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Judge Judy, Paula Dean And Anna Nicole Stole The Show But Who Snatched The Win?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/26/2014 8:18 am
PopWrapped | Television
Judge Judy, Paula Dean And Anna Nicole Stole The Show But Who Snatched The Win?
Media Courtesy of LogoTV

Boxxa Vina

Staff Writer


Ru skipped right to the main challenge so let's do the same thing. Everyone's favorite main challenge Snatch Game. Celebrity impersonation at its best…and its worst. Bianca Del Rio playing Bianca Del Rio but dressed as Judge Judy. She hit Judge Judy in all the right ways but it wasn't much of a stretch in terms her character to Judy's. Ranking: High. Adore Delano really pulled off Anna Nicole Smith in her binge drinking pill popping rendition of the reality star. She sticks in both her character and her version of Anna's slurred Southern dialect. Ranking: High. Milk brought out her Julia Child. Her performance was just like the real Julia Child. Dead. Ranking: Low Courtney Act as Fran Drescher. I was let down. An unwritten "rule" of RDR, if someone has done a celebrity already and done them well do not try to do that person. Jujubee killed Fran on the first season of All-Stars, it was Peek-a-Ru not Snatch but close enough, and Courtney's Fran fell flat around the other girls and in comparison to the Fran already depicted by a queen in the past. Ranking: Safe. Laganja Estranja as a robot playing Rachel Zoe. Why Laganja didn't go for Alyssa Edward as a character I will never know. She's been around her, damn she's literally her drag mother, but instead her robotic representation of fashionista left me wanting anything else. Between the oversized hat, oversized sunglasses, and the overly shiny hair this just seemed like a cop-out to me. Ranking: Bottom Two. Darienne Lake as Paula Dean was your normal big girl making food jokes. A few good puns and a pretty spot on look and voice but in the end it was very much bread without butter, dry. Ranking: Safe. Gia Gunn as Wonky Eye Kardashian…I mean Kim. She was playing Snatched Game with that face but in Snatch Game her career took a bigger blow than Kim did in her sex tape. Looking at my FB feed I couldn't tell if more people were more excited that founding member of Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelps had passed or that Gia has finally been eliminated this week. Ranking: Eliminated. Joslyn Fox as the dark horse in the competition, oh and she played Teresa Giudice. Comedy, looks, and several great moments in the game she has really proved over the past few weeks she is a force to be reckoned with. Ranking: Safe. Ben De La Creme as Maggie Smith. Seattle has officially taken over Snatch Game. I was ready for a sinking ship when De La was in the work room but she proved everyone wrong and stole the show. Her quick wit, side eye, and her devotion to staying in character solidified her win for this weeks challenge. Ranking: Winner. Trinity K. Bonet as Nicki Minaj. Chad Michaels called he wants his wig changes back. None of Nicki's mannerisms or inner characters were brought out and she dropped the ball when she spent more time trying to switch wigs then write answers. Ranking: Safe. There were very few notable moments outside of the game itself, the runway was RuPaul realness and Adore kept channeling Anna and cinched her waist Trimspa style but failed to deliver anything but normal Adore instead of Ru. Trinity came out as positive in Untucked wanting to be a voice for those who need it. Laganja cried. Milk came out in boy drag, something both Alaska and was read to filth for, but skipped by to see another week. Laganja cried even more. Michelle looked amazing as a blonde. And lastly Laganja cried one last time. Fast forward to the lip sync and Laganja death dropped for Jesus all over the stage while Gia pulled off a worse "quick" change then Mimi Imfurst did on All-Stars. Laganja lives to toke another day and Gia is out. Next Week: 90s Rap Video!


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