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Black Community Boycotts Black Friday

John Knight | PopWrapped Author

John Knight

11/28/2014 3:49 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Black Community Boycotts Black Friday | Black Friday
Media Courtesy of USA Today
In lieu of the verdict for the indictment of Officer Wilson, or lack thereof, in the Mike Brown case, its no shock by now to hear of the uproar of our nation. Various cities all across the nation started protesting, which led to riotous acts of looting and more in some cases. Stores and properties in Ferguson have been burned to a crisp, and huge military forces were called in as a State of Emergency. It also comes as no surprise that social media was ablaze as well. From photos and video clips that quickly went viral, to memes about uniting as one. A couple of memes in particular caught on rather quickly and amassed a large following. There have been a few memes that declare that the big companies like WalMart, Department Stores, etc., that normally benefit highly from African American dollars, should not be patronized on Black Friday. Instead, that money should go into black owned businesses in order to build up the economic cycle of funds in the black community. Everyone taking part, including Dr. Carr, Professor of Pan-African Histiography, believe this will indeed make a point for voices to be heard beyond just physical protests. Phrases such as #NOTONEDIME #BLACKOUTBLACKFRIDAY and #NOJUSTICENOSHOPPING as well as #BLACKFRIDAYBLACKBUSINESS have all been coined into these memes. Take a look at some of the memes that have been floating around the internet.
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Black Friday
Did you partake in the Black Friday madness; or did you stay away from the crazy?

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