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John Barrowman Answers Fan Questions At San Diego Comic-Con

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
07/27/2016 7:23 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
John Barrowman Answers Fan Questions At San Diego Comic-Con | barrowman
Media Courtesy of Instagram

First off, it is very unfair that John Barrowman's legs look so much better than mine. Secondly, this man is hilarious. The first thing I see when I walk inside the Comic-Con ballroom is him standing up on stage in a Zap Branigan costume with a rainbow tutu and white ankle "stripper pumps." his words, not mine.

I know, I'm speechless too.

The entire panel was basically a Q&A, with John Barrowman going off on the occasional bandwagon. One of the first things he tells is the story about his time with the Torchwood cast. They're in a bar and a bell starts ringing every ten minutes. Turns out it was their fellow cast member who had sat beneath a bell, which he hit with his head every time he tried to get up to go to the bar.

Later that night, while he was walking to his next film shoot, he realized he had no pants on. This later ended up on television, because of course everyone in London knows who he is.

When asked about his first meeting with Russel T. Davis, he explained how he walked into the first meeting in full leather and a helmet. He took off the helmet, sat down, and immediately impressed Davis. They gave him the job on the spot.

It turns out Davis based a lot of Jack Harkness' character on his observations of Barrowman. He has always kept our beloved Captain Jack in a fluid state of sexuality, which has confused people on several occasions. When fans saw Harkness kiss the Doctor and Rose in the first season of the Doctor Who reboot fans were confused about Harkness' sexuality. Is he bi, omni, or gay?

"Well you like him don't you?" Barrowman said. "Let's just leave it at that."

When asked if he would ever record a duet album with Stephen Amell, he said that although Amell has a "pretty good voice," he would much rather hear his friend sing with joy and passion. The CW has a lot of good voices, though, so of course a musical crossover is going to happen.


"We should do a musical live on the CW," he said. "But NO! The rights would be too expensive."

But it would be so good! Seriously guys, we should start a GoFundMe campaign to make this a reality. I think Barrowman would be completely on board.

When asked why he never pulled out his full arsenal (read: privates) on Arrow, he said it was because it was a "different atmosphere" on that show than, say, Torchwood. On Torchwood he was the leading man, but on Arrow he's the Demon's Head.

"When I'm on Arrow, I'm just the asshole." He said. "But yes, I have done it, just not on camera—in the photo opp [with the cast of Arrow]."

When asked how it feels to be himself, he said the question explained it all.

"I do not apologize for myself and you should not either. I believe we should be respectful—and that's why I do the things that I do.... That's why I love my life, I love what I'm doing, and I love what you guys do."

A fan then asked him to choose a super power that could help him save the world. Barrowman said he wrote a book with his sister to that effect. In the books, the characters have the ability to travel into artwork. In a way, he said, the books are a commentary about how the arts are so important to the educational system, and that art is a magic all its own.

But in all honesty, Barrowman is so grateful  to his family and fans, and says that it is because of them and their support that he has been able to continue doing what he loves—while also being able to publish books as a co-author with his sister. Their next book, The Book of Beasts, is available for pre-order through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

One of Barrowman's final comments was about how he (casually) had his first date with his now-husband Scott at Cher's house.

"I am a fan just like you guys—this is my 10th or 11th year at Comic-Con. You make every year special."


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