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Beyond: 02x03, No Es Bueno

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
01/25/2018 11:52 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Beyond: 02x03, No Es Bueno | Beyond No Es Bueno
Media Courtesy of Freeform/David Bukach

When we last saw Holden, he has been promoted and his new mentor is not happy with this, Charlie and Yellow Jacket have teamed up, and Holden's parents are up to something with the local police. Oh, and someone else might have abilities like Holden and Charlie. 

But where does this episode begin? With none of the above. We have a new character that seems to be waking up from a coma in Argentina. When he looks into the mirror, he does not see himself but rather a decomposed version of himself. Could this be what is coming from the realm? 

Ah, back to Holden. He is running late for work. Maybe his sleepwalking adventures are throwing him off. Stevie makes a crack that Holden's dad may be into another woman. 

Luke is at the coffee shop when who walks in but Riley. She wants to talk, but we feel like Luke should stay far away. He probably won't though. 

Tom Matthew's mystery woman works for the postal service and there does seem to be some flirting going on. Tom introduces her to Holden and he hands Holden an important package for a client. Why do we feel like Holden's extracurriculars are going to get in the way? 

Meanwhile, in Argentina, our mystery man, Diego, has been returned home and his dog flips out and won't stop barking until Diego flashes him a look and the dog whimpers away. Maybe Diego really isn't Diego at all. 

Jeff is at Christine's house and notices the package from Helping Hands which is a faction of Hollow Sky. Jeff does not want Christine to continue on with Helping Hands but she is not feeling it. In fact, she tells him off and calls him out on all of his conspiracy theory. Jeff still tries to warn her about Pastor Ian and how he is linked to Kevin's murder, but she won't even hear it. 

Just like we thought, Luke meets with Riley. She is apologizing and says that she is making better choices. Good job, Luke! Don't fall for it! 

Looks like Diane Matthews is going to jump back into the Pastor Ian pool, but this time it is to spy on him for the government. She is asking him for a redo at their relationship. But, Pastor Ian is not falling for it. Could he have been tipped off? What will Diane do next? She doesn't even have a second to think because Jeff runs in and tries to strangle Pastor Ian. Diane is able to talk him down. This could actually give Diane an edge. 

Holden is back to putting numbers into the computer when the sounds in the room start getting to him.  He is seeing flashes of the realm. When Stevie asks for the package his dad gave him, but he can't locate it. Stevie is breathing down his back and Holden can't keep it together. 

Diego's parents are starting to realize, that the man they brought home is not Diego. So they send in a doctor of some kind. Diego says he has a headache and can't sleep. Diego grabs the doctor and says that fire is coming to Earth and that he hears voices. The Doctor asks what the voices and Diego's response is just "kill."

Who else shows up to the coffee shop but Willa. She is still mortified about Mathews family dinner. She is also wondering about Holden and how she hasn't heard from him. Luke tells her to just go for a run. 

Charlie is talking to her sister in a park and her sister is not supporting her decision. Charlie is saying that she is going to help her fix things. Charlie's sister tells her that nothing can be changed if she goes after Arthur. 

Diane heads over to Jeff's cabin. Maybe she is going to let him in on the master plan. She does! She tells him everything, even that the FBI is involved. Jeff is not happy about this choice. He thinks the FBI will just use them. 

Enter, Yellow Jacket. He is waiting in his car and takes out Tess's pills, but then the phone rings and he has to meet someone. 

Oh no, Luke! He is back with Riley and she is still into some illegal extracurriculars. Riley's roommate is angry at her for supposedly stealing a stash, but she claims she didn't and knows who did. She is enlisting Luke to go after this guy, but we can't see this ending well. Is she framing him again?

Willa takes Luke's advice and goes out for a run. Will this make her feel any better? She goes back into the coffee shop to look for Luke, but she doesn't find him. The manager says he didn't come to work because he wasn't feeling well. Or he was feeling Riley? 

Jeff goes back to Christine's to apologize, even though he knows he is on to something. Jeff also says that he will do anything to protect them and Christine actually lets him in. 

Yellow Jacket is at Tess's. I wonder if he is going to use the pills against her. Tess asks if Yellow Jacket has taken care of Charlie. He says he has, but we know he hasn't. How is Tess going to react when she finds out Charlie is alive. Tess wants Yellow Jacket to help her run Hollow Sky while Frost is "away." He decides to work with her. But Tess has other plans. She calls someone to have Yellow Jacket killed. And we were just starting to kind of warm up with him. 

Holden is still trying to find that package. Stevie is freaking out and Holden is trying his best to salvage it, but Stevie starts pushing buttons. Holden lets his abilities get the best of him and he is having flashbacks to the realm. Holden's abilities make the plane start working, packages are flying, and forklifts are moving. The propeller is flying right toward Stevie and Holden pushes him away and the propellor gets stuck in the ceiling. When it is about to fall, he pushes Stevie away again. 

Diego is on his way to another doctor, but he has other plans. Diego gives in to the voices in his head and he tries to kill his father. When the car crashes he is ejected from the car. Only Diego survives even though he looks like he shouldn't. He returns back to the car to finish the job. 

Holden's warehouse is in complete shambles and now Stevie knows about his abilities. This can't be good no matter how you spin it. Only Holden is hurt too and in the same place as Diego. Are they connected? Diego gets into a cab and asks to go to Fort Reed, Kansas. 

Mind and warehouse completely blown! It does look like the realm is coming to Holden, but how is he going to handle it? Will Willa and Charlie be able to help? Is Yellow Jacket going to survive? We know we want to keep watching! Catch Beyond on Freeform Thursday, February 1st at 8:00 p.m EST to see what happens next!



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