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BBC America Releases Extended "Time Of The Doctor" Trailer

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/19/2013 4:20 pm
PopWrapped | Television
BBC America Releases Extended
Media Courtesy of BBC America
Photo courtesy of BBC America Photo courtesy of BBC America
Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

Well, Whovians. We have six, count them, six days until the second biggest Doctor Who episode of the seventh series. Christmas is upon us and that means the Eleventh Doctor is about to take his final ride in the TARDIS. The destination is Trenzalore where Silence Will Fall and the Doctor will die. Will he die for good? The good news is “no” for we have the incomparable Peter Capaldi stepping into the shoes of the Time Lord with Jenna Coleman returning as Clara Oswald. Steven Moffat has recently commented that Matt Smith's Doctor is the Thirteenth Doctor which means that the Doctor could be facing some incredible twists and turns on his way to regeneration, including the fear that he may never come back. Orla Brady stars as Tasha Lem, an old friend's of the Time Lord's who associates with the same army seen in “A Good Man Goes to War” as well the Weeping Angel two-parter “Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone.” Sheila Reid plays Clara's grandma in the Christmas special and, funnily enough, was in Doctor Who in 1985. The official synopsis is dark and teasing and the new extended trailer released by BBC America echoes the same thing. The trailer is a full thirty seconds longer than the original BBC version and it features more monsters than ever before. The Daleks proclaim that the doctor “will die in silence.” The Silence themselves cause Clara to forget and make lightening come out of their weird looking fingers. The Weeping Angels grab Clara from a snow-y grave and the Doctor waltzes into a “trap” with the disembodied head of a Cyberman. Creepy alert. You can watch the new trailer here but don't forget to breathe, tally mark your skin and not blink. The siege of Trenzalore is upon us. The Time War will be renewed and the “Time of the Doctor” is about to strike Twelve. Matt Smith's final bow airs at 7:30p BBC One and 8/9c on BBC America Christmas Day.


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