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The Blacklist: 03x04, The Djinn

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/24/2015 8:13 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x04, The Djinn | Djinn
Media Courtesy of NBC

Last week on The Blacklist, we watched Red be a criminal without his helpers and we saw Liz enjoy the criminal life, mostly. They also got one small step closer to taking down the cabal. Oh, and Red knows Dembe was taken…

We start with a woman who is with a man who is labeling internal body parts. The Djinn is someone who helps people enact their vengeance fantasies. The blonde must be her. The man starts cutting into the body while he’s awake.

Red knows the name 'Solomon'. That man will pay. Red went to Leonard Caul. Red was meeting with Caul in Aram’s apartment! Aram is so surprised. Red needs his help. Aram is so happy to see Lizzie! Aw! Red cuts the cute time with his business. Red wants Aram to help find the Djinn, and Aram agrees, but he must keep Ressler in the loop. Aram mentions Tom showing up and offering to help. Liz is intrigued, but Red just wants to find the Djinn.

Cooper is explaining to Tom what he needs. They must find Karakurt. Karakurt changed his face, and Cooper has some leads. Tom wonders why Cooper didn’t bring it to Ressler, and Cooper explains that Ressler is by the book, and he needs someone willing to go outside the law.

Aram tells Ressler about Red and Liz’s visit. After Ressler puts everyone on alert to find Red and Liz, Aram tells him that they have been told to find the Djinn. Looks like we’re getting a little old show mixed with new show. The Djinn is able to be contacted through an old school web game. Aram already showed this to Liz. Navabi thinks Red and Liz aren’t running they’re searching but for what.

The Djinn is with another client. She is such a sweetie, dealing out all the veangance.

Dembe is working on an escape plan. He’s turning a spoon into a knife. Or, he’s planning to kill himself to keep Red safe.

Navabi found a Djinn lead! It has something to do with cannibalism. They found out who was recently abducted by the Djinn’s new client, but what does this have to do with clearing Lizzie’s name?

And Red ... He is already telling a story. That is an early one! He says poor people have the most courage. Oh, it’s not a story! Liz and Red are running lines, and she calls him a terrible actor! Are they playing at the hate Boone gets by letting her poke fun at the almighty Spader? Well played. I heart a Spader laugh though! Oh, Red produced the play, even though he thinks it is awful. Haha! This is a very special scene. He didn’t think it was awful, but the theatre is a good hideout. They have a meeting with the Djinn. Liz will go in wearing a tracking device. Red doesn’t want Liz to even think about reaching out to Tom. She gonna call him!

Aw, Tom is still waiting by the phone! That waitress is such a ho! Tom may know Karakurt’s new face. He’s so good.

Red is watching Liz in the park for the Djinn meeting. Liz finds a phone which rings. The Djinn gives her instructions, but the cops show up! Liz is panicked, but they aren’t there for her. Liz follows her instructions, and Red chases after her. Too late! Liz is in the Djinn’s car. Like I said, y’all, I am really enjoying ‘Action Spader’!

The guy was kidnapped by the Djinn for his daughter to torture him, and she’s acting concerned.

Liz gets out of the car to see the Djinn waiting for her. The Djinn knows who Liz is. The Djinn wants to hear what Liz wants for revenge. Liz wants the people who framed her. The Djinn doesn’t think that is what she really wants. Liz puts the tracking device on the Djinn. Well done, Agent Keen.

Navabi has the sister. That girl is such a little liar. Why do all these criminals seem to know Navabi? She is playing everyone!

Back to Dembe! Vargas told them about Dembe’s spoon. Dembe goes after Vargas, but they get the guards! These boys are getting out! Yay Dembe!

The phone rang! Tom’s phone! Liz called! The waitress gave a number to Liz for Tom. Red walked in, but Liz was quick and told Red about the tracking device. Red wants to know her real fantasy, just as the Djinn did. Her fantasy is having a family -- which she would have had with Tom if Red hadn’t intervened. The family explanation still leaves me wondering if Liz is pregnant from the boat sex. Red gets a ping, and they know where the Djinn is.

Red and Lizzie go there. It’s a house with a kid. The woman appears and Red says, “You’re not the Djinn!” What!!!

Dembe and Vargas are free for now. Dembe is looking at the classifieds for Red’s message to him. He points, and Vargas takes it. Vargas was a cabal plant! Reddington is in danger! Maybe Dembe played him as a test…

The woman is Alice, and she refuses to give up the Djinn. Red wants to know her story because he loves stories. The Djinn found her, and she became the face of the operation. Alice claims she would like to quit, and Red thinks they can fulfill each others fantasies. He wants the name of the real Djinn.

Maybe the daughter is the Djinn’s daughter, and she wants the company. Aram has the answer!

Tom has an answer for Cooper. Tom found the answer in a bachelor spread. Tom is in action, and he will find Karakurt. Ryan Eggold is an amazing talent! He can transform into anything!

Red and Liz pull up to a house. Liz is worried about Red’s silence. He’s upset about her fantasy. He knows he messed up her life, and it’s breaking him a little. What will they find now? They find the man on the cross that the little daughter hung up. “I need an ambulance, a man’s dying on a cross,” is exactly the phone call Red made to 911! Hahahaha!

Ressler and Navabi get a tip from Aram that the house they’re heading to hold Liz and Red.

Red finds the daughter, and he confronts her about the fact that she was a boy. The man hanging couldn’t handle his son being gay, so he forced him to become a girl. Oh my god ... Red just became Alan Shore of Boston Legal in front of my eyes! Red needs a leather journal which holds the cabal names he needs. Red proposes an escape in exchange for the journal because the FBI has arrived.

Just as Navabi and Ressler are about to capture Red and Liz, Alice shows up with a helicopter to help them escape. The girl gave up the journal, and Red wants to escape with two sensational ladies who roll their eyes at him for that line. Poor Ressler ... Oh, Liz left the Djinn daughter for the FBI. She’s a good guy. They left every part of the journal except one page.

Red was celebrating with his theatre friend until Caul shows up. He has a lead. Red sees Dembe’s blood on the floor. Vargas is a damn traitor!

Tom’s cover may be blown. He gets a call from Liz. Liz tells him not to get involved. Tom wants to save her no matter what. And she’s too late because he’s already in. Aw, he said ‘I love you’!!!!


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