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Bitten: 03x01, Family, Of Sorts

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/17/2016 6:16 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Bitten: 03x01, Family, Of Sorts | Family
Media Courtesy of SyFy

Bitten came back to SyFy on February 15th at 11 pm for the premier of its third and final season and we saw everyone picking up the pieces.  There was a significant time jump from the ending of season 2 because Rachel was very early in her pregnancy when season 2 ended and now the baby is here.  Let's get to the events of the season opener.

The episode began with Elena confessing her premonition to Paige because she is afraid to tell the others in her wolf pack.  Elena wants to know when the visions of her covered in the pack's blood, surrounded by fire will end.  Paige tells her that it won't end until it comes to be.  Sorry, Elena.

Jeremy is still struggling with the deaths at his hand when he was a 'soft' alpha and it leads to him being a very tough leader.  He wants them to recruit all the mutts around to the pack and if they don't want to join, well they die.  Nick, Clay and Elena do his bidding as loyal members of the family but Elena is very unsure of his new reign.  She tells Clay that they should look for a house of their own in town to raise kids and back away a little bit now that the pack is growing.  Clay isn't convinced that she wants kids but he knows that she is really unhappy with the way Jeremy is handing the pack and the space she wants is from him.

The peace, and by peace we mean tension, doesn't last long before an attack on Stonehaven occurs.  It's from another wolf family who has a feud with Jeremy from the previous season's events and they kill a pack member.  Elena and Clay try to catch the attacker but they are only able to trap him an area.  Jeremy and Nick join and they use team work to get the guy and find out where his brother is.  Eduardo is the brother with the real beef and after a little torture, his location is given to Jeremy.

Elena left to check on something else while they men tortured their prisoner and she is confronted by a young human girl by the name of Alexei who knows everything about her.  She blackmails Elena so that Elena will meet with her father, Sasha.  Elena isn't happy but she does what the girl asks.

Meanwhile, Jeremy, Clay and Nick get to the location where Eduardo is supposed to be but they just missed them.  Elena meets with the man who might by our new Wolf Crush Wednesday, Sasha and he says a lot but the most important thing is that he is her father.  What???  So, Elena has two families?  How will Jeremy take this news as he's already pretty stressed?


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