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The Blacklist: 03x02, Marvin Gerard

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/10/2015 5:25 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x02, Marvin Gerard | marvin Gerard
Media Courtesy of Peter Kramer/NBC

Things got really crazy last week on The Blacklist with Liz turning herself over to the Russian embassy but what will happen now that she’s there? We’ll find out tonight! Will Tom swoop in and save the day? Will she be reunited with Red? Will Ressler catch her? Find out by reading on… (to be fair I may not be able to answer all of these pressing questions).

I had minor technical difficulties but I’m here a minute late. Basically, Liz is safe for now and Ressler wants to get her out of the Russian Embassy. Oh, the Russians called her by her mamma’s name!

Meanwhile, Red is in a Russian big shot’s bedroom where the man was previously having sex in the shower. Red wants something from this man. It’s obvious that he wants Keen info.

Liz is being interrogated by the senior chief of Russian intelligence. Why is Liz always willing to tell everyone about the Cabal? She is using her and Russia’s similar interests to her advantage.

Nabavi gave Ressler the bad news that he can’t pursue Keen. He ain’t moving.

Liz is given a choice: she has to go to Russia or out to Ressler.

Red’s ‘buddy’ gives him the news that Keen may be going to Russia.

Mr. Solomon (aka bad guy from last week) is behind the decision to move Liz to Russia! Is Russia tied to the Cabal? Were they in on the whole plan? Oh no!

They are taking Liz out of the embassy and to the airport. Diplomatic vehicles keep her just as protected as the whole embassy did. Ressler is trying very hard to get her but he can’t keep his cool. Nabavi is the only one able to speak any sense into him now.

Ressler gets a call from Red, who already knows the Russian decision is from inside the Cabal. Red makes it very clear to Ressler that Keen can not get on that plane.

OMG... Ressler attacks the Russian convoy with his SUV!  Holy shit! I get that Red said to do it and that it’s really the Cabal at work, but this could legitimately start a war with Russia. Is one person’s life worth that? I guess that’s not the question for the night. Ressler stopped the vehicle but Liz got away. Where is she going to run to now?

Liz did some really crazy stuff with her flip phone and got an address. It’s probably a way to Red but wouldn’t it be fun if it led her to Tom? I openly admit to shipping them so hard.

Cooper update: the FBI wants him to retire, which ends up being a deal where he won’t get investigated. He, however, is only concerned with where Keen is.

Red is at a restaurant just chilling; isn’t he a wanted criminal? Liz catches up and Red knows the owner so he’s okay. Red reveals to Liz that Ressler just saved her because the Cabal was behind her transfer. At the table behind Red and Liz, a man is being rude and abusive to his girlfriend; Red puts a quick stop to that.  Holy Hell, he’s intimidating - don’t mess with Red.

Meanwhile, Ressler is in trouble for going after Keen but they believe they can confirm Red’s intel... and they know about the diner.

Liz tells Red the cops have arrived, so Red takes out a big-ass shot gun and shoots the cop car. Red just turned this restaurant into a hostage situation. OMG - what’s his plan?!

Oh no! Ressler won’t get the confirmation of the Cabal’s involvement because Mr. Solomon just took him out in such a creepy manner.

Ressler has arrived at the scene of the hostage situation. Red gives Ressler a list of demands including the title name of the night, Marvin Gerard. He threatens to kill a hostage an hour if his demands aren’t met in 90 minutes. This is not the Red we know, y’all... this is a panicked version.

The man Red wants is a prisoner. Marvin Gerard was just pulled out of jail to come to Red’s aid and Gerard is not thrilled about this at all.  He’s just a silly lawyer, and Red ends up putting him in suit!

Liz has no faith in Red and mine is wavering. Gerard is in the diner and knows that Red turned himself over for Liz. The girlfriend beater interrupted things to attack Liz. She took him down easily but she went too far. She held the gun to Red who got it away but he can see now how dangerous she is. I was wrong about who is really over the edge: it’s Liz. Red is still very put together; he was even pouring the hostages coffee before Marvin arrived. And Marvin is a match for Red - sassy as hell!

Liz really hurts the man in the restaurant. Red, as per usual, talks sense into everyone. Liz wants to know what Red’s plan is. Marvin went to jail because he saved his son from his abusive mother. He’s not a real bad guy, but instead a hero. His son hung himself after going back to the mother.

Marvin has something. Y’all know Spader can’t see that without his eyes. The fulcrum has a lead for Red, who is ready to leave.

Ressler is trying to hear the the 911 tip about Red’s location but Red wants his demands met. Red called the tip in himself and they got out with a sketch operation. Red had a damn plan all along.

Ressler was too late realizing that Red had a plan though he did find their exit strategy.

Awww, Red had Marvin’s lady friend waiting! He’s the nicest! The whole operation was a jail break.

Nabavi knows the whole thing was to free Gerard - but why?

Red is enjoying pie as Liz is spilling her guts about how she can’t handle people being afraid of her. Red tells a story instead about wanting to be the captain of a ship, and ultimately reveals he's never told anyone that story before. Liz realizes he went into intelligence instead, and after some chatter he goes back to her original question revealing he’ll never look at her like that with a smile. They’re on a boat and when he looks at her he sees his way home. Because she’s family? She’s the last tie to his family? I don’t know.

What decision will Cooper make? It doesn’t look like he’ll take the deal.

Ressler is taking this whole situation so hard.

Dembe!!!!!!! Mr. Solomon is going to torture him for Red’s location. How loyal is he? He revealed that he gave the baby the antidote.

Tom! He just cornered Ressler!!!

As usual, a million things happened on this week's The Blacklist and my head is still spinning from it all.


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