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PopWrapped | Recaps
Bitten: 03×06, Rule Of Anger | Rule of Anger
Media Courtesy of Syfy

We begin with Nick and Katia arriving at Rachel's. Rachel is outside, and she is weary of Katia, but she seems off. Rachel reveals there's something wrong with the baby. Oh snap, the baby has powers -- but can someone please pick him up? When he's upset, they activate, but, the moment Rachel picks him up, it all stops. 


Elena and

Clay are watching the video of Marsden being tortured. They are looking for clues and making a rescue plan.

Zoom to a man at a diner, and he has one red eye! It's the mystery wolf! At least, we think so. The mystery man wants the diner, and we think he'd kill for it -- or just intimidate people to leave. Nope, he's gonna kill people. They should have sold him the diner.

Back with Nick, they are concerned with the baby. They think it might be the witches' blood Rachel was injected with when she was pregnant, but he calls in Paige.

Elena gives Jeremy an update on everything and tries to talk him out of going after Roman alone. Elena and Clay are gonna go get Marsden back.

Paige is asking Rachel about the baby and when the magic started. Paige is mystified by what's happening, and Rachel just wants the baby to be okay.

The red-eyed wolf has Marsden. Elena and Clay might be biting off more than they can chew with this rescue mission.

Paige is curious about Nick and Rachel, which is ridiculous, but it's nice that she cares. These two can never be even though we wish it so. They are about to have a moment when Katia comes in, and we find out that the Russians have been hunting the witches, too. Jeremy checks in.

Elena and Clay arrive to rescue Marsden. We wish they knew what they were facing.

Paige is doing a magic check on the baby. Things are about to get creepy. Katia breaks the magic circle and gets messed up. Paige handles her, and then we learn that Rachel has the powers. We were kind of thinking that. Her anxiety is causing it.

Elena and Clay walked into a straight-up trap, and Clay gets electrocuted! And Elena is captured! Oh no! Elena knows who he is now. He is a werewolf assassin, and he has a list. Another wolf appears to help with the escape, and we hope he can get all three. OMG everybody is out, and it's 4 against 1! Get him, Clay! This red-eyed wild is super strong. Elena joins the fight, but they are no match for this guy. They escape!

Paige is interrogating Rachel about her newfound powers. Rachel has to learn to control her powers. Rachel is way over this life. Katia wakes up and calls her brother. He tells her that the red-eyed wolf is here.

Katia takes the baby to use to stop Roman. She doesn't know the baby has no powers!


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