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The Blacklist: 03x03, Eli Matchett

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/19/2015 4:59 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x03, Eli Matchett | Blacklist
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Last week on The Blacklist, Red called Liz “his way home” after a lot of crazy stunts.  Will they go on the offense tonight?  Find out by continuing on…

We start in a corn field filled with men in hazmat suits.  Ok?  OMG, there were weapons hidden there.  One of the guys kills the other and goes back to his people.  It looks like they might be into drug smuggling.

And Tom!  Ressler and Tom have a battle of words.  And maybe some fighting.  They are both in love with her.  Tom wants to help.

Liz thought they were off to Spain but Red says plans have changed.  He says it's time to play offense.  Red plans to wreak havoc in the cabal.  They're in Iowa.  Red is after Verdiant Industries which is a huge seed vendor for genetically modified seeds.  They've taken out many small farmers.  But one group of small farmers took down one of Verdiant's building and stole data.  Red wants that data to hold over the head of the Cabal.

Aram knows how Liz and Red got away.  They know which freight boat they were on and they know they came back.  Ressler knows they're on a truck to somewhere.

Red was supposed to meet up with Dembe and now he knows somethings wrong.  They need a car.  Liz is hijacking one while Fed calls Glenn.  Glenn told the FBI everything... but maybe not.

Mr. Solomon is torturing Dembe and saying Red wouldn't have protected him the same way.  Mr. Solomon has another one of Red's people and Dembe still won't break.

Red finds the small group of farmers looking for Eli Matchett.  Eli is gone and Liz is trigger happy.  One of the men gives them the name of the man on the inside of Verdiant, Costas.  Red asks for the address since Liz stole a car too old to have gps.  He slays me with what he says!

Things aren't going well with the data and plans from Matchett's perspective.  He took out everyone and claims he has his own plans for the data.

Ressler found Red's shipping container and Aram found out about Verdiant.  They know why Red came back and they know about the fulcrum cabal link.  Verdiant's guy tells Ressler about the data and they find the inside man.  Ressler is on to Red.

Matchett is planning to poison the corn?

Red and Liz are at Costa's house.  He's not home but they can search his house.  Liz goes off on a tangent about thinking she was once lucky.  Red replies with a story about Muggs, a friend with a messed up face.  Muggs's mom called him Picasso, though he never stole a Picasso.  Liz notices a vent.  She's fast!  Red grabs a box and they hear someone so they get out.  It was Ressler and Nabavi.  They were so close!  Liz wants to ditch the plan because they're one step behind but Red says that's the life.

Liz calls Ressler!  Liz explains that she's trying to clear her name.  Ressler knows he's just a step behind her.

Costa was the inside man for awhile.  Liz admits she's scared but Red just drives.  He wants to take down the cabal.

What's Glenn up to?  He grabbed a bunch of parking tickets and then went into a restaurant.  Is he looking for Dembe?

Red and Liz find where Matchett went.  They find out he killed his team.  And Red teaches Liz a trick about sawdust.  Ressler is right on them.  Red found the lab.

Liz stumbles upon the genome data.  Thank god he has her.  Can he use a computer? Ressler is right behind them.  Red says they're fine.  Ressler is inside but the files aren't finished downloading.  Ressler gets in but they're gone.  They left the files but Ressler sees Matchett's plan thanks to Navabi.  They needed those files.

Tom is staring at a pay phone.  What's he waiting on?  Oh, he's hoping Liz will call.  Aw, he tells a story about his and Liz's old code.  He thinks she'll reach out!  Aw!

Navabi knows Matchett's name now.  This show is still the same Blacklist with a twist.  Aram knows Matchett's plan.  The virus will cause a global food crisis.

Liz said they have 90% of the data but they need help.  Red wants to know how Ressler found them.  Liz admits she called him because he's good.  Red says that goodness doesn't matter.  Liz walks out and tells Red to meet her out front.  Will she call Tom?

Ressler knows that Verdiant bought the places where Matchett was raised.  They found ground zero.

Red is making his way out when a man pulls a gun on him.  Liz is right there to hold her own gun.  The man makes it clear there's a bounty out for Reddington.  Red doesn't need Liz because he can talk a man down.  He thought so but the man turned the gun on Liz and she shot him.  Red says they need to go but she won't leave the man to die.  They bring the man to the hospital.  What?  Liz can't have another death on her conscience.  She's not cut out for this life and Red is starting to realize that I think.  I also could be completely wrong about that.

Navabi and Ressler will find Matchett.

Liz is deeply worried for that man.  Red realized something in her concern.  They need a virologist.

Looks like Ressler set up a check point.  Matchett blows through it.  Ressler is after him!  Ressler got the truck but now they're racing through the corn.  Hurry, Ressler he's gonna release the virus!  Ressler fought him but Navabi saved the day!  Aram has documents from Liz.

Red shoes up to the cabal ladies house.  Susan Hanover to be exact.  He is about to threaten her.  He tells her the virus is off the table.  He knows that Matchett was working for Veridant.  What a good twist!  Oh my gosh!  They were going to save the day once the virus hurt the corn.  He knows about the Genesis project (Star Trek?) and he led the FBI right to her.  He lays down a big threat to the cabal and leaves.

Ressler is taking down Vediant and the FBI knows that Liz shot a cop.

Liz finds out and she is upset.  Red tells her she's crossed into his world and bad things will happen to her.

Ressler has drinks with Cooper!  What should he do?  Ressler wants advice and Cooper tells him to trust Tom if he wants to help.

Glenn found Mr. Solomon.  He tells Red that Dembe has been taken.

Who else does Mr. Solomon have?  Mr. Vargas!

Tom is still waiting at the phone.  Cooper meets him.  He wants to know what Tom has to offer.  He hands Tom a file for Karakut.  Cooper!

Question from tonight's episode:

Did Red give Dembe that rendezvous point before leaving or send a message after?  He wasn't always planning on Iowa.  Anyone else think that's strange?

What does Cooper want Tom to do?

Will Liz turn herself in before Red finishes his plan?  Does she really want to exist in his world?

And, that waitress was really inconsiderate to give her number to Tom knowing he’s pining for Liz.


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