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Benedict Cumberbatch Trusts That His Fans Will Have His Back

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/09/2013 1:00 am
Benedict Cumberbatch Trusts That His Fans Will Have His Back

Kirsty Wallace
Content Editor

Cumberbitches of the world unite!!

Benedict said that he believes his fans will protect him from the wrath of Wikileaks founders Julian Assange. 

Cumberbatch will be portraying the Wikileaks founder in the upcoming The Fifth Estate. Assange has accused the production of spreading “lie upon lie” about the Wikileaks scandal. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the British star said that he was sure that Assange would now target him. 

Cumberbatch said: “I’m not a bank with offshore accounts in the Canaries, I don’t fiddle my taxes, I’m not wanted for war crimes. If he goes after me, it’s going to be a waste of his extraordinary talent!”

This is where the “Cumberbitches” come in, Benedict is sure that his fans will have his back. Therefore he is not worried.

In regards to his portrayal of Assange, Cumberbatch is keen to say that he feels he has been true to the real Julian Assange. The star, however, has no desire to upset or demonize the Wikileaks founder.

"I hope if I’ve done well, I’ve probably humanized someone that many people only think of in tabloid headline terms. He’s an extraordinary figure," Cumberbatch said. "The movie was just the opportunity to try and unlock a little about who he is and what motivates him

The Fifth Estate will be released in the UK on October 11th and in the US on October 18th.


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