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PopWrapped | Recaps
Bitten: 03x02, Our Own Blood | Bitten
Media Courtesy of SyFy

Things got heated on this week's Bitten with all out werewolf fights and kitchen sex.

So, last week a werewolf named Sasha joined the fold and claims to be Elena's father.  Their chat is interrupted by Eduardo's men, but luckily Sasha help his 'daughter' before taking the body away.  Sasha has to find hiding because his son is about to go through his first change.

Elsewhere in Russia, the Russian Alpha is looking for someone and that someone is Sasha.  So, they know Sasha is in the States with Elena and they want to find him.  Poor Elena... so much unnecessary drama.

Elena heads back to Stonehaven where she sleeps with Clay because we hadn't had any sexy werewolf sex yet, and this is episode 2.  Elena goes to cook and a 'guest' arrives named Bucky.  Well, Bucky works for Eduardo and he shows up as well.  Clay kills Bucky while Elena takes out Eduardo so they can throw him into their cage.  That was a quick resolution to the Eduardo situation but we guess there are Russian issue to deal with now.  Speaking of, Roman shows up.  Roman was the one who told the Russian Alpha about Elena and Sasha.  Jeremy and Nick show back up to this arrival and Roman claims he's there to warn them about a dangerous mutt.  Jeremy is willing to team up with Roman for now and they torture Eduardo together.  Eduardo could care less about the torture methods.

Elena goes to meet Sasha once more and learn about what evidence he has that he is her father.  He has a few things and he tells her that his other two children's mother was killed by a wolf with one red eye.  That's creepy as Hell and we don't even know who that is.  So the drama continues and Elena has some decisions to make.



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