the smarter things Aria has done lately. When he resumes his computer work, we hear that he’s listening to a recording of Ali asking for help to escape and “a way to not be Alison DiLaurentis.” Back to Emily, who is going to her and Ali’s spot in the middle of the woods. She sits on a rock that has EF + AD written on it and waits for Ali. She waits for a while, but Ali never comes. Emily then takes off the bracelet and puts it on the rock before leaving. At the Hastings house, Spencer is trying to get a hold of her dad but then walks in on him and Mrs. DiLaurentis talking in the kitchen. Spencer freaks out, which is understandable giving the history between the two of them. The DiLaurentis’ are getting divorced and Mr. Hastings is representing Jessica. Mr. Hastings says he cancelled on Toby because someone at Radley told him that Toby’s mom slipped and fell off the roof. They covered up the truth because there was another patient there. Sounds kind of sketchy to me. Spencer runs into Mrs. D at the Brew later and calls her out for the affair with Mr. Hastings and tells her to stay away from their family. At the Brew, waiting for Emily, Hanna runs into Travis, the guy that helped free her mother by naming CeCe as Wilden’s killer. They chat long enough for Hanna to find out that CeCe was last seen in Maryland but the cops couldn’t catch up to her. The Liars head out to the Busy Bee Inn, which is in Killingworth, I’m not kidding. They try to talk to Hanna about Caleb again, but she’s not having any of it and tries to change the subject. Aria gets her hands on the diary, and Hanna tries to distract from the diary. Ezra does more super things and heads over to the Marin house, telling Hanna’s mom that it’s to talk about the extensions he gave Hanna. He’s really there to snoop through Hanna’s bedroom to look for the diary, which a well-timed phone call helps him do. He’s back down before Ashley knows what happens. Aria finds out that her nickname was Suzy Clueless, which is probably one of the best and more accurate nicknames for her. I promise, I do like Aria, she just manages to be either oblivious or get away without injury most of the time. They come across a new story about the Cradle Robber who they think is Ali, Hanna tries to distract them again, but the car does that for them. The GPS leads them to the middle of nowhere where Emily’s car breaks down. They start freaking out about getting stuck in the rain and about the fact that both Spencer and Emily lied to their significant others. Thankfully, Hanna can call Travis, who has a tow-truck. That still doesn’t solve their rain problem, because apparently waiting in the car is out of the question. Suddenly Aria chimes in with, by the way, my “uncle” has a cabin and it’s near here. So they do the smart thing and walk in the dark, in the rain, in the middle of the woods to a cabin nobody has ever heard of before. They also, I might add, leave the area where they’re getting cell service. Aria conveniently forgets to mention that the cabin doesn’t have cell service or wifi. Spencer tries to talk to Hanna about a missing page in the Cradle Robbing story, but Hanna snaps at her and starts talking about privacy. Between Aria acting shady about Ezra and Hanna acting shady about the diary, I’m not surprised the girls get suspicious about lying. Although I am surprised they don’t press Aria for more information. Hanna finally comes clean about the Cradle Robber, it’s her. She and Mike, Aria’s little brother, had a thing and of course, Ali found out about it. Ali told Hanna she wouldn’t tell Aria and also manages to do that thing where she’s really nice and then really bitchy. Aria tells Hanna that she wouldn’t stop being her friend over something like that and then the girls finally get her to talk about Caleb. Ezra arrives at the cabin shortly after the girls do and does what he does best, watches them and waits for them to leave the main room. Hanna and Emily go outside to try to get cell service while Spencer and Aria go into a room to find blankets and they get locked in. When Aria looks through the lock, she sees A, who she can’t tell is Ezra. She and Spencer end up yelling out the window for help and Emily and Hanna return to get them out. Emily realizes the diary is gone, which wasn’t surprising to viewers. They hear a knock on the door and they all run to get something to use as a weapon; Spencer grabs a shovel, Aria an oar, Hanna a log, and Emily a fireplace poker. When they answer the door, it’s not A, who probably wouldn’t knock, but Travis, there to give them a ride back to Rosewood. When Spencer gets home she brings up the DiLaurentis issue with her dad again, who tells her that if she wants to live there, she’ll drop it and stay away from them. Spencer reacts in a way that any teenager would and goes to Toby’s place to stay the night. Aria gets a call from Ezra, who just casually asks about her night. They say I love you at the end of the conversation, which is more bothersome knowing that he’s A. Emily comes clean to Aria about going to meet Ali, so at least she didn’t keep that one secret for long. A sends them a picture of the Busy Bee Inn and a message that says, “looks like I’m winning, thanks for the tip.” They realize with horror that they pretty much handed A everything he needed to find Ali with all of their notations. The last shot is Ezra on his computer, hacking into Emily’s GPS to undo what he did before. He was the reason that the GPS sent them in the wrong direction.


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