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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Blessed Are The Damned" In This Week's Episode Of Constantine

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

12/06/2014 1:43 pm
PopWrapped | Television
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Another episode of Constantine aired this week, serving as the midpoint of the show's premiering season. Titled "Blessed Are The Damned", we're treated with Zed's return and yet another adventure for the team. So, let's break it all down. For starters, we're taken to Kentucky, where a preacher from Briarwood got bitten by a poisonous snake and woke up performing miracles. While in art class, Zed has a vision of snakes surrounding her legs - and sets a date with a guy right after it -, with John soon breaking the news to her. With the latter once again judging the lack of information about her past, they're soon on their way. Over at Briarwood, John throws his cigarette away to get in the church and see the preacher in action. He soon realises it has to do with angels and there's a catch for all the miracles performed. Moments later, we get to see a man who didn't have a leg but grew one, losing it during a visit at the doctor and leading to the very first death. Zed gets to touch the preacher and is given an angel-themed vision, right before John questions his methods and doesn't get a straight answer when asking for the language of the angels he's been speaking. Meanwhile, the guy whose leg drama was taken care of now acts like some kind of evil animal, killing a police officer out in the streets. Zed reveals the preacher's good intentions and her angelic vision of him. John is not happy with that guy's powers though and knows something bad is going on. The dark side of the miracle-maker's actions start showing with the fish in the nearest waters all poisoned and dead, as well as his sister is getting down with some kind of sickness. After calling for Manny, his angel friend, John manages to see the light in the Enochian words of the preacher. As a result, Zed and him find an injured angel, a female one with wings and all. It turns out the preacher got a feather out of her wings while carried to heaven and caused her to fall to Earth, getting all the miracle-making power. While Constantine is making sure the angelic lady is protected by a spell, we see the preacher getting doubted by his sick sister and is now all by himself at home. Making himself an easy target for the hellblazer, Mr. Constantine tries talking things out, but when he attempts grabbing the feather, he's sent away by magic. At the same time, Zed is attacked by the first-healed guy. John thankfully arrives just in time to save her and lets us know we can call those new versions of the healed ones "ghouls". Zed and John decide to play the preacher in order to get the feather away from him, so Zed acts betrayed from Constantine and during a baptism, she snatches that white miracle-maker from the guy's neck. However, a whole lot of people present start turning into ghouls and cause a mess. The hellblazer takes Zed and the preacher to church, sending the former to give the feather back to the angel and staying in place with the man to keep the ghouls away. However, he soon finds out the angel wasn't taking him to heaven, but hell instead, as he had killed before. What that means? A major change of plans! The angel lady is not a good one - we could even tell from her chat with Manny, but a fallen instead, and Zed should give her that wing back. However, she's already in place when the demon slayer has to fight the ghouls, so it's too late. With the fallen angel's wings turned black, they now know her true colors. She got that feather in the preacher's hand herself, so that she could break into Earth from hell and had those ghouls to bring it back to her. Thankfully, John had performed a protection spell to keep her safe from evil before, so now the outer world is save from her instead. She soon gets to make the rules though, as she threatens to kill Zed if they don't break the spell. Do they get to save the day? I'll leave you to watch this latest episode of Constantine to find that out and bare in mind that there's more to see than that, as it all comes to an end with a great cliffhanger. Make sure you don't miss it!

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