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Billy Ray Cyrus Has No Problem With Miley's Wrecking Ball Nudity

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/12/2013 3:54 am
Billy Ray Cyrus Has No Problem With Miley's Wrecking Ball Nudity

Heather O’Connell

Staff Writer

Miley Cyrus is known for causing controversy, and with the release of her new music video for her single “Wrecking Ball” it looks like she has caused even more. The video itself shows Cyrus swinging naked on a wrecking ball and licking a sledge hammer. One reporter wrote an article that went so far as to say that the video relayed that “young women should be sexually available.” While they are entitled to their opinion, Cyrus is also entitled to hers.

Cyrus called in and spoke with Elvis Duran and the Z100 morning show to discuss her new video. When discussing the video, morning show member Bethany Watson, curiously asked Miley about the inspiration behind the video:

"The song is so sad, it’s such an emotional wreck of a song and the video is so sexy. Did you feel that they didn’t quite fit together, what was the thought process behind that?"

Miley responded by saying that not everything about the video is what it seemed.

"I think the video is much more, if people get past the point that I’m naked and you actually look at me. You can tell that I actually look more broken than even the song sounds. The song is a pop ballad. It’s one of these songs that everyone is gonna relate to, everyone’s felt that feeling at some point. If people can take their minds off the obvious and go into their imagination a little bit and see kind of what the video really means and the way that it is so vulnerable."

Miley does have another person backing her up, and that person would be her loving father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who seems to always have something positive to say no matter what she does. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he had these words to say about his daughter and her new music video:

"I’m a song man. A musician singer songwriter who loves all styles of music. But again…I come from the old school where it starts with an artist and a song…colliding if you will…in a moment where the song, the singer, the producer, the band and the listener become one. It wouldn’t have mattered if Miley would have worn jeans and a flannel shirt… a Tux…or a nun’s habit. The song’s a smash…and her performance vocally on the tune reflects her roots and sheer God given talent."

Miley might be controversial, but she’s getting people talking and that’s something that is keeping her career going. It doesn’t hurt that her music is still popular with “Wrecking Ball” currently #1 on iTunes. Her new album Bangerz will be released on iTunes October 8, and I would guess that the album will be just as successful as the two released singles.


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