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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Bitten: 03x03, Right Behind You

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
03/04/2016 7:49 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Bitten: 03x03, Right Behind You | Bitten
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What went down on this week's episode of Bitten? Find out here!

We begin this week's Bitten with Jeremy casually shopping in a hardware store for murder supplies, nothing out of the norm.  He is spotted by the old police officer from season 1.  (PS:  We don't ship this pairing.)  Uh oh she saw the supplies.  Also, we want that vest Jeremy is rocking.  He invited her to not be a stranger, that's not good news.  She'll end up dead.

The supplies are for burying bodies, which Jeremy and Clay are doing.  Jeremy  tells Clay about Sasha, but he only knows the name.  He's concerned about Elena.  Clay assures him that she's just tense.

Clay takes Elena to see a house he purchased for them.  She's worried about what Jeremy thinks.  Clay tells her that Jeremy knows Sashas name and that he lied to protect her.  Clay urges her to fess up to Jeremy.

Nick is tracking the Russian going ons, and Jeremy tells him to go see someone.  We don't know who.  It feels like Elena will create a giant werewolf war without even realizing.  Nick brought Carl around for Jeremy to hear about the Russian pack.  Carl gives them the Russian's strengths and weaknesses. Jeremy has a wicked grin at this news.

Sasha's kids are unsure of Elena and this town.  They're scared of Roman, as they should be.  Elena shows up with supplies.  Sasha wants to know why Roman knows they are there.  Elena wants to tell Jeremy.  Sasha is ready to run but Elena says her pack can help them.  We don't think Jeremy will be as reasonable.

Jeremy is waiting on Elena with tea like he knows she's gonna talk.  Elena speaks on her concerns that they've gone from family to army. Jeremy says an army is necessary to protect the family.  Elena tells Jeremy about Sasha.  He's far from thrilled.  He wants to turn them in but Elena confesses that Sasha is her father.  Confession time.  Elena takes Jeremy to Sasha or at least tells how to get to him.  They are gonna talk while Elena has Nick help her to find them a new home and life.

Jeremy wants to know why Roman believes Sasha should be killed on sight.  Jeremy will not hide Sasha but he won't turn them in either.  Sasha says that this isn't pack politics but a personal vendetta. We're pretty sure Jeremy is urging Sasha to kill Roman.  Sasha is ready to leave as soon as he does so.  Jeremy really got to Sasha.

Clay and Elena are ready to help them run but Nick has something else to say.  The kids show up and they want Elena's help because they think Sasha is going to kill Roman.

Nick goes to meet Constantine (the money handler) in a naked sweat room.  They talk business while we ogle Nick.  Nick conveys that the Russians have been watching them the whole time.

Ex Sheriff Karens runs into a Russian, which just confirms our suspicions she'll be dead soon.  Sorry, Karen we just speak the truth.  Is she an undercover cop now?  She knows Jeremy is maybe up to something now.

Clay is hanging with Sahsa's son and kinda scaring him.  The change is a big deal though.

Elena goes to confront Sasha about his plan thanks to Jeremy.  She wants him to come with her to escape but he wants to have freedom for his children.  She calls Jeremy and no one is happy.  She's devastated about Jeremys choice to stay out of it.  Elena pleads with him.  Jeremy is such a cold leader now.  Damn it Jeremy, you're going to push her away.

The Russians know Elena is with Sasha!  And Sasha feels foolish for coming to find Elena and for wanting to know her.  He says that he's put her in danger.  The Russians have arrived to kill Sasha and kidnap Elena.

Jeremy has a meeting with Clay and Nick on the Russian situation.  Jeremy is terrified of war.  Clay and Nick want to help Sasha.  Clay argues that Sasha and his children are their family.  Jeremy wants to meet with Roman.

Sasha is ready to fight but the Russians are already there.  Fight well wolves.  Ok, when they're in wolf form it's hard to watch the bad or God ones get hurt.  There are two though, and the one Sasha didn't kill has Elena but she's tough.  Elena says that Constantine is Romans second in command so she can't kill him.  Sasha says he is more than that.  Son?

Jeremy orders Clay to take the kids elsewhere.  Jeremy is going to give them to Roman.  No!  Don't betray Elena!  Clay is so torn about this, but his Alpha gave him an order.  Jeremy questions Roman about being watched on his land.  Elena and Nick deliver Sasha.  WTH????  Jeremy is gonna double cross Roman!  Constantine is Roman's son because he threatened Elena.  Jeremy says he and Roman will settle this.  Next week!

What did you think of this week's episode of Bitten? Let us know in the comments below!


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