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The Blacklist: 03x01, The Troll Farmer

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/03/2015 6:28 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x01, The Troll Farmer | Troll
Media Courtesy of NBC

Here we go!  Time for The Blacklist! 

We are starting off right where we left off. Elizabeth Keen is the most wanted on the FBI’s list, and they are out to get her. They’ve sighted the van.

Liz knows they can’t get out, and Red says they won’t even try. What? Ressler is on it but does he really think she did it?

A tail followed the van into the tunnel and never came out. They hid a car carrier, changed into cop uniforms, and got a police car. Well done, Red.

Cooper is locked up. Ressler uncuffs him, and they discuss Connelly. Cooper is not on Liz’s side, but he did admit that he told her to run.

Red and Liz enter a bar. Red knows the people. He has contacts everywhere. There’s a cellar where Red says they will hide and wait for the Troll Farmer. He also says he can catch up on Bass Master. What? Oh, Red!

A man kidnaps a woman’s baby. I think that’s Dembe’s daughter and granddaughter.

The fulcrum contents are out. The CIA director (Cabal leader) makes his own little statement about the fulcrum not being true and that Keen is bad. Liz  is panicked, and Red is his usual chill. Y’all, Ressler is being a jerk tonight. Someone gave the FBI a tip as to where Keen is. Uh oh!

The kidnapper is meeting with the director, looks like he kidnapped the baby for Cabal reasons.

Red is telling a Red story which he feels applies to their situation. Sometimes, I swear all the answers lie within his random tales. Oh, the connection! Liz is in a storm, and they need to find the calm. Oh no! The people Red came to gave the tip! Red says they are out of there. The FBI is already there, so Red takes the man downstairs as a hostage. Ressler’s team comes up all clear. Ressler is not done looking. He found nothing, but Ressler had Aram call back, and they hear the phone. They know! The man is down there, but Red and Keen escaped!

Red and Liz steal a car.

I was right! She’s Dembe’s daughter! He is going to get that guy.

Red and Liz didn’t want the car; they wanted the apartment. Liz goes blond, which Red seems to like. We’re not going to talk about that. The Troll Farmer is a social media master. Liz just realized that her mother was blond, and that is why Red reacted the way he did. Uh, the cleaning lady showed up, but no worries -- Red just compliments her and locks her in the bathroom.

Navabi is accusing Ressler of allowing Liz to escape after the virus incident, and she blames his anger on that. She doesn’t trust it.

Red brings Liz to the Troll Farmer, and he is a strange little dude. Red tells him they need to get out in a week. Liz meets her double? This girl is all about Red and being a fugitive. The Troll Farmer is using his team to find a way to get Red and Liz out. Red and the fortune cookie joke!

Cooper’s wife is being released (sorry, I forgot to mention that). Ressler is letting Cooper out, too, and no one but he, Cooper, and Liz know that Cooper told Liz to run. Ressler intends to uphold the law.

Liz is telling Red her fantasies about her mother, but Red doesn’t know what happened to her. Liz wants to know if her mom was terrible, but they are interrupted. The Troll Farmer has a plan.

Amar found a tweet. Let’s see how this escape plan takes off. They got a false tip! Oh shit! One of them got Navabi! That was weird.

The Troll Farmer says they are done after this. Red and Liz are splitting up. Amar is getting overrun by tips. Great work, Troll Farmer. Ressler found out the plan. The cops check Red’s vehicle, and he cleared.

Liz won’t make it, but Red says she can do it. Red says she can channel her mother and find a way out. Liz shouts an address which Red doesn’t agree with. What is that address?

Dembe is going to get his grandbaby back! Oh shit! Dembe is going to take everyone down! He found the new bad guy -- a bad guy with no name.

Red calls Ressler and gives him a blacklister. He gives Ressler the Troll Farmer. Red doesn’t want to bribe Ressler, but Red wants his word. Red wants Ressler to give him his word that he will give Liz every benefit of the doubt.

The bad guy called Dembe’s daughter, and her baby is at her doorstep. The baby is safe! Dembe wants to kill him, but the bad guy poisoned the baby and will only give him the antidote if Dembe does what he wants. He knocks Dembe out with gas. What does he want?!

Ressler and Navabi have an idea. She went after asylum. Holy crap!


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