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PopWrapped | Recaps
Bitten: 03x04, A Quiet Dog | Quiet Dog
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What happened during this week's episode of Bitten? Catch up on the show here!

Elena is worried that Jeremy isn't sincere with his help, and Clay says that she needs to trust Jeremy.  They go to bed while Jeremy speaks with Sasha to get the whole picture.  Sasha says that it all boils down to a death he couldn't prevent.  Jeremy says that this help comes with a price and that price is to leave and never speak to Elena again.

Jeremy meets Roman with Clay for a negotiations talk. Roman speaks in a foreign language to throw them but Jeremy can speak it, too.  Roman and Jeremy walk off to chat.

Sasha is tending to the wound he received last week which seems to he affecting him.  He may never see any of his children again. Sasha joins Jeremy and Clay in their meeting with Roman.  Roman and Sasha meet, and it gets hostile. In fact, it's so hostile that Jeremy can't reign them in.

Back at the house, Elena takes her turn to guard Konstantine.  He reveals that he's never seen Sasha before.  What if he's not the real Sasha?  That would be crazy.

Back at the meeting, Roman is not going be quelled by anything other than Sahsa's life. Jeremy has something else to offer.

Back at the house, Nick sits down with Sasha's daughter who has major reservations because she's not a wolf, and she has no idea what her future holds.

Karen is back in the picture.  On a side note, does she ever change her outfit?  She puts in a call to the Sheriff's office about her Russian run in.  Snooping is bad.

Konstantine questions Elena about her life before she turned into a wolf. She says she was an orphan, and he's curious but also wishes he'd been an orphan.  I think he's using sympathy to play Elena.

Roman wants to know what Jeremy has.  It's the counterfeiting package.  Red used this tactic on The Blacklist this season as well.

Konstantine questions Elena more about how she was able to change.  She credits Jeremy for her ability to make the change.

Karen changed and she's watching the location of the meeting or just one of those guys.  She needs to go fish and get out of the pack business.

Roman isn't thrilled with Jeremys proposal but he's willing to mull it over...

Konstantine knows that Sasha is her father, or at least he has a pretty good hunch.  Elena is deflecting, but he knows a lot. He knows that Sasha caused her mother to lose her life.

Roman and Sasha could go to blows at any moment.  Sasha says that Roman could have let her live.  Jeremy agrees that Roman needed to kill his own daughter because humans can't know about wolves.

Turns out Romans daughter was Elena's mother, he's her grandfather, and Konstantine is her uncle.

Konstantine and Elena get in a fight when she realizes the truth.

Meanwhile, Karen is still snooping...  What a dumb side story.  I get that it could be a big character moment for Jeremy, but it takes away from all that's happening.  She's just in the way.

Konstantine escaped!  Sasha's son creeps up on Clay, which means he's in danger.

Roman seems to be ready to make a deal but is he?  Nope, he has an attack planned.

Uh-oh Sahsa's son is beginning his first transformation.  Perfect timing.  Clay meets the goons and we're betting on a big fight.

Karen is going to witness a change.

Roman agrees to end the feud and shakes on it with Jeremy before attacking Sahsa.  And Karen sees a bloody hand so she's gonna get involved.  But first as we said she sees a change.

Jeremy and Roman are fighting!  C'mon Jeremy!!!!!  Karen walks in, gets stabbed and Roman gets away with the money. Fantastic.

Jeremy calls Nick and tells him to get Sasha's daughter out of there.

Jeremy knows Karen might have seen something and if so she has to die.  Looks like he may have liked her a bit, but he of all people must live by his own rules.

Konstantine gives away that Elena is Sasha's daughter to Roman.  This war is far from over.

Uh-oh Sasha's son killed a human while he was a wolf. Everything is going to Hell this episode of Bitten!

Elena is flashing back to her blood filled vision.  This is how she destroys everyone.

What did you think about this week's episode of Bitten? Let us know below!


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