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Editorial: How The "Bernie Or Bust" Crowd May Just Doom Us All

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/21/2016 2:10 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Editorial: How The
Media Courtesy of Bernie's over your shit, too

It's hard to come to terms with the idea that a group you really believed in and championed has gone off the rails and is quickly becoming the very thing they were born to fight.

Right now, the "Bernie or Bust" crowd (a VERY loyal collective of Bernie Sanders supporters that are still working hard to overthrow Hillary Clinton and take the White House despite her being officially nominated) are threatening to throw their support behind Donald Trump because Bernie didn't get the nomination, OR the VP spot. I won't lie, it stills berns me, too. But here's the thing...

Last week, I discussed how I was preparing myself for a Donald Trump presidency. I DIDN'T MEAN IT! I TAKE IT ALL BACK! HOW DO I DELETE THIS FROM THE INTERNET FOREVER!? No one is prepared for a Donald Trump presidency.

Not a single person on this unfathomably large planet will benefit from a Trump presidency other than Trump, and a few of his select benefactors.

I wanted a political revolution, too. I was happy to put my limited resources into a cause I really believed in. Bernie was the icon we all needed to hope for something more. More than the status quo, something different than the political establishment that has stagnated in Washington for far too long. Who, in reality, was quite a terrible politician, as far as politicians go, because he said what he meant and he meant what he said--- and he was fighting on our side.

I don't think I ever truly believed it was a possibility, though. In my heart of hearts, I knew from the onset that Bernie would not get the nomination. Democrats may be more adaptable than republicans, but life-shattering, capitalism-shifting, democratic socialism is too much for even those on the left to grasp. Not everyone can change on a dime; and that doesn't make them evil, it makes them human.

I really do not understand this whole ideal behind throwing the game and handing the White House to Donald Trump. This election is starting to feel like one of those obscene, over-the-top weddings. Everyone involved is so enmeshed in the "day" that they never stop to consider the marriage, and the years of hard-work, dedication and commitment that come after it. After this election ends there will be an entire four years of irreparable repercussions under Trump.

Furthermore, handing the baton to Trump will effectively erase any progress that Bernie Sanders was able to influence during his trailblazing campaign. Do you think Trump will continue to fight for the environment? What about women's rights? Turning minimum wage into an actual living wage? Affordable health care and education for all? Under-trained, trigger happy law enforcement? EQUALITY. RESPECT. JUSTICE. TAKING. THE. HIGHER. GROUND.

Those were the pillars of Bernie's platform; and all of those who are holding the left hostage because their man didn't win (even if the DNC did suppress him, it still happened. Being an adult also means knowing when to walk away) are spitting in the face of his hard work in the name of petulance.

Hillary may not be who you wanted to represent you. If you haven't learned by now that real life rarely ever serves anything up on a silver platter, you're well overdue for this lesson anyway. Throwing your support behind Hillary does not make you a lemming, a sheep, or complicit with the establishment. It makes you reasonable and shrewd.

Life with Hillary as POTUS may not be perfect. Hell it may be a disaster, that risk goes for anyone taking on this gig. But it may also be pretty goddamn incredible. You may get the opportunity to witness a moment in time that will blaze through history for as long as Earth orbits with a front-row seat. Instead of resisting it, open your mind and heart to it. Do some actual research on Hillary. Learn that she is FAR from the monster everyone wants to paint her as. Maybe she's not as warm or charismatic as President Obama is, and she's certainly not the sideshow travesty that Donald Trump is, but she is fierce, sharp, immeasurably brilliant, compassionate and capable.

Stop lamenting your loss and get behind the cause. It's been ages since people have been this passionate about anything--- probably since about 2008 and 2012--- and we can make sure that, come November, the left will win, not only the Oval, but Congress as well. Together, if you put your money where your mouth is (and I do mean all of you!) and get to the polls we may be able to salvage a modicum of dignity by not putting a sad, insecure, man-child in the most powerful position in the world.

Do not let Bernie's fight be in vain. You may not get the revolution you wanted with Hillary, but you'll get a hell of a lot closer than you ever will with Trump. Once he's finished with us, all gay marriages will have been annulled, anyone that isn't straight up white will live on the other side of a giant wall, and women will be sex slaves who are only released to cook, clean and pop out babies. It will be Mad Max: Fury Road, and Donald Trump will be our very own Immorten Joe.


When you realize everyone has already come to this conclusion because of all of the available google images

Please do not lead us violently into the bowels of the apocalypse. I really don't think that's too much to ask.


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