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Music / Reviews PopWrapped | Music

Bebe Rexha Raises The Bar With ‘Expectations’

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
07/11/2018 12:52 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Bebe Rexha Raises The Bar With ‘Expectations’ | Bebe Rexha Expectations Album Review
Media Courtesy of Gabriel Olsen

Bebe Rexha released her debut album Expectations in late June and it’s a genuine work of art. Rexha has been a familiar voice on the radio for some time now with duets on tracks with artists from G-Eazy to Florida Georgia Line. Her voice has graced every genre music has to offer and she’s one of those rare artists who fits anywhere she wants to be. She worked with numerous producers to bring Expectations to life, but we’d say it paid off because each song is fantastic with no let down tracks, and as a whole, it truly shines. Go download this album, but first check out our track by track breakdown.

‘Ferrari’ - Rexha opens on this mellow track, which was available to the fans who pre ordered the record. Each moment of this song builds until the chorus where she belts out her feelings, comparing herself to a fast car which is fun but lonely.

‘I’m a Mess’ - The next song picks up the pace but still handles a deeper meaning then you’d expect with the background music and sounds. Rexha opens up about the truth of dealing with all of our flaws but knowing they don’t own us.

‘2 Souls on Fire’ featuring Quavo - We follow up on a much more top 40 track, easing the depth from the last two songs giving us a little break in the shallow end.

‘Shining Star’ - Rexha gives us a little glimpse into her process at the beginning of this one, allowing us to hear her creative ideas in the studio putting together ‘Shining Star’. This one may be one of our favorites, even though it would be a real challenge to choose just one.

‘Knees’ - Give us an opening with an acoustic guitar and we’re here for it. This song is a dream for those in the mood for a simple ballad without all the frills or runs we’re used to. Her vocals are outstanding over this simple background.

‘I Got You’ - We’re back to a more electronic sound for this radio hit, we know you’ve heard it a few times, at least. This is the definition of a catchy song that will be stuck in your head, but we welcome it.

‘Self-control’ - Here, we stop at a sexy song about that infatuation that goes along with new relationships. She soars through the words while we dance to the beat, feeling more at ease with these lyrics after how the album began.

‘Sad’ - We can all relate to this song, set on a very magnetizing beat. Rexha has it right on ‘Sad’ because sometimes it’s comforting to be alone with your own feelings, in order to deal with them or work through them.

‘Mine’ - Rexha takes us on a different path for this song, putting her lyrics along with a hypnotic beat that matches her note for note. She is calling out someone in ‘Mine’ and we don’t want to be in their shoes because she doesn’t sound like she appreciates all the attention.

‘Steady’ featuring Tory Lanez - We get a more familiar feel on this one because it flows with what we’re used to in her radio tracks, but there’s something that sets hers apart. We think it’s the lyrics and the way they flow with the music once more.

‘Don’t Get Any Closer’ - We get another one of our favorite intros here which are beautifully followed by her voice. She’s so subtle as she warns the object of her desires because what lies underneath the surface may be too much.

‘Grace’ - Oh, a self sacrificing ballad which broke us as we listened. She sings over a simple piano with string instruments mixed in as she reveals that this man is too good for her and she has to leave before she hurts him. She wants to break his heart with grace. This song gives us all the feels.

‘Pillow’ - This is the last song before Rexha’s hit with Florida Georgia Line, and she continues the ballad flow. This song is about heartbreak over a piano until the chorus strikes with her vocals soaring over everything, conveying the pain her heart is experiencing.

Expectations is a masterpiece and could never work with any artist other then Bebe Rexha. If you’ve listened, share your thoughts. We’ll go back to holding our pillow for comfort after all the emotions we’ve gone through from Rexha’s work start to finish. Our closing thought is that her soft, falsetto voice is exceptional and we want to hear it more.


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