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The Blacklist: 03x05, Arioch Cain

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/31/2015 6:27 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Blacklist: 03x05, Arioch Cain | Arioch Cain
Media Courtesy of EW

Tonight there are many targets out for Liz, but who will get to her first on The Blacklist?

Mr. Kaplan is back! Red is in an airport hanger with multiple bodies. Looks like they are faking Liz’s death. Well played. At least, that’s what I think is going on. Is she dead? Surely not -- Red’s too calm.

We jump back 12 hours, and we’re suddenly with Tom. Tom is working his undercover app like a boss. Tom has changed his undercover name, and it seems to be working better.

Red is telling Liz it’s time to go, and Wendigo (an assassin) is after her. They have to get out of there. Well, they were going to leave, but then Red leaves her there to get help.

Oh, the drug thing is back. Ressler is in rehab, and Red is there to grab him. Red is teaming up with Ressler to protect Liz. Ressler calls in an ‘officer down’ and tells Red he has four minutes, but Red only needs two. He is sending the FBI after the Wendigo. Ressler brings the info back, and Aram is happy they’re going to help her, but Ressler just wants to catch her.

Red sends his team to get Liz, but, as they are on the phone, his team is gunned down by a sniper. Uh oh! Poor Red is panicked. Liz is quick on her feet. Thank goodness she’s so good at hot-wiring cars. Oh my gosh, she’s a badass! She used the rearview mirror to drive from below to avoid the bullets!

Red called Aram to find out if Liz made it, and she did, as we know. Aram almost made him panic, though. Red has zero patience today.

Ressler is at a Presidential hearing. He has to tell them everything. This should be a good time. This woman is berating Ressler. Ressler finally admitted that he knows Liz is innocent. Yes!

Liz is on the run solo, and she calls Navabi to tell her where she thinks the shooter might have been. Liz is right. Red finds her and they hug! He also says Dembe made contact. It can’t be Dembe, though. They found a link to Wendigo, as well. The lead gives them an address. They found Wendigo, and he knows they’re there. The chase is on! The man ends up hanging from a roof, and Red gets to him. Wendigo reveals he is not the only assassin. Red wants to know who else, and Wendigo says they can't stop them, so he drops him to his death. Liz does not look pleased. She always seems to forget what Red is capable of, but I think he did it because he’s scared for Liz.

The team knows Liz and Red were there. The FBI also knows that there is a bounty out for Liz. Arioch Cain put out the hit.

Red and Liz go to Dembe but find Vargas. He’s bad, Red! Vargas, you SOB! He’s not dead.

Tom is doing his thing. It’s not important until he gets to Liz.

Vargas is a liar! Don’t listen, Red. Red is not heartbroken, so maybe he knows Vargas is bad. The lead put up the site, and Red killed her. Gavin Rogatto is the guy, and the FBI got him.

Red wants the plan ready, but Vargas called Solomon. Oh hell no!

The CIA director (aka bad guy Cabal member) is straight up lying.

Red and Liz are at the plane, but Edward isn’t. That’s who Vargas was supposed to call. Red and Liz are surrounded. OMG, Solomon and Reddington are face-to-face! I can not! Solomon spooks Red, and he and Liz lower their weapons. No one gets a one up on Red.

Aram gets to interrogate the guy! Yes, he is getting so much more action this season! The guy says the people choose the target, and he can’t take it down. Aram says he has a super virus to figure out the site.

“What’s the deal with you two anyway?” Mr Solomon asks, “That’s what everybody wants to know.” OMG, they are playing us tonight! This is too good! Red doesn’t care about what Solomon is spouting.

Solomon says this is no longer a deal with the director, as Red is offering anything to keep them away from Liz. Solomon says this is with him now.

Solomon is going to kill Liz. He describes what he’ll do with such grace, and Dembe comes in and takes everyone but Solomon out because he escapes. He does get that cheat Vargas, though. For the first time, Red just checks on Liz because he needs to embrace Dembe! Something is wrong with Dembe! Oh hell no! Red gets people in quick to fix Dembe. Oh my gosh, that was so emotional!

Liz wants to go with Dembe. Red calls Aram to make sure Liz is off the site, but Aram can’t deliver. She needs to die to get off the site. They are faking her death, and the FBI is in on it. The whole world thinks Elizabeth Keen is dead. Aram and Navabi are helping without Ressler’s knowledge.

I love watching Mr. Kaplan work. Red and Liz find Arioch Cain. They want Liz off the site. It’s not the guy -- it’s his daughter. Who is this little lady?

The dad is so confused. The daughter thinks that Liz was responsible for her mother’s death. Liz has a little heart-to-heart with her about losing her own mother. Liz promises to get vengeance for the girl’s mom, but she needs to be off the site. That worked way too quickly.

Ressler is totally okay with what Aram and Navabi did. He was upset that Liz could be dead. He does love her. He wants her found, so they don’t lose her. The woman is here to see Ressler, and the director is in their house. They are going to make Ressler work with him. I am so mad!

Tom is narrating the end, and Red is sitting at Dembe’s bedside. Oh, he’s not narrating; he’s on the phone with her -- no, he’s leaving a message.


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