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Bitten: 03x05, Of Sonders Weight

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
03/16/2016 12:49 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Bitten: 03x05, Of Sonders Weight | Of Sonders Weight
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This week's Bitten: "Of Sonders Weight" is going to emotionally break you.  Shall we begin?

We begin with a man walking through the woods, and he gets a very sexy song from his lady.  He's pretty good looking. He's keeping the deer away from the woods but does he know about the wolves?  We are thinking no when he gets spooked by a sound in the woods and then gets attacked. Uh oh!

Elena is caring for Sasha.  She's texting Jeremy as well.  Werewolves are really good with iPhones.  Elena finds Sasha's other wound, and she wants to care for him more.  He wants to go find his son but Elena has other plans.

Clay is driving Sasha's son, Alexi, around to find out who's blood was on him.  Alexi needs to help Clay, but he is too distracted by the power he felt as a wolf.  Clay has a lead.

Elena tells Nick to take the girl to Rachel's.  She is worried about Jeremy.  Elena tells Nick that Jeremy will do his best to let Karen live, but if she saw Alexi change then it's too late for her.

Karen wakes, and Jeremy is there to find out what she knows.  She begins talking about a dream she had which included the change.  Jeremy is caring for her but she's both upset and confused.  She wants to leave, but Jeremy won't let her.

Alexi remembers a truck they find in the woods but there is no body.  Clay explains to Alexi the severity of what's happened.  They know he is somewhere in the woods.  Alexi knows he bit Trevor  (cute guy in the woods).  They go off to find him.

Elena is organizing things at Stonehaven but Sasha interrupts her.  He's weak but he wants to have a father/daughter talk and Elena doesn't want that right now. Elena tells him her origin story as a wolf.

Jeremy wants to know what Karen knows, and she begins her tale of her suspicions of the Russians.  We think she understands the gravity of her situation now.  He doesn't want her help, he's hoping to help her.

Elena is giving Sasha hell for not giving her the whole story.  We get a baby Elena flashback and Sasha's confession that he was responsible for her mother's death.

Clay and Alexi follow Trevor.  Alexi hopes Trevor will want to join them but Clay is doubtful.  They have to protect their secret.  The whole epsiode is about the danger and weight of keeping the werewolf secret from multiple angles.  Sasha's story is one example where Elena's mother had to be killed because she knew what Sasha was and that's why Elena was raised alone in a chaotic environment.  Sasha said he was torn between, "my alpha and my love.  My duty and my dream."

Clay is hot on Trevor's trail but Alexi is full of questions.  Clay tells Alexi that he has to tune into his human side when he's a wolf in order to stay away from humans.

Sahsa shares with Elena the day her mother died.  He had Elena on a walk in the woods and she was killed while he was away.  Roman waited but Sasha fled to save Elena.  Elena wants to know why she was left, and he explains that he left her with a small hospital.

When he came back she was gone with the parents who raised her.  This is heartbreaking.  Elena forgives him but Sasha can't forgive himself.  Elena is reflecting on Jeremy almost killing her.  Sahsa believes her genetics gave Jeremy a chance to know her and he can see it in his eyes.  Sahsa says everything Jeremy does is to protect Elena.  She is the heart of the pack.

Back to Jeremy and Karen who are bickering.  Jeremy gives her back story on the Russians and his responsibility to everyone and everything.  Karen shares more about her personal life only making Jeremy's task more daunting.  She's sharing a lot and it's kinda awkward.  But they agree on something, family is all that matters.  Jeremy gives her a chance to walk away and turn a blind eye.  She's willing to get her quiet life, and she wants his trust.  He gets her up to leave together, but then she remembers seeing Alexi change.  We want Jeremy to live out his duty but now it's too hard.  Jeremy kills her as he soothes her.  That was gut wrenching.  We're crying in a public place now.

Elena's help has arrived and he's helping Sasha. He got there just in time.  He tells a story about how everyone needs someone.  Jeremy calls so Elena walks away to speak with him.  He has info on Roman but Elena wants to know about Jeremy, not the drama.  Elena can hear the pain in his voice and he is going after Roman alone.  Jeremy is leaving Elena in charge while he's away, but now we're afraid he will never come back.  She forgives him.

Clay finds Trevor and he's dead.  Alexi is now coming to know the reality of his situation.  Alexi and Clay go home where Elena gets him up to date on what's happening.  But they get a video of a man being tortured before the credits roll.  It's Marsden.

This season is just getting more and more intense and now we need a box of kleenex.


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