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Bite Your Tongue On This Week's Pretty Little Liars

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01/29/2014 4:02 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Bite Your Tongue On This Week's Pretty Little Liars
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Catherine Meushaw

Staff Writer

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, Ezra was acting super creepy and Emily met with Ali for all of 2 seconds before Spencer interrupted and Ali ran. Check out the full recap here.  This week starts with Emily and Aria arriving at Aria’s after seeing a movie. Spencer and Hanna weren’t invited because Emily is still mad at Spencer and Hanna refuses to be mad at Spencer on Emily’s behalf. Aria is trying to talk Emily down but is interrupted by the party they walk into. Byron is out of town so Mike decided to host a party. Emily and Aria run into Mona snooping around upstairs. Mona tells Aria that she and Mike are friends, which surprises everyone and makes Aria suspicious. At the Hastings residence, Spencer is trying to type up the stories from Ali’s diaries. She’s having some problems because she took pictures with her phone and Ali apparently has terrible handwriting. She calls up Hanna, who is distracted reading a James Patterson novel, her third that week. Hanna’s logic is to understand how to approach this Ali mystery they need to read books about the criminal mind. It’s actually not a bad idea, unfortunately, Hanna is the only one who seems to think so. At the Montgomery’s the next morning, Aria tries to talk to Mike about him and Mona. The two met in a discussion group after school and discovered they have friends in common. Aria is skeptical and tells Mike that Mona is dangerous, reminding him that if nothing else, she broke up their parents. Mike defends Mona saying he’s done some bad things and that their parents kind of broke themselves up.  At the Fields’, Emily is getting ready for school when her dad knocks on the door. Yes! Wayne Fields is back! He tells her that the mechanic didn’t find anything wrong with her car, which freaks her out and causes her to choose her bike over driving. Wayne knows something isn’t right with Emily, but she claims it’s just senior year.  Cut to Rosewood High, where Ezra is talking to Maggie. Maggie is there to get a key from him, I think, because she is moving back to Seattle. Malcolm is already there and all Maggie needs to do is sign the lease and pack up a few things. Aria interrupts just as Ezra is getting on Maggie about being able to see Malcolm. Aria starts in on Maggie and Ezra stops her.  Outside of Rosewood’s local bookstore, Hanna is checking the rack for anything that looks interesting. She’s interrupted by Officer Holbrook, one of the officers who helped arrest Hanna’s mom. He apologizes for what the Marin’s through and also offers a book suggestion. She gets a text from Emily and heads to school.  Emily is freaking out about the car, telling Hanna she doesn’t feel safe at home. Hanna uses her newfound crime novel knowledge and tries telling her that it might not have been A, because A would have bragged about it. Emily snaps at her and tells her to stop reading those books because she isn’t a detective. Emily also reminds Hanna that every time they find something out, it comes back and bites them in the butt. Spencer interrupts them and tries to talk to Emily, but Emily storms off, still angry with her.  Aria is walking in the courtyard area and sees Mike and Mona getting cozy. She immediately rushes over to Mona to accuse her of using Mike to get to her and tells Mona to leave Mike alone. Mona stands her ground and basically tells Aria to f off because Mona wasn’t the one who iced them out, they iced her out and she can hang out with whoever she wants.  Spencer is going to the copier and runs into Andrew, what school lets students use the copiers like that? In case you forgot, Andrew is the debate team dude who she stripped for. Andrew reminds her of a physics test that she completely forgot about. Spencer gets him to cover and asks him to come over to her house later so she can see his notes.  Back to Ezra, who is grading papers when Mona comes in. Ezra asks her to close the door, which she does with a smirk.  To the Brew, where Hanna is adorably freaking out over possibly losing her book. Holbrook is there and they start talking about the book. Hanna tells him that she reads the last two pages first, so that she knows what clues to look for. Holbrook and any viewer who reads is naturally appalled. She mispronounces Fjord, which smitten Holbrook ignores, and then asks him for a clue. He tells her that the dental records are important, which gives Hanna an idea for finding out who was actually buried in Ali’s grave.  Aria goes to pay a visit to the new guidance counselor, Jesse. She’s there to find another way to separate Mike and Mona. Jesse invites her to join to group to help work out her anger. Aria declines and he tells her that he doesn’t discourage friendships, which is not the answer she was looking for, so she leaves.  Cut to Ezra, who is sending a text that says, “There’s been a setback, re: Alison.” We don’t see who it’s to, but we can at least guess that it’s not Mona. Just as he hits send, Mr. Fields pays him a visit to express concerns about Emily. Ezra offers to give Emily an extracurricular activity to help get her back on track.  To the Hastings house, where Spencer and Andrew are studying in her room. Spencer tells him she didn’t ask him there to study, but because she wants some of his “study aide” to help her stay up. He starts to turn her down, but Spencer argues that he owes her because she showed him her side boob once. He gives her the meds and tells her that he thought she was done with Toby and that’s why she invited him there.  At the Fields household, Emily is sleeping when she is woken up by a noise at her window. She walks over to the open window and shuts it. Still hearing noises and seeing a shadow in the hall, she grabs a pair of scissors. Right when she gets to the door, it opens and she nearly stabs her father in the face. Thankfully, Wayne’s military training prevents Emily from becoming that girl who murdered her father with scissors. The camera pans over to the windowsill, where there is a handprint.  Back to Spencer’s, where with the help of enlarged photos of the diary, Spencer has deciphered the story. The story is about the dates Ali used to go on with an older guy. They go to a pub and the mystery man orders boysenberry pie and beer, which is super weird but very distinctive. Spencer immediately rushes over to Hanna’s to get her to go with her to the pub. Hanna tells her that she can’t, she has a visit with the dentist planned. Hanna tells Spencer her plan, which involves going to the dentist and searching the files to figure out who was there after Ali’s body was found. Spencer is on board with the plan and they both agree not to tell Aria and Emily.  The next day, Aria runs into Maggie in town. Aria reams her out for the way she’s treating Ezra with the Malcom thing and Maggie calls her out for sleeping with her teacher. Aria gets upset and grabs her, causing her to drop the box she was carrying, and then immediately apologizes and leaves.  Emily and Aria are talking about it and Emily makes a comment about Aria not seeing him. Aria makes a face that screams, “Actually, I am seeing him, I’m just not telling any of you people” and Emily definitely notices, just doesn’t say anything. She tells Aria that she’ll be seeing a lot of Ezra because she was recruited to help with the upcoming play. Emily tells Aria about the near patricide but before they can talk about it, Aria sees Mike and Mona making out. We then go to Hanna at the dentist. The hygienist tells her she has a loose filling and then leaves her alone. Conveniently, the access to the file room is in that very patient room, so Hanna takes the opportunity to snoop. The hygienist comes back into the room and upon seeing the empty chair, thinks Hanna left, so she leaves. Hanna finds the page she’s looking for and rips it out of the binder, returning to her seat. Someone in a white coat enters and gases Hanna, knocking her out and then takes a syringe to her gum. When Hanna wakes up, the room is dark and her lip is bleeding. She checks her purse for the page she stole, but it’s not there.  While Hanna is at the dentist, Spencer is at the Pub, where she runs into Ezra. Ezra is eating a piece of boysenberry pie and he tells the waitress to cancel the rest of his order because he has to go. Spencer sits down at his table and is going over the story when the waitress comes back with Ezra’s order, a beer. She figured since Ezra already paid, it’d be okay, but she tells Spencer if anyone asks, she checked her ID. I think Spencer was too wrapped up in crazy Ali stuff to realize the waitress was flirting with her. Spencer takes a look at the label and then we see the scene from earlier, but instead of Ali and a mystery guy, it’s Ali and Ezra. We then get to see the label of the beer, “Board Shorts Ale” and we finally know why Ali called Ezra “Board Shorts.”  Emily is still at the school making copies when she hears a noise and the lights go out. Because they’ve been living a nightmare for the past few years, Emily immediately grabs a weapon and goes running out of the school. No, I’m lying, but I wish she would stop going places by herself. She calls out for Ezra, which we know isn’t helpful, and when she doesn’t get a response, she gathers her stuff to leave. Again, I wish. She actually grabs her things and goes to drop off the copies, when the door to the classroom shuts. She takes out her phone to call her dad, and music (the metal-y kind, not the happy musical kind) starts blasting over the speakers. When she gets out into the hall, one of the digital flashes says, “Act normal, bitch” and the lights start flashing like crazy. She goes back to the copy room to hide and wait for her dad. She barricades the door and tries to open the window, but has trouble. Luckily, she sees her dad’s car pull up to the school, just as A tries to get into the room. Mr. Fields tries the front door and upon finding it locked, starts to walk around the school. Emily finds a hole punch and breaks the window so she can call out to her dad. He goes rushing into action and climbs up the wall, helping Emily open the window and climb out. While they’re climbing down, we see A enter the room and look out the window. The second Emily is safe, Mr. Fields collapses and Emily calls 911. Emily starts to blame herself and Mr. Fields tells her not to because she did the right thing in calling him when she was scared. He also tells her that he didn’t ask for leave, but was given leave because there’s something wrong with his heart, he doesn’t have the results though. Emily freaks out about him not telling her and he tells her he’s not going anywhere, which pretty much means he’s doomed. Aria takes Emily to her house for the night, because Mrs. Fields didn’t want her at the hospital. Spencer and Emily make up, Emily finally able to let go of some of that anger in light of what happened with her dad. Hanna comes in and tells them what happened at the dentist and that her mouth feels still funny. She asks them to take a look and Spencer finds a little capsule, with a little note, in Hanna’s mouth. The note says, “I told you: Dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking. - A.” The last scene is A shredding the pages from the dentist and putting the pieces in Tippi’s cage. Tippi says, “Hey Board Shorts” whistles the tune and add, “Miss me?” The last shot is a map of cape may, with two places circled. The first is of the Cape May Lighthouse, written next to it is #1493 A & C. The second is an X  in the harbor marking Wilden’s Yacht. What do you think of the episode? Did you already know Ezra and Board Shorts were one in the same, or was that a surprising reveal? Quotes:  Emily:  Uh hello? This is somebody’s desk! Move it!  Aria: Was Mona here to poop or snoop?  Aria: Drop the cougar crap.  Aria: How do I say this without sounding rude? Jesse: Try Aria: Mona’s the devil. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!  


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